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Buy Plants Online Malaysia: 8 Malaysia Plant Stores To Order From


During the first week of MCO,

I felt like I was going crazy. I was stuck alone in my family’s condo with absolutely no other living beings. The only human interaction I had was with Grabfood drivers & the postman but even they didn’t stay long (or near. Social distancing, people).

Bored & lonely out of mind, I tried occupying myself with learning new recipes, reading books, rewatching my favourite TV series & many more, I was! just! so bored of it all!

Then my boyfriend suggested something I’ve been keen on trying: gardening.

Or for the more lazy person living in an apartment: plant keeping.

Yeah, what a helpful suggestion when all nurseries was closed.

But we live in the internet era & thankfully I found lots of online plant stores in Malaysia!

What kind of plants can I keep indoors with minimal light + space?

This is the kind of question you gotta ask yourself FIRST before getting a plant.

As we all learnt in Science class, plants need light for photosynthesis to eat. So any parts of your house with windows are all strategic plant spots.

I won’t be telling you a list of appropriate plants to get because the fun is in searching up on what kind of plants can thrive & survive indoors! Trust me, there’s a bunch of Youtube videos, websites, Reddit posts & Instagram accounts dedicated to houseplants.

But remember low-light DOESN’T mean no light so if you’re living somewhere without windows or planning to put your plant in a windowless bathroom, invest in grow lights or a brighter light bulb; your plants will still need light (however little) to eat!

Now, let’s see Woke’s list of Online Plant Stores in Malaysia!

Honourable Mention

Kebun Bandar Jom Tanam Semua (KBJTS)

Source: Nurserykebunbandar.com

This is one of the more “unique” websites to buy your plants online in Malaysia for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is one of the first plant nurseries to start its online business in Malaysia thus making them one of the most experienced in selling plants online. Secondly, they sell not only ornamental plants but also fruit plants.

Source: nurserykebunbadar.com

Another very good thing about nurserykebunbandar.com is they promise 100% guarantee on the survival of their plants delivery. If the plants are found dead (due to natural reasons), new plants will be compensated to their customers.

Improved Meyer Lemon plant for sale watch video here

Each and every plant is packed with diligent care and they do not rush to pack the plants. Quality control and shipping quality is of the utmost importance to them. Here is the sample video of their packing process in general:


Source: nurserykebunbadar.com

KBJTS strives to be the online selling platform which provides the best peace of mind to their customers. Their motto is “Buy from us, worry less” as shipping live plants is no easy task and many errors might happen during the process. With their impeccable good track records and age long experiences, it is no doubt that they can deliver a stellar performance to all of their customers. They provide free shipping to all addresses within West Malaysia, and they are one of the fastest shippers in Malaysia. As they handle their plants with the utmost care, this makes them a really “secure and safe” place to buy your plant.

For more information:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

1. Plant & Pot Studio

Situated in Puchong, Plant & Pot Studio is a curated plant retail store. What does that mean? It means the selection of plants they offer to customers is carefully selected with a keen attention to design, form and function.

They offer both indoor & outdoor plants.


Ficus Elastica Var Spp (RM40)


Philodendron Birkin (RM42)


Monstera Deliciosa (RM60)


Calathea Sanderiana (RM35)

Plant & Pot Studio also has a plant cafe, a nice “sipping corner” to drink coffee & eat desserts while surrounded by plants.


cactus buy plants online malaysia

Due to the current MCO, Plant & Pot Studio only does appointment-based walk-ins with only 2 people per visit.

But for delivery to Klang Valley (RM15):
Orders received by 12pm : Next 1-3 days delivery
Orders received after 12pm : Delivery within 4 days 

Other states delivery (RM45):
Delivery to other states via courier shall take place on every Monday.
For orders received by 12pm on Sunday, the items will be sent for shipping the next day.
For orders received after 12pm on Sunday, the items will be sent for shipping on the following Monday.

Website Facebook Instagram

2. Renjana Plant Shop

As we know during the MCO, many courier services faced an influx of parcels to deliver. A couple of online plant stores opt to use local courier services to ship your plants but this means you could end up with a dead plant that was stuck in the warehouse for too long.

Thankfully Renjana delivers via Lalamove to guarantee that your plants reach safely on time. This also means shipping costs vary from place to place.

The one thing we like about Renjana is that they categorize plants according to low-light & pet-friendly! So if you’re too lazy to do your own research…..

Note: Prices of plants do not include pot.


Low Light – ZZ Plant (RM38)


Low Light – Philodendron Erubescens (RM38)


Pet friendly – Calathea Rattlesnake (RM35)


Pet friendly – Java Palm (RM70)

Orders are delivered on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Website Instagram

3. Pokok House

Newly opened in 2020, Pokok House wants to provides customers with the best living ornamental plants.

Not just focusing on plants, Pokok House also offers plant related products that are not available anywhere else on the market.


Alocasia Black Velvet (RM22)


Aglaonema Red Gold (RM18)


Ceramic Grey Striped Pot (RM17)


Clay Rustic Pot (RM25)

Delivery takes about 3 – 5 working days & is done via Lalamove.

Website Facebook Instagram

4. Pulpy Garden

Pulpy Garden was founded by owner Josephine for busy working urban plant lovers.

The store gives them the opportunity to shop for their favourite local and imported succulents as well as indoor house plants whenever and wherever they are.


Pulpy Love Planter (RM188)


Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrock) (RM43)


Sansevieria Trifasciata Golden Black Star in Round Black Bowl Planter (RM89)


Stromanthe sanguinea “Tricolor” – Triostar Stromanthe in White Glossy (RM340)


Pulpy Wall-Geo Planter Black (RM129)

There is a mininum purchase of RM30 for delivery.

Same day delivery is offered on Monday to Fridays, between 11am to 4pm and Saturdays 11am to 2pm. Purchase has to be made 4 hours before delivery.

Refunds are applicable for any damaged plants within 24 hours of receiving it.

Website Facebook Instagram

5. Uproot Plants Store

Uproot Plants Store is an experiential green space in Puchong with a sip and shop concept aiming to brighten up our dull boring urban living and work spaces with some bright curated plants.


Potted Boat Lily (RM45)


Potted Echeveria (Starting from RM25)


Potted Moonshine Sansevieria (RM55)


(RM55 per set)

Uproot Plants currently only delivers to Klang Valley area.

Facebook Instagram

6. Greenish City

Based in Penang, Greenish City was opened up by Shawnd Ang & Verniss Yong, a couple passionate about everything plants.

Operating for over 10 years, Greenish City aims to provide the best e-commerce plant shopping experience by offering a wide variety of plants.


Silk Pothos (RM15)


Begonia Rex Red Variegated (RM12)


Staghorn Fern (RM25)


Green Red Fittonia (RM8)


String of Pearsl (RM18)

Greenish City delivers to the whole of Malaysia, shipping rates start from RM9 to RM14.

Website Facebook Instagram

7. The Succulent Shop

Another plant store based in Penang, The Succulent Shop is a professional provider of succulents & cacti products but at an affordable price.

Whether you wanna purchase succulents & cacti at wholesale prices or just individually, The Succulent Shop can assist you in your all needs.

Even if you’re having an event like a wedding or a dinner, they will be more than happy to supply your event with as many succulents as you need.











The Succulent Shop delivers to the whole of Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak.

For West Malaysia, the delivery cost is RM7. You will get free shipping when you spend RM50 and above.

For East Malaysia, the delivery cost starts at RM25.

Returns are applicable for any orders you are not satisfied, as long as you return it within 7 days. However this does not include live plants or discounted items.

Website Facebook

8. Doro Life

Doro or Dóro was conceived after founder CarrieAnne was surprised by a pot of succulents sitting by her desk with a short note of well wishes from her landlady when she was abroad at that time.

This helped her start a new passion for nurturing various plants & succulents.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Dóro was founded to spread the art of curating succulents as a gift of inspiration for others just like CarrieAnne and her landlady.


Doro Life
Mini (RM169)
Standard (RM249)


Dóro Treeó 
Treeó Sphere (RM99)
Treeó Tubular (RM99)
Treeó Cuboctahedrons (RM99)
Complete set of 3 (RM255)


Dóro Fuqugi
Orb (RM189)
Meteor (RM189)
Set of Two (RM358)


Dóro Nanas
Single (RM88)
Tall (RM99)
Set of Two (RM178)

Delivery is free shipping within KL and selected areas of Selangor, delivery fee costs RM35.

Apart from Dóro Life and Bouquet items, Doro is able to deliver to all states in Peninsular Malaysia through their selected courier partners (DHL eCommerce or others) at a flat rate of RM15 per gift box.

To be eligible for a return, your damaged item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Website Facebook Instagram

Plants Online Malaysia

We hope this list of online plant stores in Malaysia was helpful.

Stay safe & happy planting!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the requirements before buy plants online Malaysia?

The most basic thing to check is your environment. Since physical nurseries offer a suitable choice of plants according to your environment, it is easy to forget that not every plant online can survive in your current environment. Therefore, check the plant’s adaptability based on your location to make sure you can grow them. 

2. How do I decide on the best plant before buy plants online Malaysia?

Buyers must remember that the picture advertised by sellers might differ such as from size and colour compared to the one they will be getting. Therefore, it is important to predict the size needed for the plant to grow from your own search and get the fine prints of the plants, especially if you have limited space.

3. Is it possible to return the plants after buy plants online Malaysia that do not meet your expectation?

Yes, reputable stores usually have great refund or guarantee policies. However, this also varies among stores as some might have stricter return or guarantee policies. Anyway, before deciding to buy, you actually have the right to ask the staff first regarding this sort of matter. Never ever feel reluctant to enquire and never ever feel shy to contact the staff.

4. Beside buy plants online Malaysia, what do you have to buy to prepare for the plants? 

Aside from the plants, you will need to prepare suitable soils, pots, fertilizers and pesticides. Make sure the soils and pots are suitable according to the plants ordered for them to grow healthier. Also, be very careful in buying your pesticides as some might be too strong for potted plants that is commonly sold at online shops.

5. After buy plants online Malaysia and the plant delivery, what are the next steps should you take?

Finally, this is the best moment that you have been waiting for! After the plants are delivered successfully and safe to your home, you need to carefully remove the plant from your pot, and quarantine it for 1-2 weeks before transferring the soil. Remember to water them since the delivery may take a few days and the plant could be dehydrated.

6. What are the plants that you should avoid when deciding to buy plants online Malaysia?

There are types of plants that are not suitable for you to keep either indoors or outside your home as it is higher in toxicity and dangerous for children and pets. Those plants that you should need to be aware of and immediately avoid buying are:

·        Philodendron
·        Pothos
·        Dieffenbachia
·        Alocasia
·        Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
·        English Ivy
·        Easter Lily
·        Peace Lily
·        Sago Palm

For further plants, you may check the reliable source of information.

7. You would like to buy plants online Malaysia as indoor decorations. What are the safest plants for indoors?

Fortunately, everything is built with opposite pairs. There are plants that are safe to grow indoors and outdoors as they are not harmful to kids and pets:

·        Christmas Cactus
·        Boston Fern
·        African Violet
·        Peperomia
·        Baby’s Tears
·        Prayer Plant
·        Parlor Palm
·        Spider Plants
·        Sensitive Plants
·        Haworthia Pearl Plant
·        Fittonia

For further plants, you may check the reliable source of information.

8. You would like to buy plants online Malaysia as bedroom decorations. Is it a good idea to place plants in the bedroom?

Some negative myths about placing plants in the bedroom have been debunked. It is a safe and not a bad idea to put the plants as bedroom decorations and be surrounded by the plants while you sleep. It is because their carbon emissions are less and pose no threat to humans and do not cause suffocation.

9. You are keen to buy plants online Malaysia that can clean and purify the air naturally. What are the air-purifying plants that help to clean the air at your home naturally?

Plants are not only living to supply oxygen to living things but also improve the air quality! Here are some air-purifying plants that can help to clean the air at your home and improve the air quality:
·        Rubber tree
·        Algonema Silver Bay Chinese Evergreen
·        Spider plant
·        Weeping Fig
·        Bamboo palm
·        Parlor palm
·        Boston Fern

For further plants, you may check the reliable source of information.

10. Can your house plants make you feel unwell after buy plants online Malaysia?

Yes, it is possible that your house plants could be the reason you feel unwell. You may cultivate hundreds of beautiful houseplants, but a handful of them contain compounds that might have dangerous or even fatal effects. Houseplants that are poisonous can irritate the skin, upset the stomach, and burn the mouth and throat.

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