Yzen, The Purple Frozen Yogurt: All The Things You Need To Know

Yzen Frozen Yoghurt

I know what you’re thinking “Wow, another Frozen Yogurt chain opened in Malaysia again… What a surprise…”, but wait! Don’t be so quick to judge, because Yzen Frozen Yogurt is bringing their A-game to the scene and all the other frozen yogurt spots better watch out! With the rise of bubble tea cafes in SS15, you should never forget the various other kind of desserts available all around.

Now I’m going to be frank, frozen yogurt isn’t really my cup of tea, because it’s always the same. You have the yogurt swirled onto the cup, then you choose your different toppings, and then you choose your sauce. You have the frozen yogurt eaters that say “I wanna be healthy”, and of course they choose fruit toppings. Then there are the frozen yogurt eaters that say “Who cares? I just want it to be sweet”, and you probably guessed it, they add tonnes of chocolate and sauces. But the paradox of this is that the ones that want it to be healthy, won’t be healthy because it’s actually full of processed and unnatural sweeteners, and the ones that want it to be sweet, won’t ever cure their sweet tooth cravings!

However, ladies and gentlemen, a new frozen yogurt chain has arrived, and they are killing their competition with no remorse. Yzen Frozen Yogurt has fixed the dilemma of frozen yogurt being a runner-up to ice cream. Yes, it might sound crazy that they have made their frozen yogurt sweeter, and better yet, healthier with just a few ingredients! But of course, I’ll get to that later. Let me start off with their backstory of how it all came together.

Background Story

I think it’s safe to say that almost everybody loves desserts and ice cream, even the most health conscious freaks in the world love dessert! So for ACCA-certified accountant, Raymond Chan dessert was no stranger in his life, especially ice cream. Oh, he would prepare and consume large volumes of ice cream all by himself every week, with his small ice cream maker stationed in his house. However, he knew that this was not healthy for him so he looked for an alternative. Ah-Ha! An idea conjured in his head and he found his calling! Frozen Yogurt.

Raymond started to experiment with frozen yogurt by using his family’s special recipe and it was a tough journey for him. Raymond Chan knew he couldn’t do this alone so he partnered up with another accountant (and dessert lover), Yeany Wong in order to open up their very first Yzen outlet in Cyberjaya towards the end of 2017.

Yzen Frozen Yoghurt Malaysia
Yeany (left) and Raymond (right)
Source: Vulcan Post

You might be thinking, how did two accountants know how to be successful in the food and beverage business because it is a very hard transition. Raymond and Yeany knew this, so they hired an expert in the frozen yogurt industry from the United States of America as a consultant. The consultant provided guidance and much needed advice on how to mass produce, store and sell their product.

A Healthier Option

As I said I will get back to the part that makes Yzen distinguish themselves from other frozen yogurt chains. Drum roll please… their not so secret ingredient is… Purple sweet potatoes! It’s not a joke, they substitute sugar with sweet potatoes because it gives a more natural-sweet taste and it adds a creamier texture to the yogurt. Guess what? The substitution also leads to no added calories. Amazing right? They also add in larger amounts of probiotics in order to stay true to their marketing of their brand being a healthier dessert option.


Their prices are also very competitive with other frozen yogurt outlets in Malaysia as their mini cup is at RM5.90, a regular cup is at RM13.90 and their large cup is at RM17.90. This is also coming from the fact that their ingredients are at a much higher quality than their competitors!

Yzen Frozen Yoghurt Malaysia
Source: Vulcan Post

Coming Together

When you come to think of it, Malaysia is a dessert heaven. We have so many traditional Malaysian desserts such as bubur cha cha, kueh, pisang goreng, ais kacang, sago melaka, and, well, you get the gist of it. On top of these traditional desserts, we have western desserts such as pancakes, waffles, gelatos, crepes, cakes and etc. And an even bigger trend currently is the almighty bubble tea.

So how does Yzen Frozen Yogurt compete in this type of market? The partners see it as an opportunity to further push the healthy lifestyle agenda into the F&B industry through their signature purple frozen yogurt.

Furthermore, Raymond and Yeany have massive amounts of confidence when it comes to their brand because they trust that the market will be drawn to their healthy frozen yogurt. With their products having a premium taste, due to their high-quality choice of added ingredients, there is no doubt that the consumer market will flock to Yzen Frozen Yogurt.


Serving Their Best

New businesses face challenges every day and Yzen is currently overcoming each hurdle with ease. The F&B business is very tiring and chaotic at times but Yzen is taking these newfound obstacles like a champ. Their challenge is not due to slow growth, but it is actually due to fast growth!

As the business started to grow quickly they’ve had some trouble with the business functions. From the operations to the human resource, they needed to grow with the popularity of the business. However, the partners are blessed as they’ve employed the right people to tackle each obstacle that comes in their way.

It is amazing to think that without any marketing their business has grown so popular over the last year. So how did it all happen? It was through word-of-mouth and taking each customer’s feedback as a way to improve and not see it as a negative. Yzen earned up to six figures in revenue in September of 2018, with only one outlet opened in Cyberjaya, 40 hours a week, it was an amazing feat to accomplish.

Yzen Frozen Yoghurt Malaysia
Source: The Vulcan Post

Future Plans

The future is filled with opportunities and the partners, Raymond and Yeany, are looking at all the open doors for them to remain at a steady growth in the long run. Maintaining quality products at a premium standard is difficult to do, however with every challenge that comes in their way is seen as an opportunity to the partners.

They have currently expanded to SS15 and Setapak, after their tremendous feedback from their beloved customers, and they’re definitely not shying away from any more location options. They are also rolling out their new membership plan that is free to join for all customers! The only condition is that you must love frozen yoghurt! The rewards and benefits are quite exclusive, as you get a free frozen yogurt on your birthday, 20% off any purchase during your birthday month, and you will get 10% off your total bills as future store credit! How amazing is that!

Through this new membership programme, they hope to maintain and gain loyal customers all over Malaysia in an effort to spread their message on a healthy lifestyle for all dessert lovers. By spreading this message, they hope that they can make frozen yogurt a very popular go-to dessert in the near future, and they are also very confident that they’ll be able to be in the spotlight for frozen yogurt in the market.

Yzen Frozen Yoghurt Malaysia
Source: Vulcan Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Yzen Yogurt

1. What is Yzen Purple Frozen Yogurt?

It’s a healthy alternative to frozen yogurt, using an all-natural sweetener — Purple sweet potatoes, with no added calories! So that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without making space for a cavity.

2. Where is Yzen Frozen Yogurt located?

Yzen Froyo has only 1 location in Malaysia, which is GP2-03, Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.

3. What are Yzen Froyo opening hours?

12pm – 11pm Daily.

4. How much does each cup of Yzen Frozen yogurt cost?

Their mini cup is at RM5.90. The regular cup is at RM13.90 and their largest cup is charged at RM17.90.

5. How much are the sauces and toppings?

The mini cup comes with 1 sauce. The regular cup comes with 1 sauce and 2 toppings, while the large cup comes with 1 sauce and 3 toppings. Adding on additional toppings would cost RM1 per topping.

6. Does Yzen Froyo offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes, ofcourse. If you visit Yzen on Tuesdays, you will get to enjoy a 23% discount on all their products.

7. Other than frozen yogurt, does Yzen Froyo serve any other products?

Why, yes. They now have the Lay-Zen, which consists of their froyo with 1 sauce, 2 fruits, Oreo Crumbs, Brown Sugar Jelly and Lotus Biscoff Cookie Crumbs. They also have the yzen Original Yogurt Drink and yzen Waffles.

8. Is Yzen Froyo halal?

Yes, Yzen’s frozen yogurt shop is made using only halal ingredients. Muslims can enjoy Yzen’s freshly made yogurt guilt-free!

9. Are there any membership plans for frequent visitors?

You can join Yzen’s free membership plan and enjoy 20% off any purchase within your birthday month, free frozen yogurt on your birthday as well as 10% off your total bills, as store credit.

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