5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer in KL 2022 (Updated)

Wedding Photographer KL – 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Being a successful photographer in KL might sound hard as there is an abundance of talent to compete with, but being a wedding photographer in KL is a whole different ball game. This is due to the fact that there are big names in the wedding photography industry in KL that are almost impossible to compete with. Examples of an outstanding wedding photographer in KL are Rayson Lo, Keda. Z Feng or even Ben Yew as well as many others. The real question is, why is the wedding photography market so competitive? Why aren’t wedding couples just willing to hire any other non-specialised photographer in KL as aren’t they the same as a wedding photographer in KL anyway? If anything, don’t they cost less? Is hiring a wedding photographer in KL really worth the money you are paying?

This article will answer all your wedding photography questions and also tell you why hiring a wedding photographer in KL is most certainly worth every penny you are paying. If you’re residing in Penang, you may consider the best wedding photographers in Penang.

1. Talent and Experience

Wedding Photographer KL
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What puts the difference between a regular photographer in KL and a wedding photographer in KL is definitely the experience in photography they have and types of jobs they have booked in the past. You most definitely want someone that has done weddings in the past taking pictures for a wedding and taking pictures for any other regular shoot is very different.

For wedding jobs, photographers are put under immense pressure as they know they cannot afford to mess up. This is because there are no do-overs for weddings and messing up means to destroy the beautiful memories of an innocent couple. On top of that, wedding photographers have to stick to a tight schedule as to not delay the wedding.

A camera is just a camera until putting into the hands of an artist. You might think that buying an expensive camera might equal to good pictures. If that is the case, you are extremely mistaken. Photography is a type of art that takes talent and practice to create. Therefore even if you buy the most expensive camera on the market and not know how to properly use it, then your photo will just turn out like any other picture that you can take on your phone. You should learn a few tips on how to master wedding photography to improve your photography skills!

You want someone who has experience working weddings as well as having good equipment with the talent to back it up to work at your wedding. They would know how to work with different lighting, conditions and how to direct shots nicely.

You would want to remember this special day from all the big moments to the tiny details and these wedding photographers know how to capture just that. With professional wedding photographers, you won’t get just one or two amazing shots, you can expect almost every single picture with them will turn out to your liking.

2. Amateurs = More Work

Wedding Photographer KL
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If you let a friend or family member take your wedding photographs it is almost a given that you will regret it. It is most likely that your friend or family member that you have appointed, has little to no experience in taking pictures for huge events like weddings. This would result in that person feeling extremely overwhelmed as they would not know what to do as well as yourself being overwhelmed as you want your wedding pictures to come out perfectly.

Another scenario is that a person constantly coming up to you on the day of our wedding to ask for reassurance and instructions. It is your wedding day, it is already going to be stressful and adding one more thing on the list of things you need to worry about is unnecessary. Furthermore, if you end up not liking the pictures that person has taken on your wedding day, this might end up offending them or they might even feel bad for not being able to meet your expectations. This creates unnecessary conflict in your friend group or your family that could have been avoided if you were to just hire a professional wedding photographer in the first place.

A professional wedding photographer in KL is likely to offer their editing skills in a package with their photography services. What is most often the case is that after taking the photos on your wedding day, these photographs will then take a week or two editings all those pictures making them look as perfect as possible.

If you go with just any amateur photographer in KL then their editing skills will be nowhere as good as these wedding professionals and if you go with a friend or a family member, your pictures might not even be edited at all. We also all know that editing is almost as important as taking the pictures themselves. Editing can make a picture go from a 4 to a 10 in an instant.

Directing is also a big part of the photographer’s job during a wedding. A seasoned photographer will be able to direct group shots with ease and confidence while an amateur one might lack that same confidence. This could result in the whole photo session being a mess as too many people could try to intervene which thus could result in delaying the wedding schedule.

3. Reputation

Wedding Photographer KL
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Trusting someone can be a very scary task especially if you have ‘the best day of your life’ on the line. A good photographer can make or break your special day in a sense, so choose wisely. As mentioned, the wedding photography industry in KL is a highly competitive one so by hiring a professional wedding photographer in KL they are almost guaranteed to do a good job. This is because they have their reputation to be accountable for and in this industry, your name is your brand. If they were to do a bad job and word of it gets out, they might lose all their potential clients to their competitors.

Anything can happen on D-day so what if ( God forbid) your photographer gets sick at the last minute and cannot make it? Or what if there is a sudden emergency that your photographer has to attend to? What will happen to your wedding then? If the photographer that you had hired was an established one, they will definitely have a backup plan.

Be it by pulling some strings to make sure you get a photographer than you deserve or even calling up a favour from an equally established photographer friend. However, if you were to have hired an amateur photographer, you might not be granted with this privilege. This is because they do not have a brand to protect or much to lose. Therefore they do not have to hold themselves accountable to the destruction of your wedding.

4. Small extra benefits

Wedding Photographer KL
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In addition to the big benefits, there are also small little perks you get from hiring a professional wedding photographer in KL as compared to any other photographer in KL. One of them is that because of all their experience of being at a wedding and seeing how the flow of a wedding is conducted, they can also help with the timeline of your wedding.

They would know a very good estimation of how long the family pictures would take, how long group pictures will take, how long it would take to travel from one location to another and etc. They can also give you an estimation on when everyone should arrive as well as when everyone should start getting ready. If you need help with your wedding timeline a professional wedding photographer will definitely be able to give you a helping hand.

Your wedding photographer will be by your side from the start of the day all the way to the end. A professional would not be freaking out and worrying about what to do next, instead, they could even be helping you with little things. For example, fixing your veil, bobby clipping any fly-aways or even up to make sure you are hydrated and fed.

Not only that, a good photographer can even help you to keep your cool on this highly stressful day. They may even give you words of advice to calm your nerves down and make you focus on what is most important on your wedding day: yourself and your happiness.

5. You deserve it

Wedding Photographer KL
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Your wedding is the day you have been dreaming of ever since you were young. If you don’t do it right you might even regret it and start to blame yourself. For most people, they even regard it as the best day of their lives, therefore, it is without a doubt important to give it your best.

A wedding photographer from KL is undoubtedly a hire you would not regret as years down the line, you will have a phenomenal wedding album filled with your greatest memories. If you do not have a very big budget to play with, then you might want to consider watering down some other things. For example, no one is going to remember how many tiers your wedding cake was after a few weeks or even what kind of flowers you had at the reception but your wedding photos are the only thing you are going to have left, when you want to relive your special memories a few years down the road.

Final thoughts

If you were to ask me, hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must for any successful wedding without any exceptions. As mentioned earlier, there are no do-overs for weddings, therefore, you should go all out. Check out our wedding section to find out which 7 wedding photographers you have to hire in Malaysia.

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