Valentine’s Day 2022: Gifts To Get In Malaysia (Updated)

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be our first Valentine to be celebrated fully at home.

The government has announced yesterday that our country will be extending our lockdown to the 18th of February 2021. Many people have expected this. Nonetheless, it breaks our hearts knowing we’re not able to celebrate Valentine how we used to. Some people live more than 10 kilometres from their partner and that forbids them to travel and see each other. Meanwhile, some are living together with their partners which makes it easier to have Valentine’s Day celebration together. Even so, are they still going to get the same excitement as the usual way of celebrating Valentine now that we are all stuck at home?

Valentine’s Day 2021 or Sambutan Hari Kekasih 2021 is something that most of us have been looking forward to ever since the lockdowns have been lifted. Traditionally, it is one of the special dates to have celebrations for couples. This is the day where you and your partner would show each other’s gratitude and appreciation for the love you have been sharing together. Although some of us will not be able to celebrate 2021 Valentine’s Day together and are not able to get the same kind of celebration even though they are living together, this year’s celebration does not have to be filled with sadness and complaints. I have so many ideas to share with you and we can make this year’s celebration a bit different with special elements alongside our partners.  

Valentine’s Day 2021 Activities

With that being said, let’s start off with some Valentine activities as your Valentine celebration,  so you could enjoy with your partner whether or not you are staying together, you both can enjoy these activities together at home!

Fine Dine-In

Who doesn’t love having Valentine’s celebrations with fine dining? Once in a while, it would be nice to spend extra money to have a different kind of Valentine celebration in a luxurious ambience, enjoying the classy jazz background music, with astounding views and interiors. How about a “Fine Dine-In” at home? This is probably not everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely something to enjoy, especially if you are living together with your partner. All you and your partner have to do is create a space where you would have the “Fine Dine-In”, it could be your dining table, and you can prepare all the things you feel could light up the mood as if you’re in a fine dining restaurant, such as background music, the lighting could be dimmer with candlelights, a fancy tablecloth, and two sets of fine dining food that you both could cook together at home or getting fancy food delivery from your favourite restaurant. But it is not considered as “Fine Dine-In” without dressing up. This is the time for you and your partner to look good for each other after spending too much time in your casual wear around the house. It is time for you to be in your best look just for each other, which is also a different kind of intimacy. Meanwhile, for those who are not living together, you can still enjoy the same thing through a video call with Skype or Facetime. For women who are living together with their partner, you can spice things up after the “Fine Dine-In” session with alluring lingerie that you have been waiting to wear for months, and you probably could check out MadeOfLace as they are having a sale on their seductive options for you. If you and your partner would like to do more exploration for both of your sexual pleasures, this is the perfect time to head on to our Sex Toys 101 Malaysia article to find out more information. 

Valentine's Day 2021

Cosy Night-In

Well, some people are really not into fine dining and that’s okay! I have another suggestion for you which is the “Cosy Night-In”. I get it, you have done that so many times during the lockdown. But this will not be the same, because the purpose of this plan is to be around each other, showing appreciation to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Thus, set up your cosy place for the night, maybe a spacious space fills with blankets or beanbags. Close all the lights and turn on the fairy lights around the space for a more calming and romantic atmosphere, and you can definitely find something like a movie to watch together. Meanwhile, for those who are living separately, you can create your own cosy space, and watch online movies together through Netflix Party!

Join Virtual Workshop 

My last suggestion would be for all the couples to join a virtual workshop for easy Valentine’s Day crafts, or some Valentine games by Eventbrite. This is something different because it allows both people to be casual and enjoy doing crafts together on this Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. You can chill at home and open up your laptop to join the event, and utilize anything that you can find around you. 

Valentine's Day 2021

Gifts To Get For Valentine’s Day Celebration

Although we could not spend our Valentine’s Day 2021 like how we used to, that should not be the reason for us to stop showing our love, gratitude, and appreciation to one another. There are many online vendors that are still selling gifts and flowers to help you deliver your love. 

Valentine Gifts For Her

Women are very complex creatures, for all the kindness, wisdom, and sacrifices they have done and given to the world, made them more loving, and beautiful in so many ways. Grab this opportunity to send her a token and to remind her that she is loved. 


BloomThis.Co has been established since 2015. They are known for their luxurious flowers, live plants, and unique gifts. You can head over to their website and see how well-developed their website is for the convenience of their users. They are not only selling flowers but they also feature tips on how to take care of different kinds of flowers and gifts, such as bouquets, flower care cakes, and the servings, the flower frame care, casket spray, hand-tied flowers and so much more. Not to forget, you can also get a 10% off, if you make your order now, you can get a free Mamonde Rose Serum that worth RM42 and a free OxWhite Face Mask voucher that is worth RM19.90, based on the availability. So what else are you waiting for?

Valentine's Day 2021


Another online florist for high-quality bouquets is FlowerChimp. With FlowerChimp, you can have same-day delivery on orders before 2.30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Thus, if you would like them to receive the flowers right on time, make your orders now so you could avoid the traffic. Not only that, FlowerChimp gives free flower delivery across Malaysia, and you do not have to worry to spend more money on that. After you have made your order, you can choose your own preferred delivery slot, isn’t that cool? They have many kinds of flowers to offer such as 99 roses of a bouquet, jade flowers with macaron bouquet, a trinity box with flowers, chocolate, and German Cheesecake, and so much more. 

Pure Seed

The last online florist you can check out is Pure Seed. Unlike many other florists, Pure Seed will directly offer you RM10 off if you sign up with them. Apart from that, you are able to enjoy Pure See’s gift voucher, maybe you could use that for this Valentine’s season. But wait up, another advantage of signing up with Pure Seed, you will get points of loyalty reward for every purchase you make. You can find flowers by design based on your preferences such as basket or table arrangement, hand bouquet, wine and flowers, and others. Before I forget, there is also the add-on gifts section if you would like to go extra this year. 

Valentine Gifts For Him

Men are always underappreciated, but that is only because they always feel like it is their responsibility to take care of their women and to make these women happy with attention, respect, and gifts. But you know what, this time, we are going to make our men feel that too, it is also our responsibility to make them as happy as we are with them. 

If you would like to get something basic for your man because you know that he prefers that better than anything that is expensive, you can head over to because you are able to find anything you want here such as personalized gifts, wine, and champagne, designer cakes, etc. They also have a promo code that you can use for this Valentine’s Day 2021. You can get anything under RM100 to above RM300 here.

Valentine's Day 2021


With Bloom, you get to find anything from RM58, that way you could even more than you spend anywhere else. You could also subscribe to not miss out on their upcoming promotions and enjoy 13% of Rm15 off for your first purchase. Currently, they have a promotion section where you could check out “today’s promotion” and “hot deal product”. Other than that, they have a specific section for Valentine’s Day 2021 where you could find Valentine’s gifts, Valentine’s special promo, and Valentine’s hot air balloon. 


Printcious has many kinds of personalized gifts if you would like to make your gifts look more thoughtful and print your memories such as pictures on gifts like mugs, mousepads, ceramic tiles, cushions, and others. You could get 55% off if you purchase more than Rm80, and good news for people who live in West Malaysia, you can get free shipping! 


I would like you to know that we could not change our circumstances currently, but we can still make the best memories out of it if we want. For some relationships, they have to go through it harder but it does not mean that the love is not there. I am sure if we do the things we do on Valentine’s Day, every day, showing appreciation and understanding to our partners, any unnecessary fights and misunderstandings can be avoided, or better yet, resolved. 

Nonetheless, I hope our first Valentine lockdown will be one of the most unforgettable memories for all of us, and may we strive for a better, healthier, and safer future. 

Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Sometimes I wish we could lick rainbows.







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