The Tealive Menu Of The Year 2022

Tealive was first founded by Bryan Loo in the year of 2017. The year when, Boba teas and bubble teas were going viral and was a demanded beverage by many people at that time. The craze of Boba tea and the bubble teas got the better of all of us until the resurrection of Malaysia Tealive menu was created. Thanks to Bryan Loo, the introduction of the tea alive menu was a huge success that the beverage was selling like a hot ticket, and was very likely demanded by many foodies out there to spread and widen their business. Ever since that year, the tea alive menu has never stopped working its magic in impressing its customers. 

Therefore, with its existence in the fast-food industry for about roughly 6 years now, the Malaysia Tealive menu, has created a name for its brand by introducing new products in the year 2022, but before we jump into that, let’s go through the full Tealive menu, then to the new arrivals!

Full Tealive Menu

tealive menu
Source of pic: from Tealive Brunei Facebook

Tealive menu has different types of drinks in its beverage categories, thanks to the never-ending demands that the company receives from its loyal customers. Malaysia Tealive menu has evolved in many ways by creating and introducing new drinks for their products.

So, in this section, we are going to break the beverages into categories of 8. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Milk Tea

The classic milk tea is the one of the first beverages that were introduced by this company in the year 2017 amid the viral sensation that was created by this tea which in another word was called the infamous boba drink due to the adding of edible pearls that is made by dough and sugar syrup.

  • Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
  • Original Pearl Milk Tea
  • Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
  • Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea
  • Hazelnut Milk Tea
  • Malty Milk Tea with a nice of Horlicks
  • Milk Tea which has 4 types of choices such as original, signature, classic, and roasted 

The best part of all of these drinks except the signature brown sugar pearl milk is that all of these beverages can be served hot! 

Crafted Tea

The best part about these categories is, these beverages are more focused on the health aspect so to anyone who always seeks for healthy drinks, then this will be something that you should check out! Bonus points, these drinks can be served hot as well. 

  • Radiant Roselle Tea
  • Rose Pu Er Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea Latte
  • Jasmine Green Tea


To any Japanese food and drink lovers, “kon’ nichiwa“! The Tealive menu does have some match infused drinks just for the matcha die-hard fans out there!  And yes, your matcha beverage can be served hot even with its added ingredients in it, So, “arigatou” and “do itahshimashite“! 

  • Nishio Matcha Smoothies with the Red Bean
  • Nishio Matcha  Red Bean Milk Tea
  • Nishio Matcha Latte

Fruit Tea and Tea alive Sparkling Fruit Tea

The best combination of juice extract being combined with sparkling water, to fruity lovers out there!

  • Plum Tea
  • Sparkling Mango with 3Q Jelly
  • Sparkling Passion Fruit Tea with 3Q Jelly
  • Sparkling Lemonade Tea 
  • Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera
  • Sparkling Plum Tea
  • Sparkling Iced Plum Cooler
  • Sparkling Lychee with 3Q Jelly


  • Mint Choc Smoothie Shaka Laka
  • Strawberry Pudding Smoothies
  • Mango Passion Fruit Smoothies
  • Lychee Sago Tea Smoothies
  • Malty Smoothies Horlicks

This beverage is more as a recharge drink to any people who wants to add some protein into their diet.


To any chocolate lovers out there, this would be a must try beverage to satisfy your craving of getting coco-nated. And the best part of these drinks are, it can all be served hot!

  • Superior Coco
  • Coco Latte
  • Hazelnut Coco
  • Malty Coco Horlicks
  • Coco Smoothies with Oreo Pieces


  • Signature Coffee
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Bang Bang Coffee with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls
  • Coffee Smoothies Choc Shaka Lawa with Oreo Cookie Pieces (New)
  • Black Diamond with Signature Coffee (New)

So, there’s definitely no way that a shop goes without coffee in it, and the same goes with the Malaysia Tealive menu, that specially dedicates the coffee by Tealive menu to coffee lovers and addicts to get caffeinated in order to continue with their day.

Signature Bang Bang

  • Bang Bang Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls
  • Bang Bang Chocolate with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls
  • Bang Bang Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls
  • Bang Bang Coffee with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls

With this menu, coming to an end, this signature Bang Bang, definitely lives up to its name, by being the most requested and drunk beverages in the full tea alive menu.

Tealive Menu
Source of Pic: From Weekend Blog

The Tealive Price

Tealive menu beverages are quite reasonably priced. For example, the harga Tealive range is between RM10.00, and the fun fact about this beverage is that you don’t have to upgrade your drinking portion into larger size such as large, because, the regular itself is already considered a large cup in big ounces of drinks. But with that said, if you are a beverage goer, and still want to upgrade it into a larger portion, it’s totally fine, because you just have to pay another extra RM 1.00 to make it big for you. Worth the money don’t you think?

Source of Pic: From Tealive Facebook Page

The New Arrivals

The involvement of Tealive menu, is not only based on beverages but also other kinds of stuff such as tote bags with a Tealive Oxwhite limited edition with the price of RM 28.00,  the nasi lemak chips created by the tea alive new menu for the year 2022 to give you the bold taste of Malaysia’s proudest cuisine at all times. Moreover, the Tealive chocolate chip cookies which cost about RM 37.50 for 15 pieces, added with the organic oat milk called the minor figures oat milk and organic oat milk in 1 liter which cost about RM 18.00 and RM 21.00 to help people with dairy allergies to consume this as their alternative for milk. The best part of this milk is that it doesn’t contain dairy elements as mentioned earlier, and these products are purely vegan. Lastly, the new arrival to the tea alive menu is the DIY edible product called the Black Diamond and the Custard Pudding, which costs RM 28. 90 and RM 25. 90  each packet. 

Tealive Menu
Source of Pic: From TeaLive Official Store

Orders and Delivery For Tealive 

The growth of the Tealive menu across Malaysia is undeniable, because, in this short amount of time, the brand has opened up its outlet across 6 states within Malaysia. And yes, the closest outlets do accept online orders through Foodpanda and also Grab Food.

Lastly, Tealive is the most supported beverage industry in Malaysia. The effort and time that this company puts in order to satisfy its customer is something we all should be taken as an example of, and if you are someone who wants to know more about Malaysia based food or beverage industry, then stay tuned for more!

Tealive Menu
Source of Pic: From Malaysia Freebies
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