‘Yellow Fever’: The Fetishization Of Asian Women

Asian women. What's your first thought when you saw that? I'm sure many characterizations and traits came to mind. Maybe the overbearing dragon mom? The nosy judgmental auntie who's already on her 4th marriage? The sharp-witted...

(茶丸家) ChaWanJia Tea Bubble Malaysia: The Most Underrated Bubble Tea In SS15

ChaWanJia Tea Bubble Malaysia Today we Malaysians have this crazed obsession with bubble tea, whether it will be a late night snack, a dessert or a treat, we all love this drink. Back then, the hype...

10 Best Coffee Shops in Kuching

As opposed to how the city is perceived, Kuching is not just an ordinary, small city anymore. Over the past years, the locals in this city have been opening businesses such as coffee shops and...

10 Best Hair Salons In KL: The Ultimate Hair Salons List

Have you travelled across Kuala Lumpur back to your home town just to have the desired hairstyle because you can’t find any other alternatives? It is rare for us women to find the specific hair...

10 Best Seafood Restaurants In KL

Have you ever had cravings for specific seafood dishes but you can’t decide where to get the best seafood dishes? Well, worry no more as these are the 10 best seafood restaurants in KL that...

10 Best Theme Park in Malaysia that You Need to See

A short summary of the best theme parks in Malaysia.

10 Biggest World-Class Shopping Malls in Kuala Lumpur

No one can deny that the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are among the biggest and classy malls in the world. As the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a tourist destination for shopping, dining,...

10 Hot Springs Resorts You Should Check Out In Malaysia

Malaysia, in a sense, has the best of all worlds. On the one side, we're incredibly fortunate not to be in the vicinity of fault lines, which means we're not at risk of earthquakes or...

10 International Schools In KL To Consider Sending Your Child in 2021

Many years ago, the number of international schools in Malaysia could be counted on one hand. This was because enrollment in the schools was only open to expatriate children. Local children were generally not accepted...






For The Wanderlust Soul: 4 Malaysian Travel Bloggers You Should Follow In 2021

Travel Blogger in Malaysia Caught the “travel bug” But unsure of where to start from? Not to worry! We’ve compiled a few of the best travel...

Best Advertising Companies In Malaysia

Advertising companies in Malaysia will help you in creating marketing and branding strategies that wil make sure your business reaches the target audience.

Confused About Financial Investments? These Financial Advisors Can Help You With It.

Besides advising you about financial plans, consulting a financial advisor Malaysia, is very beneficial for you and your family.

Top 10 Baby Online Shops in Malaysia

Looking for baby online shops? Shopping nowadays is indeed a big challenge for expectant parents and new parents because of the threat of the...

5 Best Places To Eat In SS15 That Costs Less Than RM20

Places To Eat in SS15 When you think of SS15 what do you picture? Universities, college students wearing clothes as if they were going to...

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Netflix Plan And Pricing Malaysia 2021

Netflix does not need an introduction to Malaysia. Since the 90s Netflix has been nothing but innovative, spontaneous, and delightful for us Malaysians and the folks all over the world.   But, let go into a very...

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POS System Malaysia helps with your accounting needs and also provides software that will allow you to keep track of your employee's payroll.

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