Unboxing Review: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia

Have you ever heard about Fanbo cosmetics? Fanbo Cosmetics is one of the first products in Indonesia that was created to make Indonesian women able to express their beauty with its innovative and high-quality products. Until now, Fanbo has released various products, including makeup and skincare, to Malaysia. Using good-quality cosmetic products free from harmful ingredients and formulas is essential because they might ruin your face and cause a breakup. When choosing any cosmetic products, you need to check for the ingredients carefully; this can be done by searching the websites.

Photo: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia

Why Choose Fanbo?

Fanbo has been receiving so much good feedback from its loyal customers. The ingredients used in Fanbo cosmetics are totally free from harmful formulas such as mercury and other ingredients that might irritate your skin. It is specially developed for Southeast Asians whose skin is slightly different due to the hot and humid weather. 

Fanbo Acne Solution Series

With the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, Fanbo Cosmetics has released a set of skincare products suitable for those with acne-related skin concerns. It is a Fanbo Acne Solution series! It is specially formulated with natural and few active ingredients that can calm and soothe your acne, such as Tea Tree Oil, Hydragenic Solution, Silver Active and Pro Vitamin B3. This set comes with 5 products; Facial Foam, Face Toner, Moisturising Gel, Acne Gel and Loose powder. 

Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam

Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam comes with 100ml, effectively cleaning oily and acne-prone skin. This cleanser can deeply clean your pores and help to reduce the oil produced on your face. The cream texture is not too thick and very gentle on your face. It will not strip the moisture on your face that causes your face to be dry.  

Fanbo Acne Solution Series

Fanbo Acne Solution Face Toner

Fanbo Acne Solution Face Toner comes with 110 ml, which is used after the cleanser. This toner helps to return the skin pH back to its normal pH. Its watery texture makes it easy to penetrate into your skin and will not make your skin feel sticky. It is a very lightweight toner. What’s good about this toner is that it can also remove excess dirt, oil and sebum in your face that can cause acne. 

Fanbo Acne Solution Face Moisturizer Gel

Photo: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia (Facebook)

Fanbo Acne Solution Face Moisturizer Gel comes with 40ml. This moisturizer can be used after the Fanbo toner, which helps to control oil secretion and soothes your acne-type skin. Compared to other moisturiser cream textures, its gel texture will not make you feel heavy on your face. This moisturizer is good as it is non-comedogenic, which will not clog your skin’s pores. 

Fanbo Acne Solution Acne Gel

Photo: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia (Facebook)

The FANBO Acne Solution Gel comes with a volume of 20g that contains various ingredients such as Hydra Solution SA, Tea Tree Oil, Silver Active, and Pro Vitamin B3 to help fight against acne breakouts on your face. These ingredients function effectively on your skin by gently removing the dirt and excess oil from your face, moisturising the skin, making your skin clean and glow without feeling dry with the existence of Pro Vitamin B3 and Tea Tree Oil, refreshes the face as well as helps the skin on your face softer and fresher after cleansing. 

Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder

Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder
Photo: TehTalk Malaysia

Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder is the last step to complete the facial care and treatment routine in the Fanbo Acne Solution series. This loose powder is non-comedogenic and helps remove sebum with its light and soft formula suitable for acne-prone skin. In addition, it can also help absorb excess oil on the face and prevent pores from clogging your skin.


It is undeniable that cosmetics are one of the most important essentials needed by everyone. With the holy grail ingredients offered by Fanbo Cosmetic, you can get the optimum user experience that will help you achieve the best skin you have always dreamed of. Buying Fanbo Acne Solution series is a genius step that you can take to give your skin its well-deserved treatment. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your own Fanbo Acne Solution series at Fanbo Official Store on Shopee, Lazada, and PGMall now!

Visit FANBO Cosmetics Official Website, Instagram, Facebook & TikTok for more information about FANBO Acne Solution Series and stay updated with their latest promotion!







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