Modest Wear Malaysia: 5 Modest Wear Clothing Tips for Malaysian Women

Modest Wear Malaysia: Different people have different body types and shapes and you have to know what your body shape is to make sure your outfit is flattering. It is quite hard to find something modest for you if you are not aware of your body shape and type. If you are not sure about your body shape, let me help you with it. And before I start, you should know that there is no such thing as the worst or the best body shape, every body type is perfect and beautiful.

Types of Women Body Shape That You Should Know


Hourglass Body

This is quite easy to determine where the person will have equal width of shoulders and waist, larger bust and can be easily said as curvy. The waist should be defined and if so, you will know that that is the exact name of your body shape; hourglass body.

Pear-Shaped Body

Your measurements will indicate if you have a pear body shape, often known as a triangle frame. You see, the name triangle frame itself is obviously showing how your body will look like. For a pear-shaped body, you will see that the measurement of your bust and shoulder is smaller than your hips and thighs. This body shape usually has a defined waist that is smaller compared to your hips. It basically looks like a triangle.

Apple-Shaped Body

Apple, as the name itself shows, is usually round or circular. Usually, this type of body type has equal (or slightly) measurement of shoulder, bust, waist and hips but there are also people who have slightly narrower hips and shoulders.

Those three are not all of the body shapes but that is the body shape that people find quite hard to suit with modest clothing especially for Muslims. So, in this article, I will be sharing some of the fashion tips that you can try if you want to dress modestly in Malaysia.

Modest Wear Clothing Tips in Malaysia

Tips 1: Layering

modest wear Malaysia

You can do layering with anything such as a blazer, cardigan and jacket. Since Malaysia is not a four-seasoned country, wearing a cardigan should be the best way to layer your clothes. You can wear a cardigan with anything you like for any occasion; skirt, dresses, pants and anything. you can just name it because it really is suitable with almost everything. There are also various types, colours and length of cardigan that you can explore and try.

For a blazer, it is usually more suitable for formal occasions but nowadays, there are already a lot of blazers that are designed for casual wear which you can wear even when you are going for a lunch meeting with your friends. If you search modest wear Malaysia fashion tips, you can see that there are a lot of tips where you can layer your maxi dress with a blazer. Layering will not only make you look modest but at the same time it will make your outfit look presentable and cute!

Tips 2: Wear Skirts

Skirts and dresses in the midi and maxi lengths are quite fashionable and beautiful. If you don’t want to expose too much of your leg, shopping by hem length and selecting longer designs is a fantastic method to get the appearance you want while being stylish.

Skirts are basically a universal modest wear in Malaysia that every body type and shape can pull. There are various types of skirts such as pleated skirts, midi skirts, a-lined skirts and a lot more that you can actually find on the internet. This is a clothing tip for Muslim women, if you have a dress that is only covering to your hips, you can pair it with a midi skirt to make it look like a long dress and obviously, modest.

Tips 3: Wear Suitable Jeans

modest wear Malaysia

We all know that there are various types of jeans, so use this knowledge to pair your jeans with suitable tops on suitable occasions. In Malaysia, people wear jeans when they are going to the shopping mall, for dinner dates, picnics and some other casual events. The outcome of your outfits will be determined by how you choose to mix and match your clothing and if you want to go for a Muslim women fashion, make sure your scarf is suitable with the jeans.

There are straight cut jeans, flare jeans, carrot cut jeans, boot cut jeans and so many other types of jeans that you can wear other than skinny jeans. Well, you still can wear skinny jeans, but if you opt to go for modest wear Malaysia, pair your skinny jeans with any long dresses or tops. If you ask me, boot cut jeans are now in trend, so you can rock it with any tops that you want. Like I mentioned before, it is not the clothes but how you choose to pair your top and jeans.

Tips 4: Choose the Right Material

For your clothes (especially dresses), there are a lot of materials that you can find for it such as cotton, satin, denim, chiffon, crepe, corduroy and a lot more. Some materials can be defined as a ‘sexy’ material, so if you want to go for a modest wear, you can choose something like cotton, denim or corduroy.

It actually depends on what you are going to wear. From my experience, wearing denim and corduroy skirts is my go-to skirt when I want to look modest. If you are looking for something that you can pull of as a Muslim, search Muslim women fashion on the internet and you will find hundreds of ways that you can do to make your outfit looks gorgeous.

Tips 5: Wear Suitable Accessories

Accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are the things that you can wear to make your outfit pop out. The proper accessories may add a lot to your overall appearance. Wear items that complement your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a midi dress, you can clip your hair up with sparkling hair clips which will make you look soft and elegant at the same time.

Different occasions have different themes which means not all accessories or jewelleries are suitable for all events. If your clothing is dark and subtle, throw in a bright yellow or red necklace or you can choose to wear gold or silver accessories because both of them are usually suitable for all types of outfits.

Not only that, your choice of handbags, clutches and shoes will also play a big role in dressing modestly in Malaysia, for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Keep your heel height in mind; thin, extremely high heels are synonymous with sensuality, so opt for kitten heels or low heel pumps to maintain a modest look.

All in all, to all women, love yourself and be confident in your own body. Nobody is at place to throw hateful comments on how you are dressing because after all, you are the one who is living your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Modest Wear Clothing

How do keep clothes durable?

You should pay attention to the clothing care symbol on the instruction label. Usually, some clothes are recommended to be washed by hand, not ironed and others.

What is the most comfortable clothing material to wear?

Combed cotton is the most widely used material. Due to its soft texture, it is comfortable and durable, and the price of the material is affordable.

Are titanium accessories anti-rust?

Yes, accessories made of pure titanium will not rust. So, if you want to buy jewellery or items made from titanium, make sure the titanium used is pure, not titanium alloy.

Is it better to have gold or silver accessories?

If you have a calm skin tone, you should choose silver accessories. On the other hand, you can choose a golden colour if you have a warm skin tone.

What type of jeans is trending now?

Boyfriend jeans are widely chosen because the model is attractive and identical to the baggy fit or loose cut, making them suitable for any body shape. By wearing boyfriend jeans, you can stay fashionable without reducing the comfort because the size is not too tight.

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