What Do You Need To Look For When Choosing An Event Venue?

When organising offline events, finding an event space KL is undoubtedly a major headache, as it is affected by factors such as budget, traffic, venue size and layout. From knowing some event organisers, more and more of them tend to leave the venue search to professional venue resource platforms to save time and effort. Of course if circumstances do not allow for this, team members need to be left to find a venue. When looking for a venue, it is important to let them know the time, location and size of the event so that they can target their search for a venue, and only then can they find a suitable venue relatively quickly and effectively.

What is the number of participants?

Before deciding on a venue for your event, you first need to be clear about who your event audience is and the size of your event. You need to ensure that your venue can accommodate the expected size of people and that it is acceptable to the event audience. After you have clarified the number of people for your event, you need to clarify the capacity of the venue and the appropriate fire and safety codes.


The price of the event venue KL is one of the most important elements, as we all know, there are different levels of venues, and the price of the event hall is certainly different for different levels. Cost of the event hall rental is a priority when considering or ruling out venues, and the price of renting a venue should be within your budget. 


The impression of the site is the second element that should be considered. By impression, we mean a judgement of the appearance of the venue. For example, some venues will look homely and elegant, while others will look very high-end and luxurious. As for how to choose, it depends on the style of the event, and only if the impression of the Event hall matches the style of the event will there be no major mistakes. You need to know the approximate average income and habits of the event’s audience. Choose a location that reflects their tastes and needs, giving preference to hotels for business events and schools for academic events. 

Is the location convenient?

A convenient location is one that is a reasonable distance from most participants’ homes as well as their place of work. However, if most attendees are travelling from out of town, then a hotel near the airport or station is definitely a better option. Providing attendees with a precise location and traffic guidance will reduce the likelihood of attendees getting lost and arriving late. Before deciding on an Event space Malaysia for your event, you will also need to know what is close to the venue, such as the location of shops and hospitals, and the state of the surrounding traffic routes. This will allow you to deal with emergency situations. If your event is for a range of ages, venues that are more accessible to the elderly and children should also be taken into consideration. The venue should have a need to meet the accessibility needs of the participants: accessibility is the possibility for everyone, especially those with special needs, to have access to the premises.  

What services and facilities are available at the venue?

As well as considering the appearance of the venue, the facilities and the services they offer are also important. For example, whether valet parking is available, whether catering is available, whether tables and chairs are provided, whether cleaning services are available, whether video dropping instruments are available, etc., in order to choose a venue that offers the appropriate services according to the needs of the event. Whether the venue has sufficient parking spaces or whether there is a car park nearby is also an important factor in choosing the right venue.


Equipment is another element that should be taken into account, as it depends on the size of the venue. This means that if the venue is very large, the amount of equipment should be increased accordingly and the quality of equipment should be improved. In the case of sound equipment, if it is not of good quality, the community members participating in the event will not be able to hear the guest speakers and this will greatly reduce the event experience.

Immediate communication 

Discuss the materials needed for the event with the venue, including fire and electricity inspections, as well as the services the venue can provide, such as equipment and network. 

Many venues offer free equipment, but some do not have large screens, sound, etc. that meet our needs, so it is important to understand whether the equipment they provide meets our needs.  Although the operation is of high quality, it will cause us a great deal of unnecessary trouble, as the event process is cumbersome and cannot be avoided from changing. Professionalism is still lacking, even when they are in charge. In cases where outdoor equipment and materials are needed, it is also necessary to communicate with the venue in advance, as many venues do not allow outdoor construction. 

When choosing an event venue KL from the above aspects to consider, you can basically pick out 2-3 venues, and then a field trip, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of each, choose a suitable venue. It is very important to hold a successful event, so when choosing an event venue, I hope you can choose the right venue for the move by means of the above.

Geng Yibin
Geng Yibin
student at UCSI University, currently doing internship in digital marketing







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