Top 7 Brands Of Ergonomic Chair Malaysia

In the last 2 years, we have been witnessing significant changes in our life as Covid-19 tremendously has impacted almost all aspects of human life. We can witness that the economy has been impacted badly, the collapse of the economy around the world, in fact, this economic catastrophe also has preyed on developed countries with fierce eyes, and major company layoffs. Besides, the ways we do our daily routine also have been shifted to the ways that we once thought it was impossible to do so. For example, instead of commuting from home to the workplace and spending 8 to 9 hours at the office to do tasks, now the work mode has already changed.

We spent 8 to 9 hours sitting at home to do the job with the help of modern technologies, professional virtual background, a computer desk, and also a comfortable chair. The shift in work mode from attending the office to working-from-home sessions has been undoubtedly challenging. We are also aware of the downsides of working from home and how painful it is to our bodies, therefore, we would share 7 brands of ergonomic chair Malaysia that can be pain relief for your WFH sessions.


True to its moniker, SPACE is one of the best brands of ergo chair malaysia that ensures you to feel comfortable in your own space. Acknowledging well the indescribable pain of working from home while sitting for long hours on the non-ergonomic chair, SPACE’s founders are dedicated to endeavour in manufacturing the ideal chairs that meet your needs comprehensively. Either you want to replace your current chair with the ergonomic chair from SPACE for doing work or spend your time alone to play games – SPACE’s ergonomic chairs are the perfect choice and your body will appreciate it so much! 

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: SPACE’s website

Product: SPACE – Ergonomic Seat.

Price in 2022: RM1,099.00.

Colour options: Jet black, midnight grey, and storm white.

Features of product: Full breathable mesh, 2-way adjustable lumbar, 3D adjustable armrest, liftable and rotatable headrest, double-back diamond frame, and ergonomic seat cushion.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from SPACE on:

Website | IGFB


Ergoland, where practicality meets the style, is one of the finest brands that offer the stylish and best ergonomic chairs Malaysia. The quality and effectiveness of Ergoland’s ergonomic chairs are proven by their customers. Besides that, many of them are satisfied that the purchased ergonomic chairs from Ergoland for working or studying are such good investments for years to come, and even considered as the best chair for long hours malaysia!

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: Ergoland’s website

Product: CP8SMT Ergonomic Chair – Ergoland.

Price in 2022: RM2,998.00 

Colour options: White backrest with grey seat.

Features of product: Adjustable headrest, 7 different softness in back cushion, seat deep extension (50 to 55 cm), 4D multidirectional armrest, and 7 lumbar curve settings.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from Ergoland on:

Website | IG | FB

FlexiSpot Malaysia

What have you invested in ensuring your working-from-home session becomes a little more pleasant? Perhaps upgrading the laptop, switching to the latest phone with a bigger size of memory that is able to install useful apps, buying a green background, or a new rotatable web camera for the laptop are the things that you have done before. Don’t forget to level up the comfort level of working from home experience with best ergonomic chair malaysia from FlexiSpot Malaysia. See the improvement in your body posture and feel how comfy this ergonomic chair Malaysia can be while it supports your back for long hours. A gaming chair from FlexiSpot Malaysia also can be used for work. See and feel its differences!

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: Flexispot (Germany)’s website

Product: KARNOX Legend TR Fabric.

Price in 2022: RM1,699.00

Colour options: Charcoal grey and light grey.

Features of product: 4D multidirectional armrest, ergonomic and multifunction, height adjustable seating, covered in soft vegan PU leather and fabric lines.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from FlexiSpot Malaysia on:

Website | IG | FB


It is worth every penny to buy ergonomic office chair malaysia from Alterseat as this type of chair specialises in supporting, correcting body posture, and reducing back pain.  It has other benefits as well such as decreasing hips pressure and improving blood circulation. What’s best about this brand is that it accepts bulk orders for office furniture and also it can customize the best ergonomic office chair malaysia based on customers’ preferences. Designed with high-quality products and sold at a factory price, Alterseat is definitely one of the favourable brands of ergonomic chair Malaysia.

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: Alterseat’s website

Product: (Donati® Edition) CG Prime Gold Standard Ergonomic Chair.

Price in 2022: RM1,688.90

Colour options: Delta grey, nano white, and ripple black.

Features of product: Synchro multi tilt mechanism, forward tilt function, 5-locking recline mechanism, recline tension adjustment function, designed with Luxe-touch Woven Fibre with Anti-Slip Support Mesh.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from Alterseat on:

Website | IG | FB


Do you feel that you need to replace your chair with the hard cushion to the ergonomic chair Malaysia from OfficePro? If you think ‘’yes’’,  this is actually a sign that you need to consider thoroughly and make sure that your painful body, muscles and bones due to the long hours of sitting on the uncomfortable office chair are heard! You can make a better change and have a better experience of working from home by purchasing one of the best ergonomic chair malaysia offered by OfficePro. We also personally think that every person should have at least one ergonomic chair from OfficePro at home to ensure that the comfort while doing work, or reading is maximized.

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: OfficePro’s Facebook

Product: Office High Back Chair IP-M97 Butterfly Series.

Price in 2022: RM1,288.00. 

Colour options: Black.

Features of product: Mesh back with fabric seat, reclining mechanism with ‘’1’’ locking system, fixed armrest, imported gas lift, and have high density ‘’moulded’’ injected foam.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from OfficePro on:

Website | IG | FB

ZenPro Office Furniture

Maintain your Zen while working from home with the best office chair for lower back pain in malaysia from ZenPro Office Furniture! We are all aware of the rising level of stress in your mind and body while trying to adapt to this new norm. By using one of this ergonomic chair Malaysia from ZenPro Office Furniture, you can sense that your body posture will be improved although you sit for long hours, and say goodbye to the back pain, neck pain, and eye strain!

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: ZenPro Office Furniture’s Website

Product: TRENDY – Ergonomic Office Chair

Colour options: Black.

Features of product: Ergonomic and functional office chair, with or without headrest option, nylon with optional upgrade to polished aluminium. 

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from ZenPro Office Furniture on:

Website | IG | FB

SSF Malaysia

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to the best office chair malaysia from SSF Malaysia! The ergonomic and best office chairs from SSF Malaysia are not only made to make you feel more confident and motivated while working from home, but also these ergonomic chair Malaysia are specialized to support your lower back, relax your shoulders, and also give the aura of professionalism to your working environment at home! 

Ergonomic chair Malaysia
Source: SSF Malaysia’s Website

Product: Swivel Office Chair Ergonomic Peter | FOCATH200605

Price in 2022: RM1,399.00

Colour options: Combination of black and grey.

Features of product: Ergonomic and elegant office chair, built from PU, sponge, board, PP, iron, and nylon wheel.

Discover more about ergonomic chairs from SSF Malaysia on:

Website | IG | FB

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

One of the chair types that you can find in the existing market is the ergonomic chair. First, let us break down the meaning behind “ergonomic” term.

According to Cambridge Online Dictionary, “ergonomic” is a word that describes furniture or equipment that is designed in a way that makes it more comfortable and effective for anyone who uses this ergonomic furniture. After learning the meaning of “ergonomic”, it does make sense that the ergonomic chair is usually a chair that has adjustable features such as adjustable armrest, neck part, and height of chair. In other words, the invention of ergonomic chairs are to prioritize the comfort of the users which are not offered by regular chairs.

In comparison, a gaming chair typically has a tall winged back, bucket seat, and raised seat edges in the racer style. Usually, there are lumbar and head support cushions included, and the armrests can be moved in at least three different directions. Additionally, gaming chairs offer rocking and tilt locks as well as much deeper reclines than office chairs. In other words, the gaming chair prioritizes more the style aspect.

How Effective is an Ergonomic Chair for Human’s Health?

A recent study in 2021 regarding Features of an Ergonomic Chair designed for Surgeons performing Microscopic Surgeries found out that the current convenient features of ergonomic chairs such as adjustable armrest, a short height adjustable backrest with support from lumbar shall be supported by extra and innovative features. Those suggested extra and innovative features are the foot pedals, the seat that is almost slope-less, and others should be considered to ensure that it will be more effective for the surgeons. From this study, we can see how significant the current ergonomic chair is on the health impact among surgeons while performing surgeries in the operating theater, but it should be innovated for more better experience.

Let’s see other health improvement that ergonomic chairs could contribute to the general public. Ergonomic chairs are the effective tools to support the body posture and distribute the weight of our body evenly on the chairs, improve the natural curvature of our spine, reduce stiffness in the neck and shoulder, relieve pressure on our hips, and improve blood circulation in our legs.

How Important is an Ergonomic Chair in a Human’s Life?

There were a large proportion of workplace injuries recorded in the UK due to the unsafe and old office furnitures. Digby Brown Solicitors stated that 600,000 cases of injuries at the workplace were recorded every year in the UK because of the use of unsafe and non-ergonomic furniture.

By using the ergonomic chairs at the workplaces, those chairs can help to lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders among the employers and employees, for example, damage and pain to the joints in the neck and back.

Besides that, most of ergonomic chair users can feel the reduced level of stress on the spine, neck and hips, and lower the risk of getting scoliosis. The positive impact of using the ergonomic chairs is not only significantly proven on the health aspect but also we can see the significant boost on productivity at the workplace. We are aware that even the slightest disturbance such as uncomfortable feeling while doing a work could have an impact on the work productivity and performance. Thus, by using the ergonomic chairs as one of the solutions to improve work productivity and performance is strongly supported by the experts.

What are the Differences Between Ergonomic Chairs and Office Chairs?

Although all types of chairs have the similar function which is to provide support for the body and arms of people who sit on them, there are big differences between ergonomic chairs and office chairs.

One of the aspects that differentiates ergonomic chairs and office chairs is the definition. Regular office chairs are equipped with everything you need to maintain a comfortable position. Armrests, a backrest, a seat height adjustment, and frequently a limited tilt tension adjustment are among the features of regular office chairs. However, the majority of an ordinary office chair’s components are not adjustable.

Meanwhile, the finest possible support for the human body is provided by an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chair is designed with the application of psychological and physiological concepts to maximise human well-being and productivity. As a result, an ergonomic chair has a lot of movable components, including the headrest, seat tilt, backrest, seat depth, and armrests. This degree of flexibility enables you to alter your position in the most advantageous manner for your physical make-up.

How did MCO in Malaysia Affect the Demand for Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Covid-19 and MCO affected the ways we did our routine and also the routine had been shifted to the ways that we once thought it was impossible to do so. We had been spending 8 to 9 hours at the office to do tasks, but the work mode had already been shifted. We had been working at home to do the job with the help of modern technologies, professional virtual background, a computer desk, and also a chair. Thus, in this period, there was a big demand for supplying more ergonomic office chairs. 

How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair for You?

Aside from the price and warranty, there are some aspects that you should need to consider thoroughly before proceeding to choose and purchase the ergonomic chair. Those aspects are adjustability, seat height, seat width, seat depth, lumbar support, backrest, and many more.

Adjustability – choose the ergonomic chair that supports your unique body.

Seat height – the best ergonomic chair will allow you to adjust the seat height from 15 to 22 inches off the floor.

Seat width – each buyer must sit comfortably on a quality seat pan, with at least 1 inch on either side of their hips, but not so far apart that their arms must stretch to touch the armrests.

Seat depth – the seat should be deep enough for the user to sit with their back against the backrest while still allowing 2 to 4 fingers between the end of the chair and the user’s knees.

Lumbar support – a good ergonomic chair would have lumbar support which is a piece of furniture or an attachment to furniture that focuses on keeping the lumbar region of the back comfortable.

Backrest of ergonomic chair – it is important as it helps to  increase blood flow, an ergonomic office chair should encourage dynamic sitting rather than static posture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who invented an ergonomic chair?

In 1968, Wilfred Dauphin, a German man was hired by a British firm to discover the effect of the computer on office furniture requirements. The British company was unable to fully implement his plan, so he and his wife started their own business out of their garage. The first ergonomic chair was made by him, Dauphin; it was a straightforward chair with a height-adjustable back and seat. The demand for these cosy, adjustable seats began in Germany, then extended throughout Europe and the US.

2. Do those listed ergonomic chair have a warranty?

Yes, all those brands of ergonomic chairs have a warranty but the warranty is different from one brand to another brand. At the same time, the customers need to follow the terms and conditions. On average, those ergonomic chairs have 2 to 4 years of warranty. Therefore, you may claim warranty if any damage happens within that period. 

3. Can I purchase an ergonomic chair through online store?

Yes! Besides going to the physical store to buy the ergonomic chair, you may survey on the website or social media first . Those ergonomic chairs come with the option of shipping. On a side note, every delivery or shipping of those ergonomic chairs costs some fees. Delivery or shipping fees are different and for further details, you may refer to the website and social media.

4. What is a lumbar support in an ergonomic chair?

The lower part of your back is referred to as the “lumbar” region. It is made up of five vertebrae, which are located between the diaphragm and the sacrum (which is attached to your pelvis). Lumbar support, which is typically seen in car seats and mostly office chairs, is intended to reduce the pressure placed on our lower backs to keep us comfortable when sitting.

5. Is the aspect of adjustability important to be considered before buying an ergonomic chair?

Yes, it is! The ability to modify is the first feature you should look for in an ergonomic chair. The more features that can be altered, the better. You should be able to adjust the chair’s height, armrests, and reclining angle, at the very least. With these ergonomic modifications, the chair will be ideal for you and your workstation set-up.

6. Is the aspect of seat depth crucial to be considered before buying an ergonomic chair?

Definitely, yes! Next, check to see that the seat depth is appropriate. When the seat is  too length, you are more likely to lean forward, which negates the benefits of the backrest. This is what puts stress on your back and legs. The back of your knees should have three to four fingers’ worth of space between them and the seat edge as a good indicator of proper seat depth.

7. Is the aspect of armrest important to be considered before buying an ergonomic chair?

Yes, it is! To prevent your shoulders from hunching, your arms should fit the height of your keyboard or writing surface and rest comfortably on the armrests. It will be simple to achieve the ideal height between your armrests and the chair.

8. Is the cost really important to be considered before buying an ergonomic chair?

Every person may have a different opinion on this. However, we would see that it is really important to think about the cost of one ergonomic chair before proceeding to buy. Although an ergonomic chair is pricey, that type of chair can help you to endure back pain and other side effects, and feel better.

9. Can I use ergonomic seat cushions on the ergonomic chair?

Of course, yes! The use of ergonomic or orthopaedic cushions can help you maintain better posture, reduce strain on your tailbone, and be more comfortable and effective throughout the day. We like memory foam when searching for the best cushions because these cushions help to keep you supported. Temperature control, compactness, and adaptability are further considerations that you need to consider too. 

10. Why does an ergonomic chair have dynamic lumbar support?

This kind of lumbar support provides constant support at all times by automatically adjusting its depth and firmness based on your posture. When used correctly, dynamic lumbar support can be very advantageous because it constantly adjusts to changes in your back as you sit.

11. Why does an ergonomic chair have external lumbar support?

Usually a cushion serves as external lumbar support. An external lumbar back support is essential too as it is designed to support your body posture without make you feel too uncomfortable if you sit for long hours. The external lumback support will fill in the gap bewteen your lumbar spine and the backseat. Fortunately, in these days, as a less expensive alternative to built-in lumbar, many gaming seats come with an external lumbar and a head pillow. Additionally, you may buy specialised lumbar cushions separately to use with any office chair. 

12. How can an ergonomic chair support my spine?

Although ergonomic chairs can’t cure the back pain on your spine,  they are made to address the external factors that cause that pain. The curve of the seat back and adjustable seat depth support the lumbar spine, reduce slouching, and encourage sitting upright. The tilt or angle of the seatback can also be changed on some chairs. Slouching and forward head posture can be avoided by sitting in an ergonomic chair that is appropriately adjusted.

13. Why do I feel motivated when using an ergonomic chair while working?

With less stress and less muscular ache, a good office chair can help you work more productively and with greater focus. Ergonomic office furniture immediately contributes to increased productivity of your office workers by lowering the risk of health issues and musculoskeletal system illnesses.

14. How can an ergonomic chair help children with scoliosis?

Particularly when you consider the fact that a child can spend up to 6 hours per day at a table and chair, an ergonomic study chair ensures that a good posture is maintained throughout the child’s adolescence and maintaining their spine as they grow into adulthood. That’s why the ergonomic chair is also useful for children with scoliosis. For your information, Brazilian researchers have shown that the uniform height of tables and chairs, which are unsuitable for children of different sizes and force youngsters to stoop their heads and torsos in order to study, contributes to the development of poor posture. This puts more pressure on the spine.

15. Besides using an ergonomic chair, what are the things that I can do to reduce my back pain?

Whether you want to create your own standing desk or have one installed at home, it’s critical to maintain a healthy body position by performing the following tips: Adjust the height of the desk so that your arms can rest comfortably at your sides. Putting the monitor at eye level. Keeping your hands and wrists in a neutral position, place your keyboard and mouse as near together as you can. Changing positions at least once every hour.







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