Top 8 Online Stationeries in Malaysia Everyone Should Check Out!

Classes have almost started. Are you ready to go back to school? Is your backpack as ready as you are? A student’s arsenal does not only consist of his or her brain. They must also arm themselves with the ultimate weapon: the very best office supplies from online stationeries in Malaysia. From pens and pencils to notebooks and stickers, you need it all. If your stationery stash is looking a little worse for wear, worry not! Here’s a list of stationery stores and online stationery you can check out in order to replenish your supplies.

Honorable Mentions

1. Lineae.Co

We know that thinking and deciding the gifts for your special and favorite person on the special day is challenging. What if we present them with a set of 2023 planners? In fact, surprising them with a luxury set of 2023 planners and exclusive tools for writing from Linea, an online stationery store is such a cool and evergreen idea! Moreover, your ideas for gifts are not limited by Linea as these best stationery stores online became a house for more than 10 brands!

Mark + Fold 2023 Planner
As an adult, everyone does appreciate and love planners! This Mark + Fold 2023 Planner is formatted as an A5 (210 x 148 mm / 5.8″ x 8.3″) notebook, perfect to bring around. With four different bold and masculine colors, which is black, blue, mustard and ash grey, Mark + Fold 2023 Planners from Linea could also be included on your list of gifts for him. One of the main features of this notebook is that it has dated weekly planner section, notes pages, and yearly overview. The papers are made of sustainably sourced papers, and it is made in small batches of production.

Yamama Notebook and Sticky Notes
Kawaii, Yamama! Who does not know about the uniqueness and creativity of Japanese brand stationery? The stationery lovers know it! Produced with high quality materials from Japan and edgy designs, you will be mesmerized by Yamama notebooks and the pocket-designed sticky notes!

Katie Leamon Luxury Pencil Sets
Katie Leamon Luxury Pencil Sets is a suitable gift for artists and architects. Each pack of Katie Leamon Luxury Pencil Sets has 7 pencils with different grades and each grade is colour-coded in Navy, Sage, Grey and Rust. The packs include HB, B, 2B, and 4B grades that help the artists and architects to illustrate, sketch or draw much better.

If you wish to purchase them and other collection of stationery from this stationery shop, you may check out Linea’s social media and official website below:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Now on to TehTalk’s Top 8 Online Stationeries!

ana tomy

Online Stationeries in Malaysia


Here’s a popular name if you’re looking for established stationery shops online! Brilliant innovators named Cliff, Zeejay, and Fidella founded their stationary shop called ana tomy in 2016. This award-winning online stationeries in Malaysia specializes in personalized notebooks and stationery and they consistently focus on being simple, diverse, and inclusive. They also carry accessories like wallets, tote bags, and eyewear as well as home goods such as candles. Way to branch out and expand as a brand!

In the notebook range, ana tomy also carries a refined and modular product called Classic Edition. Maximizing ways for people to participate in their notebooks, the Classic Edition enables customization for its covers, pen loop, insert paper combination, and interchangeable ribbon to name a few!

Here are some of their products:

  • Kaweco Classic Sport Gel Roller Pen Bordeaux – RM99
  • Gel Ink Pen—0.5mm Pastel Set (Pack of 5) – RM30
  • Personalized Everyday Tote Bag (available in multiple colors) – From RM128

For more information: ana tomy l IG: ana tomy l FB: ana tomy


Online Stationeries in Malaysia


Are you interested in personalized notebooks? Then Summorie is the stationery store for you! Created in 2018, this brand stands out from the other brands on this stationeries list with its unique custom made products. Summorie was founded by two stationery-loving women named Cynn Chua and Tang Pei Ying. They set out to create the brand to provide artsy, high-quality, customizable notebooks in Malaysia. 

Summorie has expanded since then. This online stationery shop also carries fountain pens, planners, greeting cards, stickers and tapes. Additionally, Summorie collaborates with other brands (Enchante Patisserie) and people (Malaysian actress Koe Yeet) to create entirely new and different items!

Here are some of their products:

  • Long Weekends Notebook – RM85.00
  • Linen Notebook (A5) – RM92.00 
  • That Friend Dateless Planner Set – RM180.00

For more information: Summorie l IG: Summorie l FB: Summorie


online stationery shop


If you’re looking to restock your sticker supply, look no further than this cute little online stationery store! FarliStudio is a homemade sticker brand created by a young 20 year old Malaysian from the comfort of her own home. Her stickers are colorful and adorably creative with special attention to cats, kittens and delicious local food! In fact, this creative artist often honors her Malaysian roots through her stickers by featuring a ton of Malaysian culture like her Fluffy Kitties in Baju Raya sticker pack and her Air Ikat Tepi sticker pack. What a creative nod to one’s humble beginnings.

FarliStudio also sells other cute stationery such as memo pads.

Here are some of her products:

  • Self Care Bear Sticker Pack for Journal Planner Laptop Phone – RM5.00
  • Candy Land and Rainbow Land Memopads – RM5.00 
  • Fluffy Kitties in Baju Raya Sticker Pack – RM4.00

For more information: FarliStudio l IG: FarliStudio

Salt x Paper

online stationery shop


Created in 2015 by avid stationery collector Chrystin Choo, you can tell this online stationeries in malaysia brand is a special one just from the name. Salt x Paper comes from the famous saying “salt and pepper”, basic everyday condiments which nevertheless takes us on a flavorful ride with every bite of food. If your food lacks salt and pepper, you’d be sure to know judging from how bland your food tastes. How symbolic, no? 

Unlike most other online stationery shops on this list, Salt x Paper has a physical store! It’s located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This stationery shop is refreshing as it carries more than just their brand as they also sell designer stationery from other local Malaysian creatives.

Here are some of their products:

  • Salt x Paper Notebook – Watermelons & Oranges – RM 21.90
  • Salt x Paper Notebook – Lemons & Bananas – RM 21.90
  • Salt x Paper Postcard – Landmarks of Kota Kinabalu – Sabah Tourism Board – RM 4.90

And these are just products from their brand! You can find tons of different types of stationery from numerous stationery shops online on the Salt x Paper website.

For more information: SaltxPaper l IG: SaltxPaper l FB: SaltxPaper


Online Stationeries in Malaysia


This vintage inspired brand has an old, rustic feel to it that would definitely appeal to the more matured, old soul stationery online lovers. Craftioneries know what their strengths are and they stick to it. Namely, they carry gorgeous, old school themed stickers, washi tapes, bookmarks, rubber stamps and keychains. Each and every product from Craftioneries is also handmade which gives their customers an extra feeling of love when using their supplies.

Here are some of their products:

  • Handmade Keychains – RM38.00
  • Dainty Flowers & Dainty Leaves – RM88.00
  • Quotes Series – RM33.00

For more information: Craftioneries l IG: Craftioneries l FB: Craftioneries

Mucca Paper

Online Stationeries in Malaysia


This stationery shop online calls itself ‘the notebook lab’ and it’s clear why. Their notebooks are personalized according to each customer’s desires and needs. Mucca Paper prides themselves on the flexibility of their brand and for good reason. They place their customer’s requirements and the purpose behind each notebook as the pillar of their identity. Enter the notebook lab and create a journal from a formula that’s uniquely yours!

Mucca Paper has collaborated with a bunch of different brands to create gorgeous new collections like the Pablo Series, Refinery Series and The Thinker’s Tools. This stationery shop carries many different products like tote bags, sticky notes, bookmarks and even carabiners!

Here are some of their products:

Pablo Series (Threadbound) – Secret – RM108

Refinery Series (Six Ring Binder) – Space Rhapsody – RM128

Sticky Notes with Solid Tabs (Autumn) – RM6.50

For more information: Mucca Paper l IG: Mucca Paper l FB: Mucca Paper


Online Stationeries in Malaysia


Pronounced “be-No-tee”, this online stationery store Malaysia was founded in 2015 by Edmund & E-jie, lovers of handmade stationery products. Their love can be clearly seen in their products as B’Nottee’s notebooks are all handmade! They are also environmentally friendly which is always a huge bonus. This stationery store’s notebooks are not only good for mother nature but they are inspired by her as well. These notebooks have a very rustic, wanderer feel to them. Think if Gandalf carried a notebook and loved to journal. That’s the beautiful type of notebooks they sell.

Far from only carrying notebooks, B’Nottee also sells a host of other wonderful rustic stationery like washi tape, paper clips, stamps, postcards and stationery cases.

Here are some of their products:

Black Flap NotteeBook Cover – RM120.00

1/2 Roti Pencil Pouch – RM55.00

Have a Beary Christmas Card / Postcard – RM17.00

For more information: B’Nottee l IG: B’Nottee l FB: B’Nottee

Pebble Paper Design

Online Stationeries in Malaysia


This adorable online stationery shop was created in 2015 by Rachel Chew. A lot of Pebble Paper Design’s products are available at Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC. Best known for her “whimsical illustrations”, Rachel’s designs are rife with florals of all styles and colors. If you’re a flora lover, you have to get your hands on one of her gorgeous flowery notebooks! Apart from planners and journals, Pebble Paper Design also carry phone cases and even clothing. Their collaborations with brands such as Love Limzy and Pestle and Mortar Clothing produced exquisite flowery products that would put Kew Gardens to shame!

Here are some of their products:

New Leaf Yearless Planner (available in multiple colors) – RM59

First Bloom Blank Notebooks (Red Rose) – RM25

Fruit Garden Blank Notebooks (Lemon) – RM25

For more information: Pebble Paper Design l IG: Pebble Paper Design l FB: Pebble Paper Design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Stationeries

What is an online stationery shop?

A stationery shop online is an online shop that sells office supplies such as pencils, pens and notebooks. It’s just like a physical stationery shop, only everything is online. Some online stationery stores have physical stores you can visit but not all of them do.

Why should I buy my stationery online?

Buying your stationery online is a good choice because you are able to easily choose specific customizations for some of your orders. For example, ordering specially made notebooks online will allow you to select what alterations you would like made on your journal. Furthermore, buying stationery online also comes with great discounts and vouchers with minimum orders. You might even get free shipping with your purchase!

Why is stationery from local brands so expensive?

Office supplies from local brands are pricier because they take a lot of time and effort to design and create. Most local stationeries like notebooks are even handmade, not mass-created in a factory. They are also created with high quality products that last longer which in turn costs a little extra. Even though they can be on the pricier side, the quality and love put into the products make the price extremely worth it.

Why aren’t local stationery brands more popular?

In order for a local stationery brand to gain more recognition, they require a lot of support from their customers. Keep giving them that support by purchasing their products as often as you can. You can even go one step further by following their social media accounts and getting your friends to do the same. Why not do online reviews of their products as well while you’re at it? It will cost you nothing but will mean everything to these small, hardworking brands.

What is washi tape and what is it for?

Washi tape is a special type of masking tape which is usually colourful and decorative. They are often made out of rice paper which makes it thin and durable. Washi tape is used for decorating journals, letters, cards and any other writing material. They can also be used to create sections and borders in bullet journals.

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