What Does Accountant Actually Do: Responsibilities and Tasks

Most people would wonder what an accountant does. If you are a younger generation, most likely you are familiar with TikTok and the inside joke of an accountant. Nope, we are strictly talking about a professional working accountant. Back to the topic, what does an accountant actually do? What is their job scope and their typical career looks like? 

Generally, the responsibilities of an accountant are as follows: 

  • prepare financial statements.
  •  making decisions.
  •  plan a budget.
  •  planning strategic and tactical plans. 
  •  dealing with financial markets. 
  • internal auditor.
  •  tax advisors and planners

However, let’s read more regarding the tasks and responsibilities of an accountant  down below. 

Record Information Systematically

First and foremost, an account is responsible for a company or institution’s finance information. Some entrepreneurs, especially those in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), still rely on old-fashioned ways of keeping finance records. Any system could be used. Some family businesses prefer to record accounting transactions using Excel. They will take note regarding the ‘in’ and ‘out’ money. Then an accountant must ensure the money is balanced.  

However, most companies have opted for a more systemic finance record. The use of an accounting software can ensure that all transaction information and business activities are stored in a more systematic, orderly and secure manner. In addition, the use of accounting software can give entrepreneurs the ability to produce all the necessary financial and business reports with just one click of a button. Reports can also be All reports can also be viewed by day, month or year very easily without having to search from the file stack.

Ensure Accurate Recording of Information

Next, an accountant’s responsibility is to make sure the record is accurate. Of course, it would be easier for an accountant to do their job well as a system or software can ensure, all information and data can be recorded accurately and organized. Without a system, the data has to be recorded manually and this is what causes errors because the information recorded is inaccurate and may be lost compared to using the system / software. Therefore, with the availability of accounting software, all these processes are done automatically. This will prevent users from making mistakes and the resulting reports are also more accurate.

Manage Account and Deal With Audit 

Accountants look at a company’s losses and profits and present those figures in a detailed way to allow management to know how the organization is doing. Accountants also deal and cooperate with the auditors in auditing the company by providing them with the required figures and information. 

Then, one of the most crucial responsibilities of accountants is to review budgets, especially towards the end of the financial year, and ensure that such expenditures will not cost the organization money. They need to ensure that company spending is under control.

Does Account Software Important and Needed

Accountants play a very important role in organizations. Organizational structure, whether multinational or small, domestic. The inflows and outflows of a company’s money are closely monitored by accountants, who also ensure that all financial transactions are valid, correct, and that they go through the correct channels. business, such as purchases, expenses, sales proceeds, invoices, and payments. To ensure that the company’s financial statements are in order, an account software could be beneficial. 

What Is Considered As Software 

Generally, the term software means a set of computer instructions that was coded to perform a certain task. These instructions tell the row of steps that the computer needs to do to complete a given task. Software is used to distinguish it from hardware components. 

At the lowest level, software is programmed by entering executable code consisting of machine language instructions specific to individual processors – usually a central processing unit. A machine language consists of a group of binary values ​​that denote processor instructions that change the state of a computer from its previous state.

Accounting Software

After that, many business owners think only big businesses need accounting software. Yet the perception and thinking is not accurate because of small or large businesses, accounting is a fundamental thing to all types of businesses. Without accounting, we don’t know if our business is profitable or not. This system of accounts is important for those who have no knowledge of accounting in order to produce financial reports easily and quickly. 

Best Accounting Software Malaysia


Next, there are lots and endless options for you to choose from. Accounting software should be chosen on their reliability, competence, experience, company vision and prices. There is a Zahir Accounting company which really shines in business accounting software. There are also endless options for you to choose from. 

In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, an accountant does deal with numbers, accounts and budgeting. Their profession is a professional profession as it requires high expertise. There are lots of reliable online software accounting in Malaysia for you to choose from. Above is all of the accountant responsibilities and tasks. Share this article together with your loved ones and see you in the next post.

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