Unboxing Review: Sterra Water Purifier

Buying mineral water constantly is a hassle and a waste of money. Think about how much money and effort you’re wasting. Plus, when you need hot water, you have to wait for your water to boil in a kettle. Meanwhile, to get cold water, you need to wait for the water to cool in the refrigerator. So, to save all that effort, you need a water purifier at home. We have just the solution to your missing water-purifier problem. Have no fear, for the Sterra Water Purifier is here. The premium, most-value-for-money, water purifier for instant hot and cold water. 

Why Sterra?

Sterra believes that everyone should drink water conveniently. Focused on their customers, they take pride in providing excellent and top-quality service. Hence, the Sterra Water Purifier was born. Your worries of being thirsty on an extremely hot day, or your days of running late for work because you’re queueing for a cup of coffee are over with the reliable functions this water purifier provides. The water purifier dispenses 3 temperatures – cold (10 degrees Celsius), room, and hot (90-degree celsius) which makes it seamless and saves time as well as your refrigerator’s space. The tank can store up to 3.5L of cold water and 1.1L of hot water. Plus, you don’t have to worry about filling the water, again and again, so the tank is full. The water purifier connects directly to your water supply. It will draw, and filter the water so it’s ready to drink. 

Sterra Water Purifier

The unboxing experience was surreal – we were excited. The Sterra Water Purifier was wrapped nicely in a box. So, when we unboxed the water purifier, it was good as new, with no issues and no damage at all. Apart from that, the water purifier came with a manual so it was easy to install, it took us less than 10 minutes – talk about simple installation. Due to its easy mechanics, it’s ready for use in the kitchen in offices, residences, schools, and many more. You just have to push the right color for the right temperature, and there you go –  healthy, and clean hydration. 

The 4-Stage Filtration System

The Korean-inspired water purifier is equipped with a 4-stage filtration system. The filtration cleans your water so you are able to drink pure, clean, and healthy water. Each unit of filtration cleans the dust, rust, sand, bad smell, and residual chlorine. Additionally, it disinfects and eliminates bacteria as well as contaminants. With a 4-stage filtration system, no wonder the Sterra Water Purifier is recommended to be used in offices, schools, and many more. The filters are also NSF – certified so they are capable of filtering out contaminants that it is meant to eliminate. Rest assured that your water is filtered effectively. 

Photo: Sterra official website

Matches Your Style

The Sterra water purifier comes in three colors – cool metallic, snow white, and space black. All of the colors would surely make your kitchen look sleek and rather sexy at a low price. One of these three colors would surely fit the background regardless of the style you choose for your kitchen and pantry. Also, fret not about how it’ll ruin the aesthetic in your kitchen, the design is a classic. The water purifier is also rust-proof, so there is no need to think about replacing it in the near future. Also, if you have pet animals, such as a cat or a dog, in your house, no worries. Because of how sturdy and scratch-resistant the water purifier is, you don’t have to worry about serious damage that could be inflicted on it.

Easy to Use

What we consider the most reliable and important about the Sterra Water Purifier is how easy it is to use, thus, children and the elderly alike can use it with little to no issues. The mechanic is easy to remember – the blue lever for cold water, the white lever for room water, and the red lever for hot water. Provided with a small height, children can easily reach to push the lever and dispense water.

However, due to its seamless use, children ought to treat it like a toy. Because of this, the water purifier has a lock and unlock hot water dispenser mechanism that prevents kids from scalding themselves. 


Your electric bill will increase since a hot water tank needs to be heated continuously to keep the water warm. However, the Sterra Water Purifier offers energy-saving features. The device consumes 3 times less energy than ye ol’ kettle. Also, it provides a feature where you can switch off a feature if it’s not in use. If you don’t need the hot or cold water function, you can easily switch it off. This shows how you can easily customize the device according to your preference.


Personally, we adore the Sterra Water Purifier. We truly recommend for you have it in your home. Everything about it – the energy-saving capabilities, seamless use, instant water dispenser, kitchen aesthetic, and the 4-stage filter systems are just too good to be true. Based on all of the benefits that we have listed, the water purifier is a wise investment that provides clean and healthy water for you and your loved ones.

Check out the water purifier at STERRA Official Website and purchase it today! You can pay with installation (RM433.00 for 3 payments) or in full only at RM1,299.00. 

For more information, you can visit their social media Instagram and Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Sterra Water Purifier

Where can I see the product?

Satisfaction comes once we have already seen and tested the product ourselves. You can visit their roadshow at level 2, Sunway Velocity in Cheras.

How can I contact Sterra for inquiries?

Their customer service is available 7 days a week. You can email them at [email protected] or Whatsapp them at +603-90785318.

How do I place an order?

The steps are simple. Select the color and variant of the Sterra Water Purifier of your choice. Then, add it to your cart ( the top right cart icon), fill in the delivery details, and checkout.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is! Sterra offers a 1-year free warranty for products that are worth RM225.00.

How long can the filters last?

The filters are able to last for a year (12 months) or 10,000L – whichever reaches first.

How do I know my filters need to be replaced?

The Sterra company provides their customers with excellent service. Once you have reached 12 months, Sterra will contact you to remind you that your filters need to be changed. Then, they’ll arrange an appointment date to replace the old filters and flush the new ones.

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