Top Aesthetic Clinics in Malaysia To Get The Best Treatment

Sometimes, we don’t care about certain parts of our body but we should always care for the beauty of our body to stay confident in our skin and be proud of them. However, as you age, there are inevitable problems that we should pay attention to. Certain features of your body that you didn’t know had issues such as sexually related problems. It’s okay to have skin problems and it’s okay to treat them as well. Aesthetic clinics are the best place where you can get the best treatment for natural beauty as they improve your skin’s health and appearance. Here are more aesthetic clinics you should visit for Beauty and Wellness.

What is Aesthetic Treatment?

If you’re wondering what an aesthetic treatment is: the service covers a vast range of medical beauty treatments. Commonly, the places that offer this treatment include medical spas, physician offices, and dermatology clinics. Apart from facial treatments, there is also light therapy, and waxing services that are offered by spa aestheticians. Are you interested yet? We are going to introduce you to the best aesthetic clinics.


aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: Toscana Medi Clinic (Facebook)

Toscana is an advanced cosmetic medical center that offers a wide range of non-surgical beauty treatments and professional consultants and services from certified doctors. The clinic is situated in Publika, Kuala Lumpur. The aesthetic clinic specializes in the beautification of the facial, body, and skin with the help of state-of-the-art technology. If you have any issues with cellulite, saggy skin, urinary incontinence, and any sexual-related problems, they may help you solve your issue. 

The beauty clinic provides discreet and professional services at TMC to help mending the sexual relationship of its clients. Treatment includes vaginismus treatment, painful intercourse treatment, and low libido treatment. 

aesthetic skin clinic

Men, who experience sexual issues as well such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, low libido, and so on could get their treatments here as well. They offer services for men and women alike, so don’t worry about not getting the right treatment for sexual health. The clinic offers treatments such as P-shot to help increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction, shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction, and hormone therapy which helps with testosterone control. 

You can get a free consultation before booking here

For more information, Website: Toscana Medi Clinic | FB: Toscana Medi Clinic | IG: toscana_mediclinic

Aessence Clinic & Medispa

aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: Aessence Clinic & Medispa (Facebook)

Aessence Clinic is a skin care clinic that is located in Ara Damansara. The clinic stays true to its path of beauty by prioritizing the peace of mind of customers that they’re in good hands – The Aessence Promise. Treatments are provided by certified doctors in dermatology. The clinic ensures that you’d be able to get anti-aging treatments. Such treatments include rejuvenation, stem cells, natural hormones, and regenerative medicine regimens.  

aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: Aessence Clinic & Medispa (Facebook)

One of the excellent things about this clinic is that it has a very reliable and trustworthy consultation service and they have been providing that since 2003. Aessence provides a comprehensive set of treatments ranging from the skin, body ad laser to suit the needs of their clients. A few great skins and body treatments they offer are skin lightening, pigmentation, skin disease, scars & stretch marks, body contouring, cellulite, vagina rejuvenation, and lots more. 

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For more information, Website: Aessence Clinic & Medispa | FB: Aessence Clinic & Medispa | IG:

Astute Clinic

aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: Astute Clinic (Facebook)

Astute Clinic is a modern aesthetic clinic located in Damansara City Mall, Kuala Lumpur as well as UOA Business Park, Shah Alam. They provide top-tier treatments such as anti-aging and general health services. The clinic itself has received recognition from the Ministry of Health and their facilities are given the thumbs-up by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM). They believe that everyone should be themselves and they wish to bring out the best version of everyone. Confidence is all about being effortless and at ease with yourself, after all. 

aesthetic skin clinic

The clinic employs high-tech machines in their treatments so that their clients would feel comfortable and safe in their services. Even the atmosphere in the clinic helps with making clients feel cozy and calm. Among the treatments that they offer include scar treatment, dark circle treatment, dry or dull or sensitive skin treatment, wrinkles treatment, laser treatment, and many more. Rest assured that the clinic gives the best and trusted remedy to any skin areas you need to treat.

You can book your appointment with them right here
Website: ASTUTE Clinic | FB: Astute Clinic | IG: astuteclinic
1. Damansara City Mall, Kuala Lumpur
2. UOA Business Park, Shah Alam

ME Clinic

aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: ME Aesthetic Clinic (Facebook) 

The next skin clinic we are going to introduce to you is ME Clinic which is located in Berjaya Times Square and Melawati Mall, Kuala Lumpur. It is a one-stop center for treatments, well equipped with cutting-edge technology and very minimally invasive computerized equipment for the comfort of the clients. The doctors are happy to educate their clients on ideal treatments. So, rest assured that your treatment is in good hands and accuracy ensured. Some treatments that the clinic offers include botulinum toxin (botox), cool sculpting fat freezing procedure, double suture & twist, platelet-rich plasma, facial CO2 laser skin resurfacing, and so on. 

aesthetic skin clinic
Photo: ME Aesthetic Clinic (Facebook) 

What’s unique about this aesthetic skin clinic is that it offers treatments that could lighten up your dark and tired-looking areas. They offer under-eye filler to curb dark circles problems for a more refreshed look and younger-looking face. Additionally, the treatment uses hyaluronic acid to help improve the dark appearance of the circle which eliminates the sign of aging. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient to help retain a younger look and minimum sagging and wrinkles. Apart from retaining a fresh look, hyaluronic acid also helps with moisturizing your face, treating eczema, facial redness, and many more.

You don’t have to worry about the hassle of calling the clinic to book an appointment. The booking is simple, you just need to fill out your information here
For more information, Website: ME Clinic | FB: ME Aesthetic Clinic | IG: meclinicmalaysia

Don’t forget to maintain your skincare routines even after getting treatments. Refer here to know more about organic skincare.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Top Aesthetic Clinics in Malaysia

How do I choose the correct aesthetic clinic?

This is a crucial thing to consider if you need long-term treatment. Things to consider include the reviews by clients, price range, treatment plan, and staff experience.

What is the most well-known reason to get an aesthetic treatment?

Due to its non-surgical nature, clients commonly look to aesthetic clinics to possess skin that is rejuvenated, young and refresh. Hence, clients usually take botox injections and dermal fillers.

How long do aesthetic treatments last?

It varies, depending on what kind of treatment clients need and the results are different for everyone. Some treatments last for 12-18 months before clients have to be re-administered.

Is aesthetic treatment the same as cosmetic?

Cosmetic treatment is solely for visual appearance. Meanwhile, aesthetic treatment is mainly for skin health that is harmonized and balanced.

Can aesthetic clinics help with acne?

Yes, they can! They specialize in skin problems and provide solutions for acne problems as well.

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