Amir Hakim Mior (Exclusive Interview): A Fashionist With A Brain

A fashionist with a brain,  Amir Hakim Mior bin Mior Kamarul Bahrain, a young talented man who was born on 17th June 2000 in Ipoh. Known as @amirhakimior on Instagram and Tik Tok, apparently he has been recognized and managed to build ‘a name’ in social media for his interesting contents that are in line with great achievements in education. Peeking into this Gemini 5 ‘7 man’s Instagram, you can see how he has such a great fashion for rocking the streetwear in his own way.

Amir Hakim Mior
Pictures of how Amir dressing up daily
Amir Hakim Mior
Amir with his famous online friends; Fauzi Zulkifli & Wak Doyok
Amir Hakim Mior
Amir Hakim Mior

“My hobby is talking. It might sound lame and odd, but I learnt a lot through talking so I love to progress myself that way”, was his answer when he was asked about his hobby

Almost done with his Bachelor of Software Engineering in Multimedia at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Amir is never regretting or even thinking about changing anything that he has now. At the age of 22, he managed to prove that he can equally do his life well by gaining 8A’s in his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and a first class honours in degree. This youngest child in the family chose to shift from Science Stream to Software Engineering to challenge himself as

“different fields have different mindset one needs to hold”, is what he has been holding on to. 

The biggest achievement that you are still proud of?

Just like how the article’s headline described him, that is how talented and brainy he is in real life. Not only a fashionist with a brain, Amir is a student that was actively involved to be the third penalist speaker for a mental health forum that was held under UKM. In line with another two great panellists which are; Dr. Khadijah Hassan binti Abang Abdullah, a lecturer and professional psychiatrist from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and Puan Anita binti Abu Bakar, a founder and president of MIASA really get to unleash the leadership and talent in Amir.

Amir Hakim Mior
A print screen of the online forum that have been handled by Amir

It felt amazing to be representing  the students on what we faced throughout the online degree”, is definitely what Amir Hakim felt after he managed to handle this ‘Anda Tertekan atau Kemurungan’ forum and shared his own experience coping with online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has been trembled into the students’ life years ago.

What is your inspiration and target for the future?

Unexpectedly, peer pressure has been always inspired Amir in getting good grades and being the best students during his studies. Which just proves that he is such a great student by taking the bad influence in a good way. Despite the challenges that he has to face during online learning, Amir is still able to gain good CGPAs for more than one semester.

For him, with the current major, he is interested in diving more into game development in future. Along with the hard works and efforts that he had put into his ambition,  he makes sure to explore more different things that are out of his field by trying to work in several fields such as business, cooking, food and beverages (fnb), florist, dropship agent and content creator. When he was asked about the reason for it, “I would like to try to get the best of both worlds”, was the answer. 

How do you manage life as a content writer and a full-time student?

Speaking of how now fame is a part of his life as a full-time student, he admits that for him, recognition is able to bring many chances in everything. So, what he is doing now is just living as best as he could and making sure that he is never regretting things. Feeling like he should be more productive everyday is what keep him going to make progress into what he has been into.

Amir Hakim Mior
One of the modelling picture of Amir and Mai when they were working together

“She’s the one that continuously pushed me into making content even outside of my comfort zone because she’s an executor”. His sister who is known as @maihusnabahrain and @maihusnablondie on tik tok is what inspiring him to keep going as a content creator as his sister also has a business that will need recognition for reliability. 

Living in the mid era of technology and gadget weaving, Amir believes that parents and caregivers have the biggest responsibilities in balancing their kids’ life between studies and social media usage at home. This is all to ensure that education would not be ditched for the future. Somehow he stated that,

“bear in mind that the individual should also be responsible to improve themselves at the end of the day”, to make sure that we don’t put 100% blame on the parents only. 

For Amir, tired of multitasking won’t ever make him stop as he has his own purposes in doing all these things. Aiming to reach twice the number of current followers, he is so happy that he gained followers by being himself – exchanging opinions and communicating, especially with the existence of his fan club now.

How do you start to get involved with the modelling life?

Amir Hakim Mior

According to Amir, he started to do modelling when he was in secondary school. Most of the time he did it just to help his friends with assignments and random photographs that finally developed the talent from himself up till now. Being asked about his goal and inspiration in modelling, inspired by Sheena Liam from ASNTM2 and wanting to go to Paris to learn more was his answer. 

Amir Hakim Mior
Amir and Meernash

“Meernash, we are actually close. He is a local singer with his famous song titled ‘Saranghae’ and most recent release is KAJIMA”, was the answer when he was asked about the person that he wanted to have a photoshoot collaboration with anytime soon. This is because he really loves and thinks that they both can carry such a diverse multiracial concept in the photoshoot due to how they both have undefined faces. 

The biggest projects that you have been involved with so far?

Amir clearly takes the modelling seriously when he gets involved in a collaboration with the Highcultured brand for two seasons with both of his red and black hair.  By all means, Amir stated that if modelling life really holds his future, he would accept it gladly with an open hand. 

Amir Hakim Mior
Amir Hakim Mior
Amir Hakim Mior

Advices that Amir would give to students that are planning to get involved in either content creating or modelling out there

Still feeling that he have so much to improve as he is being considered as ‘A fashionist with a brain”, Amir wanted to do more than what he had now after he complete his degree. Being such an ambitious and hardworking student, Amir is planning to come out with his own brand out of his name and make a lot of good income with these talents. 

“Please don’t ever be lazy and too comfortable in what you are currently doing. Keep exploring the world and stay curious to gain more”, was his last words when he was asked about what he is trying to motivate everyone out there.

If you are interested, get to know more about Amir Hakim Mior or for any photoshoot collaboration, please do check and reach him through his socials:

Instagram | Tik Tok | Website


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