Top Mexican Restaurants in KL

Looking for Mexican restaurants that are muy bueno? In dire need to taste the tangy and spicy flavours of Mexican food? Then we have just the list for you. Mexico has been one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations with its natural wonders, sun aesthetic, and culture. Adding to that is their delicious food that nobody wants to miss out on. However, there is no way you can fly over to Mexico now. So rather than flying out to Mexico, why don’t we bring Mexico to you! Here are the best Mexican restaurants in KL.

What is Mexican Food?

True to its moniker, Mexican food is *drumroll* from Mexico! The food consists of cooking cuisines and traditions of the country. A few of the country’s food staples that are considered native are corn, beans, squash, chia, avocados, tomatoes, vanilla, and sweet potato. The cuisines are ancient, and complex, with techniques that are developed over thousands of years. What’s unique is that the ingredients are native to Mexico. Without further delay, these are the top Mexican restaurants in KL that you should totally try.

Thyme Out KL

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Thyme Out KL (Facebook)

Thyme Out KL is one of the best Mexican Restaurants in KL right now. The restaurant was established in 2014 and started by serving Mexican street food around Klang Valley. Then, it became one of the top sunway mexican restaurant. They offer various Mexican cuisines such as tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and many more. Thyme Out KL offers various services as well and that includes table booking, deliveries at Bandar Sunway, Centrepoint, Mont Kiara North, and Ampang, as well as event bookings. You definitely don’t want to miss out on any of that.

For more information: Website: | FB: Thyme Out | IG: thymeoutkl

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Las Carretas Malaysia (Facebook)

This restaurant serves one of the best Mexican food in KL. The name carries its own meaning – The Wagon, and it does bring a whole wagon of ‘chef’s kiss’ Mexican food options to you. Their specialties include an amazing range of cuisines – Fajitas, Camarones Ajillo, Chimichangas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tacos, Guacamole, Nachos, and many more. Located in Ampang, Taipan, Damansara, and Kuala Lumpur, you surely don’t want to miss out on the cozy atmosphere at the restaurant. 

For more information: Website: | FB: Las Carretas Malaysia | IG: lascarretasmalaysia 

Loco Mexican Bar & Restaurant

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Loco Bar and Restaurant (Facebook)

Located in the heart of KL is an excellent Mexican restaurant. Loco Mexican Bar & Restaurant serves authentic Mexican food such as tortillas filled with vegetables, salsas, and peppers. Adding to that are the best toppings like chicken, beef, duck, fish, lamb, vegetable, prawn, and chili con carne. What’s unique about them is that they are homemade, with love. You bet you’re going to see Mexico itself once you’ve had a taste. In addition, they serve Tacos, Fajitas, Nachos, Burritos, and the list goes on. Even their drinks are one of their specialty – they range from premium tequila with various options of fresh fruit flavours such as lime, mango, strawberry, peach, or passionfruit. 

For more information: Website: | FB: Loco Bar and Restaurant | IG: loco_kl

Churritto’s Fresh Mex

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Churitto’s Fresh Mex (Facebook)

Churritto’s Fresh Mex serves delicious Spanish food in KL. They serve Tex-Mexican food and are experts in Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, and Nachos. Not only are the food tasty and simple, but they are also healthy. One of the uniqueness here is that you are able to customize your tacos and burritos according to your preferences. However, our favourite thing about the Mexican restaurant in KL is that for every meal that is sold, Churritto’s Fresh Mex pledged to donate a meal to someone who is in need. Iconic, unique, and honourable. What else can we ask for? 

For more information: Website: | FB: Churitto’s Fresh Mex | IG: churittosfreshmex

Sala KL

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: SALA Malaysia (Facebook)

Looking for a vegetarian Mexican restaurant in KL? Then, Sala KL is your goal destination on the list. The restaurant is all about creative foods to eat healthily and spreading awareness of environmental sustainability. SALA is an acronym for ‘slavar a los animales’ which means save the animals. What is the best way to spread awareness than by serving healthy plant-based cuisines? Located in Hartamas and Chow Kit, the restaurant serves plenty of cuisine on its menus such as burritos, tacos, nourishing bowls, salads, burgers, nachos, chimichanga, and many more. If you’re bringing a friend who prefers local cuisines, then they’d love this place too because they serve Malaysian favourites like curry laksa, bakso, and nasi lemak. 

For more information: Website: | FB: SALA Malaysia | IG: salamalaysia

Nick’s Tikkas and Tacos

Mexican restaurants in KL
Photo: Nick’s Tikkas & Tacos (Facebook)

This restaurant is like a crossover but for traditions and cultures. It serves a fusion of Indian and Mexican cuisine (they called dibs on being the only one in KL!). Hence this is definitely one of the unique restaurants on this Mexican restaurants list. Additionally, their menu offers a lot of choices. Apart from Indian and Mexican food, there are also salads, pizzas, pasta, burgers, desserts, and flavourful drinks. There’s never a dull cuisine on the menu, so you can invite your family and friends to enjoy the delicacies. Not to mention how cozy the atmosphere in their restaurant is, especially for gatherings and events. 

For more information: Website: | FB: Nick’s Tikkas & Tacos | IG: nickstikkasandtacos

Chili’s Malaysia

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Chili’s Malaysia (Facebook)

Who hasn’t heard of Chili’s Malaysia? The biggest Mexican restaurant in KL is Chili’s Malaysia with over 40 years of business. Situated in KLCC and a few more branches, the restaurant possesses an energetic atmosphere, hence, it’s suitable for family and friends dining whilst enjoying a good meal. There is a varied choice of food on the menu, from South Western, traditional American, and international delicacies. A few dishes that they serve include burgers, cold beers, margaritas, beef ribs, sizzling fajitas, boneless buffalo, and the menu goes on.

For more information: Website: | FB: Chili’s Malaysia | IG: chilismy

Taco Bell Malaysia

Mexican restaurant in KL
Photo: Taco Bell Malaysia (Facebook)

Who remembered when they had to wait a long time till Taco Bell finally opens in Malaysia? Well, it has officially opened in 2021 and welcoming you right now. Serving as one of the top Mexican restaurants in KL, Taco Bell is one of the restaurants that serve the best tacos in KL. There’s a variety of Mexican food you can choose from here. Their fan-favourites include Crunchwrap Supreme, 2 Taco Supreme, Chicken Quesadilla, 2 Kickin’ Chicken Tacos, Chickstar, Grilled Stuft Burrito, and Bell Rice Bowl. There are also the classics such as nachos, fries, and many more. 

For more information: Website: | FB: Taco Bell Malaysia | IG: tacobellmalaysia


best mexican food in KL
Photo: JOLOKO (Facebook)

A treasure trove in the form of a Mexican restaurant in KL. It is the perfect place for you and your friends to hang out whilst enjoying a comfortable ambiance. There’s a wide range of food selections to choose from – from the spicy Caribbean-style BBQ right off the grill, to mezcal and tequila. Located in Dang Wangi, the restaurant serves Bread & Dips, Pickings for starters, Main dishes that are able to serve up to 2 – 3 people like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Pork Ribs, Grilled Lobsters, and Vegan Kebab Skewer, and enticing desserts. In addition, they also sell colourful and vibrant t-shirts! 

For more information: Website: | FB: JOLOKO | IG: jolokokl

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Top Mexican Restaurant in KL

What is the most famous food in Mexico?

The most well-recognized food in Mexico is the Taco. It is sort of like an art, any kind and any number of fillings can fit in one corn tortilla. Well-known fillings are beef steak, flank steak, chorizo, and many more.

Is Mexican food spicy?

Yes, they are spicy. This is because Mexican food adds chili pepper. Then, the chili pepper produces a chemical known as capsaicin, that gives your tongue a burning sensation.

Why is Mexican food so popular?

Mexican food is well-loved by many because it is full of flavour. In addition, there are also healthy combinations such as avocados, tomatoes, beans, beef, lamb, fish, and many more.

Is all Mexican food spicy?

Nope, not all of them are spicy! In fact, if you haven’t noticed, Mexican food is customizable. So you can use any fillings and spice to reduce the spiciness of a cuisine.

What is a cultural dish in Mexico?

Corn has been one of the main Mexican food for centuries. You can find corn, in any form, in almost every Mexican meal. Such as tacos, tamales, and corn tortillas.

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