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Kirin Sharom (Exclusive Interview): The Architect Turned Digital Artist For Bunga Dan Bintang

For this exclusive interview, we are going to venture into the life and business of Ms. Kirin Sharom, who is the one-woman team behind Bunga dan Bintang. Based in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Kirin studied architecture...

Panduan Lengkap Solat Sunat Dhuha

Solat Dhuha itu adalah salah satu daripada solat nafilah iaitu sunat yang dituntut. Serta, solat sunat Dhuha dilakukan untuk mendoakan murah rezeki serta penghapus dosa. Selain daripada itu, Rasulullah (SAW) juga telah mewasiatkan solat sunat...

Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur: Our Review

Optical illusions. We’ve probably grown accustomed to seeing optical illusions on the internet. For example, the ones we often see on social media, google search, and many other platforms. There would also be an instruction...

Top Mexican Restaurants in KL

Looking for Mexican restaurants that are muy bueno? In dire need to taste the tangy and spicy flavours of Mexican food? Then we have just the list for you. Mexico has been one of the...

Top Aesthetic Clinics in Malaysia To Get The Best Treatment

Sometimes, we don't care about certain parts of our body but we should always care for the beauty of our body to stay confident in our skin and be proud of them. However, as you...

Kamelia Cosmetics: A Rising Malaysian Cosmetics Brand

Adding colour to your lips is never foreign - it has been done for centuries. In this article, we’ll focus on lipsticks and lip tints. To be specific, which is better - lipstick or lip...

Momentous Celebrations: A Malaysian Review of FNP’s Premium Cakes

Have you ever asked yourself which is the greatest birthday or anniversary gift? Or perhaps which gift shops offer the best items? Well, I have just the answer- FNP. With my personal experience with FNP Malaysia, I can direct you to the best gift shop in Malaysia. My experience with this brand was pleasant and memorable. So, read more to get detailed info about their amazing services (also my birthday celebration).

Top 3 Social Media Stories in September: Malaysians Angered by A Side Mirror Kick

Various stories have been happening in September on social media. Believe it or not, stories spread like wildfire faster on social media than on the news.

Unboxing Review: Sterra Water Purifier

Buying mineral water constantly is a hassle and a waste of money. Think about how much money and effort you’re wasting. Plus, when you need hot water, you have to wait for your water to boil in a kettle. Meanwhile, to get cold water, you need to wait for the water to cool in the refrigerator. So, to save all that effort, you need a water purifier at home. We have just the solution to your missing water-purifier problem. Have no fear, for the Sterra Water Purifier is here. The premium, most-value-for-money, water purifier for instant hot and cold water. 



Toxic Relationships: Signs Of A Toxic Relationship & How To Deal With Them

In 2018, Oxford Dictionary chose their word of the year: ‘Toxic’. Which was pretty apt as it seems like the word (especially recently) has been thrown...

Dermatologist Malaysia: The Best Dermatologists For Your Skin Treatments

One of them is, you need to visit a dermatologist Malaysia for your acne because it is a very common skin problem, especially among young adults and adolescents.

Sex Positive Influencers in Malaysia and Why You Should Follow Them

Our culture today is more tolerant of sex awareness. Below are some sex positive influencers in Malaysia and why you should follow them.

4 Malaysian Comedians That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Comedy can really bring one another together. The joy of laughter is truly is a gift in life, so get ready to howl at...

Best Affiliate Programs In Malaysia

As mentioned in our article on what is affiliate marketing, there are four main components to determine the success of your affiliate website. These components...