Ubat Kuat Lelaki: Debunking The Myths Of Libido Booster

It is not uncommon for us to come into encounters with unlicensed advertisements that go along the lines of “Ubat Kuat Lelaki” against pillars, tree barks, and walls by the roadside. Their existence is far too prominent for us especially those residing near city centers to stay away from to an extent where we just filter it out of our visual rather than getting flabbergasted. With that being said, how well do we apprehend the feasibility of these male sexual enhancement pills? Do they factually play a role in prolonging the process of sexual intercourse and serve as an erectile booster in case of a dysfunction? That is left for us to strike upon. 

ubat kuat lelaki
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“I Have Trouble Getting It Hard”

Many poke mullock at men facing difficulty with erection, giving them derogatory references like “bad” or “non-functional” in bed; adding fuel to the flame when their very self-esteem has long been down the drain. It is about time we shed light on this subject matter solely because it is a legitimate health problem in which medical treatment is demanded. By definition, erectile dysfunction (ED) denotes the inability of getting or keeping an erection sturdy enough to undergo coitus. Having said that, many men face occasional ED with stress as the major culprit and usually not a concern. Persistent ED though usually clarifies individuals’ underlying health issues and requires assistance from medical practitioners. Having troubles jump-starting your wood every now and then should not be of major concern, but if it endures, seek treatment.

ubat kuat lelaki
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Self Diagnosing & Increasing Performance Anxiety 

Society perceives this matter as one to crack jokes on but disregard the circumstance one needs to withstand over something he did not demand. Neuroscientist Nicole Prause stressed the absence of statistical evidence validating the growth of ED cases; however, there seems to be a prominent increase in performance anxiety amongst younger men (Kale, 2018). Many of whom mistakenly self-diagnosed themselves as a sufferer of ED when in actual fact they were just anxious about their sexual performance amid intercourse with their partners. Peer pressure and pornographic materials are two major culprits shaping this phenomenon expecting all men to be as competent as adult film actors and mercilessly humiliate those whose competence contradicts. While it is prevalent to face occasional erectile problems, numerous younger men immediately associate their condition with ED hence resorting to male sexual enhancement pills (including men of other age range) notwithstanding their lack of knowledge concerning the viability of such supplements. Either way, we have heard many speculations circulating our daily conversations and the internet targeting these pills in which we refer to as the ubat kuat lelaki or pil kuat in Malaysia. This article nonetheless aims to debunk some of the common fallacies and bring necessary truths to light. 

ubat kuat lelaki
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Two Common Myths Revolving “Ubat Kuat Lelaki” 

Fraudulent Schemes And Placebo Effects

We admit the existence of sketchy erectile boosters claiming their effectiveness in ameliorating your competency in bed whether to make you last longer than you naturally can, enlarging the size of your nether region, or simply enhancing your libido and stamina; over-exaggerating their promise with cringe-worthy copywriting to fill in the gaps to your doubts. However, there exist aphrodisiac foods most of which are natural herbs that are backed up by science to elevate your eroticism, for example, Korean red ginseng or Panax ginseng are evidently capable of treating ED (Jang et al., 2008) for some. Mahadevan and Park (2008) also discovered that Ginkgo biloba helps increase blood flow thus its aphrodisiac effects. Though, results vary across studies; while it may be effective to certain individuals, it may not function as similar to others. Plus, overconsumption may potentially lead to side effects. Anyhow, this proves how there are still trustable supplements you can consume to achieve better libido provided you stick to the recommended maximum intake. 


Suppose you are looking forward to strengthening your genitals or as the locals would say “kuatkan zakar” with the help of these male enhancement pills but are petrified about their possible addictive effects, it is simply nonexistent provided you go for the credible ones. These libido boosters function in such ways that relax your blood vessels temporarily to enable better performance and have them return to their normal state a few hours later. There is nothing addictive with regards to their ingredients unless the sketchy ones are what you consumed. Always keep an eye out on supplements that claimed to be the best sex pills for men, such hyperbolic advertising lines are deemed a red flag you should stay away from. 

While there are thousands and millions of unauthorised sellers in the market manipulating you into their trap, there also exists many credible brands that are genuinely concerned for your health while playing their role in enhancing your sexual competency in which merit to be shed lights on. 

Eun Yan Sang 

If you happened to be an all time health enthusiast, Eu Yan Sang must not be strange to your ears. This old gold of the industry houses a wealth of health supplements in which they  generously divide their segments to fit the needs of specific niche, including that for men. Eu Yan Sang is a preeminent expert on utilizing natural herbs at their best to provide patrons with the most effective yet safe choices not only to enhance your libido but also to maintain your general health. Most importantly, there are plenty of ongoing deals on their website you may actually benefit off so why the hesitation? 

GNC Live Well 

Suppose you demand an immediate solution that is both easily reachable and trustable, GNC Live Well is located almost everywhere in which you may simply strike upon in various shopping malls across Malaysia or even their website. They may be just the support you need in this very subject matter because under the category of men’s health alone, you get multiple vitamins, prostate support, reproductive health, together with testosterone boosters. Everything you demand for a better time in bed, they are more than ready to cater. Plus, we discovered many deals and promotions you might be of interests alongside your first purchase. 


With their availability in a wide array of drugstores and pharmacies across the nation, you get first-hand experience of the wonders Tongkat Ali as aphrodisiac foods can give off to boost your sex drive. Some of the most popular products they offer with incorporation of Tongkat Ali such as Vita Tongkat Ali Maca Plus and Stami Man are what you do not wish to miss out. Besides, VitaHealth avail themselves of natural ingredients (Green oats, Sea buckthorn, Damiana, Maca root, etc) whose function intertwines to make this moment the most indulging one you have ever experienced. .


They are another credible source you can put your utmost trust in. Bio-Life as the veteran to the health industry knows what is best for their patrons’ needs thus combining distinct ingredients all of which are science-backed as effective to tackle individual health problems or simply to ameliorate one’s health. Their Previton with the standardized old Korean Panax ginseng extract as the main ingredient as mentioned beforehand, works best to some in promoting penile blood flow and therefore stronger erections. 


Hurix may be your ultimate savior to flu and cold but little did you know that they are just as competent to be qualified as your next knight in shining armor to a high libido. They are equipped with men’s health supplements formulated with various natural herbs to improve your physical strength and vitality while you unleash your inner beast. While they assist you in curing your sinuses, you may want to check out their male supplement options and see what suits you best. Most importantly, they do not rip your wallets apart. 

If you are interested in learning more about women’s libido booster, this may be just the thing you need.

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