Top 6 Plus Size Malaysia Clothing Brands

You are what you wear. This famous saying proves the importance of selecting our attire carefully. However, finding clothes that suit our aesthetic and are within our budget is not an easy task. Imagine how much more difficult clothes shopping becomes when the person in question is plus sized. Unfortunately, the world rarely ever caters to minorities and people with full figures are definitely one of the groups of people who struggle to make their way through life. Luckily, plus size Malaysia is available from a variety of retailers, both in physical stores and online.

There are several clothing store for plus size people in Malaysia. These brands offer clothes that are big enough for any curvy, plump person who can’t seem to find any clothes that would fit their generous figures. Take a look at these brands for plus size clothes in Malaysia.


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One of the most famous plus size boutique in KL, Misclaire is known for supplying beautifully designed clothing specifically for plus sized women. Misclaire also often collaborates with other famous brands and designers to create gorgeous collections such as with XIXILI and Rico Rinaldi. This popular brand sells every type of female plus sized clothing under the Sun from everyday wear to maternity clothing and even clothes for working out. The sizes they offer range from XL up to 6XL.

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Butik BOS

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The BOS Boutique is a one-stop plus size clothing store with expertly designed plus size garments for both men and women. This plus size fashion store carries multiple different brands such as Titanum and Mamamia to make the shopping experience more comprehensive, easy and fun. Butik BOS offers clothing with sizes from XL to 5XL. If you’re looking for basic and functional everyday clothing in Malaysia such as plus size jeans that is still attractive to wear, Butik BOS is a good choice to check out!

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Summer and Peach

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Summer & Peach is a well known local inner wear and sleepwear company in Malaysia. They provide modern females with a hassle-free, fit-proof online inner wear purchasing experience. Clearly, Summer & Peach are obsessed with comfy underwear for women such as bras, panties, pyjamas and even for more specific occasions such as maternity, nursing and bridal. Their XXXL clothing in Malaysia has an incredibly wide range from XS all the way to 7XL so anyone and everyone is sure to find inner wear from Summer & Peach that fits them.

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Like its name suggests, Curvery provides clothes such as plus size dresses in Malaysia for women with lush curves. Unlike most clothing targeted towards people of a bigger size, Curvery went to great lengths to ensure that their clothes are attractive and fashionable. After all, everyone, including plus sized people, deserves to look good and be comfortable in their own skin. For the curvy ladies who love Korean style and fashion, Curvery is definitely a must to check out as most of their clothes are inspired by Eastern fashion. Furthermore, Curvery also offers fittings at their Puchong fitting suite so be sure to book your slot before visiting!

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Ms. Read

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Another popular plus size Malaysia clothing brand, Ms. Read is a definite go-to for curvy women. Ms. Read offers trendy, high-quality and well-fitting clothes for ladies in sizes ranging from UK12 to UK24. Starting off as a local brand, they have developed to spreading their reach into Singapore and Indonesia by being committed to curvaceous females searching for stylish everyday wear that is tailored-to-fit. When wearing one of their lovely plus size blouse that you can get in Malaysia, a plus sized lady will definitely feel far from frumpy and badly dressed. No wonder this plus size Malaysia brand has reached the international scale!

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Dian Signature

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For the ladies who are looking high and low for modest plus size clothing, look no further than Dian Signature. Not only do they supply gorgeous plus size clothing for ladies, their clothes are also geared towards muslims and other ladies who prefer to remain covered up. From beautiful, flowing dresses to trendy pantsuits, Dian Signature has a wide range of selections to choose from when it comes to plus size people. They even sell baju kurung, telekung and bridal dresses, not to mention headscarves. If you’re a curvy lady who is at her wit’s end about where to shop for a telekung that would actually fit you, check out Dian Signature today!

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What Is Plus Size Clothing?

Plus-size clothing is apparel that is tailored specifically for individuals who have larger bodies than the average clothing size. The term’s meaning varies from nation to country and depending on the industry in which the individual works. For example, in the non-fashion world, the term “plus-size” is used to describe anyone size 16 and beyond.

However, outside of the fashion world, plus size clothing is often defined as clothes designed for people who wear a size 14 in the United States or a size 16 in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the exact measurements for clothing that are plus size is not standardised but is generally meant for people who are curvier than average.

Why Is Plus Size Clothing Important?

Plus size clothing is so important because of the message that exists behind creating clothes for people with big bodies. With the rise of body positivity groups, the fashion industry has begun to question society’s unfair body ideals, particularly for women. As it gained popularity, the emphasis on tolerating all types of bodies and weight began to influence the fashion industry, resulting in the creation of a whole new area known as Plus Size Fashion, indicating the message that all bodies are beautiful.

Plus size apparel allows people to express extreme self-love towards their genetically acquired body without being constrained by size zero beauty standards. Furthermore, it offers a place for people to celebrate varied body forms without being disrespectful or harsh to one another.

Why Is Plus Size Clothing Difficult To Find?

There are many reasons why most brands are reluctant to carry plus size clothing alongside their regular sizes. Some brands may refuse to offer expanded sizes due to financial concerns. It may be more expensive to manufacture designs larger than the sample size or to change sleeves or skirt length to suit larger numbers.

Additionally, beauty standards are another reason behind why plus size clothing is difficult to come across. When clothing does not fit, the first thought that springs to mind in society is that the person’s body is flawed. Plus sized women encounter countless negative experiences while shopping and are frequently rejected by their wardrobe options. People have certain aesthetic standards when it comes to skin colour, body weight, hair length and hair texture. When someone does not fit into those standards, they are considered the problem.

Is Plus Size Clothing Controversial? Why?

Unfortunately, the plus size clothing industry is somewhat controversial due to how society views people, specifically women, who have larger bodies. When a brand offers plus size clothing, some people assume that the brand is promoting obesity and encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle.

Inversely, what the brand is actually trying to do is be inclusive and cater to a group of people who are marginalised, bullied and ostracised. All-inclusive brands for everyday women should be the standard. Plus-size are average-sized ladies,  that’s just how a person looks. You shouldn’t have to be a specific height/weight/shape to have clothes that fit. Instead of a skinny model, it would be more useful to present a range of sizes in advertisements so that buyers can see how the apparel would appear on their body type. Thankfully, there is more debate on this subject in the media. Hopefully, a more inclusive fashion industry where every body shape is celebrated will arrive soon.

How Do I Choose Plus Size Clothing?

Choosing plus size clothing is pretty similar to choosing average sized apparel.

Knowing your body shape is one easy approach to evaluate which style of apparel will best compliment your figure. At the end of the day, you should always wear attire that makes you feel the most comfortable.

However, if you’re looking for clothing designs that will make you feel terrific, understanding your body type is a great place to start. Apple, pear, hourglass, and diamond are some of the most popular body types. Read up to determine your body form and the styles and cuts that would work best for you! 

Next, take the time to measure yourself accurately. This will make things much easier for you especially when it comes to internet purchasing. Sizing might vary widely from store to store, making it difficult to determine which size best suits you. If you have your measurements handy, many websites include a fit reference for their sizes, making it much easier to identify which size will be ideal for you. Measure your bust, waist and hips using a measuring tape and find clothes that would fit your size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is plus size clothing made for?

Plus size clothing is primarily made for people whose bodies are larger than average as they are unable to fit in average sized clothes. In most cases, plus size clothing is defined as any size beyond size 16 although the definition changes constantly, much like other clothes sizes.

What are plus size clothing made out of?

Plus size clothing is made out of every fabric under the Sun, just like regular sized clothes. There are plus size clothes that are made out of wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, polyester, denim, linen, satin and so much more. There are even plus size clothes that are made out of a blend or mixture of different fabrics.

What different kinds of plus size clothing are there?

All kinds of clothes can come in plus sizes. The only difference between plus size and regular size apparel is the measurements of each type of clothing as the former has bigger measurements. There are plus size jeans, shirts, blouses, dresses, shorts, hoodies, pyjamas, undergarments and so much more.

Where to buy plus size clothing?

Plus size clothing can be bought in stores that carry clothes for plus size people. Previously few and far between, with the rise of awareness regarding plus size people’s troubles, there are now more and more shops and boutiques that sell plus size clothing. These stores will usually advertise the fact that they sell clothes for plus size people outside their stores, just keep a lookout!

Can men wear plus size clothing?

Yes, men can wear plus size clothing. Even though most plus size apparel are geared towards women, they are not the only group of people who can have bodies that are larger than average. Men and even children can also have big bodies which necessitates the purchase of plus size clothing, regardless of gender and age.

Can skinny people wear plus size clothing?

Yes, skinny people can wear plus size clothing. People with smaller bodies can of course fit into clothes that are too big for them. However, their appearance will not be as easy on the eyes as plus size people wearing these clothes as they are made for them and not for skinny people.

Why is plus size clothing so unattractive?

Most plus size clothing are unattractive because companies are reluctant to spend too much on  creating them. Plus size clothing are usually drab and plain as they are not prioritised in terms of design. Additionally, plus size people are often treated as an afterthought by companies which results in the half-hearted creation of plus size clothes.

Is plus size clothing expensive?

Yes, plus size clothing is more expensive than average size clothing. A plus size garment is pricier as it does require extra fabric and more construction time in order to complete. However, the difference between prices is not overtly obvious and since clothing is a necessity, this is largely considered a necessary evil.

Does plus size clothing encourage obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle?

No, plus size clothing does not encourage obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Plus size clothing is made simply to ensure that everyone on the planet is clothed, which is a basic human right. Everyone should be given the right to own clothes regardless of their body weight and size.

Do plus size people have to wear plus size clothing?

Yes, plus size people have to wear plus size clothing. This is due to how average sized clothes are not big enough to cover their frames. Wearing clothing that is too tight can lead to numerous health problems as it squeezes and adds additional stress on our organs.

Are there plus size celebrities who wear plus size clothing?

Yes, there are plus size celebrities who wear plus size clothing. Some popular examples would be Ashley Graham, Melissa McCarthy and Lizzo. Plus size male celebrities include Jack Black and Seth Rogen. All of these celebrities plus many more wear plus size clothing due to their larger than average sizes.

Are plus size clothing easy to find?

Yes, plus size clothing is easy to find. With inclusivity on the rise in recent years, most countries are now stocking up on clothes for people with bigger frames. However, it may be a bit more difficult to find plus size clothing in certain countries such as China and Japan due to their extremely unattainable beauty standards which includes smaller and skinnier bodies.

Are people judged for wearing plus size clothing?

Unfortunately yes, people are judged for wearing plus size clothing. Just like having plus size bodies, people with bigger bodies are mocked for having to wear clothes that are deemed “too big” by society standards. Due to this, most people would try to squeeze into clothing that is too small for them for fear of being mocked for wearing a size 16 and above.

Do plus size shoes exist?

Yes, plus size shoes exist. Just like with plus size bodies, feet that are larger than average also exist, typically on people with bigger bodies as well. Similar to plus size clothing, plus size shoes also contain different definitions. Generally, shoe sizes from 39 to 45 are considered plus size.

Are plus size models hired to model plus size clothing?

Yes, plus size models are hired to model plus size clothing more and more in recent years. However, due to exclusion in the fashion industry, it is still pretty uncommon for a plus size model to make it far in the profession. You can usually find plus size models modelling plus size clothing for regular brands such as H&M or Calvin Klein and not for major fashion houses.

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