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What You Need To Know When You Got Into A Car Accident

There is a first time to everything, and often, it can be nerve-wracking. Due to an unfortunate event, you got into a car accident for the first time probably...

Why You Shouldn’t Cry During Chinese New Year? 10 Things Not To Do on CNY

Why is it bad luck to be sad during the Chinese New Year celebrations? The moment has come for us to honour our gods and ancestors, but what about...

How To Swerve The Nosy CNY Question From Your Relatives Like A Boss

Here's how to cope with the inevitable “When are you getting married?” and “Why don’t you have children yet?” question this festive season.   Chinese New Year is a beautiful time...

Having to Experience Zero Credit Balance At The Worst Timing?

If you want to make sure you always have credit when you need it, find out about the best postpaid plans in Malaysia that I've accumulated for you!

The Worst Time To Run Out Of Credit? This Article May Save Your Life!

If you want to make sure you always have credit when you need it, find out about the best postpaid plans in Malaysia that I've accumulated for you!

Architects and Architecture Firms in Malaysia

If you heard the word architect or architecture, what comes to your mind is probably the images of building, building sketches, houses and skyscrapers right? True, that is some...

Trying to Move Forward in Life And Chose The Dating App Route? Let Me Help You On That Road

As someone who has benefited (fairly) from numerous dating apps available in Malaysia, I know how difficult and irritating it can be.

What Do You Need To Look For When Choosing An Event Venue?

When organising offline events, finding an event space KL is undoubtedly a major headache, as it is affected by factors such as budget, traffic, venue size and layout. From...

DIY Home Spa Ideas Using Items In Your Home

Many of us are overburdened with responsibilities in life and neglect to care for our own needs. This is especially true for people who are heavily burdened with caring duties. Self-care to relax at home is a vital part of stress management, even if it's difficult to prioritize when you have so much else to accomplish.

Modest Wear Malaysia: 5 Modest Wear Clothing Tips for Malaysian Women

Modest Wear Malaysia: Different people have different body types and shapes and you have to know what your body shape is to make sure your outfit is flattering.

How to Grab Attention With Headlines?

When writing an article, you would usually focus on the body of it rather than the headline. However, you should actually be paying attention to the headlines too. If...

4 Famous Bloggers in Malaysia You Can Learn From

What better way to get rich and famous than creating a blog, right? You may have heard the success stories; people making millions and developing a fan base just through blogging.

How To Create A Blog

If you spend enough time browsing through the internet, jumping from website to website, chances are you will have come across someone who claims to be a “full-time blogger”

What Can You Tweak On Your Blog For Better SEO?

For every blogger who is serious about making money from blogging, there is no other aspect of affiliate marketing as cumbersome as SEO.

How To Gain More Readers For Your Blog

Okay so now you know how to start your own blog, you know how to monetize your blog, and you also have a steady amount of readership, which translates to a steady amount of income