Use Instagram For Your Affiliate Marketing. How?

As we enter a digital age, Instagram has become a very popular social media tool amongst the the younger generations in Malaysia, which acts as their main source for inspiration on all things; from beauty to technology and food.

The popularity of influencers on Instagram are high and most of them do promotional advertisements on products or services which may lead to followers purchasing them.

Now you may be wondering, how you can use Instagram as your platform for affiliate marketing even if you are not an influencer. Here they are.

How To Use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing?

First thing you need before you start is, an Instagram account. Your account will be the main way you market yourself to entice your followers or Instagram users to get them talking about the product or service you will be promoting. When more users like and comment on your post, the higher the chance that some will be interested in your product promotion.

Instagram lets user like, share and comment on your post.

This means if more Instagrammers take a liking to your post, it will appear in their feed more often which leads to an increase in traffic to your post and account.

Choosing An Affiliate Program.

So you want to start on your journey as an affiliate marketer, but have not chosen a program to affiliate with. Do not worry, there are plenty of options in Malaysia. These options ranges from eCommerce; delivery services to finance. So you have limitless options to choose from.

If you plan on choosing apparel to affiliate then the options are Zalora, Lazada or Shoppee. However, if apparel is not your style as you like to snack on food, then you can choose delivery services such as GrabEats, Foodpanda or Dahmakan.

So choose a program that you are familiar and comfortable with so that through your experience with it, you know how to get others to join you using in it.

Once you have chosen a program to affiliate with; the next step is choosing a product or service you wish to affiliate.

Choosing A Product or Service.

Now that you know which program you wish to affiliate with; the next step is choosing the product or service that you would like to promote.

If you are the type that have used certain products for a long time then choosing a product to affiliate is better as you can talk on your experience with the product. Your followers need to be convinced on why they should buy that product you are promoting.

Therefore, the best way is by talking about your experience with it which leads to better trust with your followers and may bring them to purchase the product because of your role as an influencer.

However, if you prefer services and have always gotten great results from it, then you can use that to affiliate with. Elaborate on your experience with the services you tried and use the one which you find best as your affiliate.

So you may use any product or service you honestly enjoy using as your affiliate to gain the trust from your followers or users.

Promoting Affiliate Content on Your Profile

So, now you know the program and products or services you wish to affiliate with. The last step is to promote it using your account.

This can be done in 2 ways. The usual way is to post a photo or video of you using the product and tagging the brand that you have used. This way your followers will know what brand you are using and may want to find out more about it; which they can do so by clicking on the tag. This creates brand awareness and lets more users know about the brand.

Tag the product you are promoting.

The second way is to provide the link of your affiliate promotion on your profile. This will allow your followers to directly go to the website of the promotion if they are interested in it. This saves them the hassle of Googling for the product.

Link the product in your profile.

You are all set; that is all it takes to start your journey using Instagram for affiliate marketing. Now go and give it a try.

Aishath Shaba Adam
Aishath Shaba Adam
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