Top 10 bird nest Malaysia brands for you to choose from

Edible bird nests or Yan Wo has long been a precious piece of medicine and food in Southeast Asian countries. Especially in Malaysia where bird nest Malaysia are believed to possess powerful nourishing properties in easing and curing many types of illnesses. Back in the ancient days, only kings and mandarins in feudal times had the right to eat it since harvesting the bird nests from the craggy cliffs was a task people had to put their life into. Nowadays, with the advances in housing and farming technologies. Swiftlet birds, those that produce bird nests with their hardened saliva, could now be farmed in bird farming houses. Facilitating a more effective and surplus amount of bird nests to meet the rising demands from the market. Bird nests could be modified into dishes such as congee, and soup, and even eaten as a dessert. 

The bird nest product in Malaysia has seen a rapid growth in demand in recent years with the breakthrough of these 10 bird nest Malaysia drinks that have been well-known for their top-notch quality. Please keep in mind that the order of these Malaysian brands is not adequate for any comparison between brands but simply a random order.

Lennox Bird’s Nest

In promising to deliver the best quality modern neutral supplements to the customers with only the application of natural ingredients in research and product developments. Lennox as a Malaysian brand in beauty and slimming is famous for its bird’s nest drink crafted from natural genuine ingredients that are high in protein, collagen, and other beneficial nutrients. As Lennox’s vision is to become the modern supplement brand that has the biggest share in the market, it is their goal to always strive for better. Additionally, Lennox bird nest drinks also contain minerals that support skin regeneration and skin smoothness, making people’s skin more radiant and youthful. 

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Ecolite Bird’s Nest

bird nest Malaysia
Source: Ecolite website

A Malaysian-based health and wellness company that is passionate about facilitating accessible nourishment for everyone simply and conveniently. Ecolite is dedicated to producing quality products that are enhanced by their high level of expertise in herbal nourishments, a nature-based approach. Bird nest drink is one of Ecolite’s specialties that carry along their passion and promise in delivering the best nature-based nourishment products that are high in nutrients and easy to consume. The one who has health is the one who has everything. Descended from the age-old wisdom of bringing back the balance in life, starting with health. 


  1. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest
bird nest Malaysia
Source: Kinohimitsu website

Recognised as the best bird nest brand in Malaysia, these botanic passionate health activists have long been carrying the mission of venturing into the rainforest in search for plants and herbs that bring out the best values in people. Kinohimitsu focuses on products supporting Detox, Health and Beauty on the principle of a holistic approach to improve human well-being. This bird nest Malaysia brand has one of its iconic products made from natural bird nests in combination with American Ginseng and white fungus. The special thing about Kinohimitsu products is that they are made with no flavouring, colouring, or preservatives. Making space for the addition of epidermal growth factor, ideally suitable for improving skin’s radiance at the same time as the respiratory system.


  1. Annona Bird’s Nest
bird nest Malaysia

Its facilities are systematically planned and certified by the competent authorities as well as a deep understanding of the differences in bird species with the swiftlet category. Annona is founded by Puan Ony Nurhusni and Encik Syahril Izwan in dedication to expanding health and beauty awareness to the public. With their highlights in research-based health and beauty solutions for the general community. Aiming to deliver the best quality bird nest product from the systemised bird nest farming cycle. Therefore, people could enjoy Annona bird nest products carefree without any concerns about food safety or side effects. Since everything is put under control within the manufacturing chain. 


  1. Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest
bird nest Malaysia

With about 140 years of running in the field, Eu Yan Sang’s only goal is to empower people to live a quality life through access to health care with their belief in Traditional Chinese Medicinal wisdom. Besides offering over 1000 types of Chinese herbs, Eu Yan Sang is also known for its premium-class bird nest products. Being the best-selling item, bottled bird nest drink has long been utilised in promoting general health. Thus, it is the best choice in addition to the beauty regimen as collagen is essential for skin renewal. Resulting in a young glow and radiant skin. The drink also has 25% less sugar, suitable for health enthusiasts to be carefree about consuming too much sugar. 


  1. BRAND’S Bird’s Nest (
bird nest Malaysia

With the firm assertion that their birds’ nest drinks are made from 100% real bird nests that only apply natural sweeteners. Brand’s bird nest drinks would be one of the best bird nest drinks for your taste buds with their exquisite taste. With the vision of deploying modern technologies and sciences in research and development. They are aiming to deliver and expand to the wider public the goodness within nature that will enrich people’s health and then their life. 


  1. Yen Original Bird’s Nest
bird nest Malaysia

With a peasant texture and excellent nourishment values, Yen’s bird nests are mainly processed from the cave and house swallow. Yen’s main source of raw bird nests is collected from Gomantong Cave, Sabah, Malaysia to ensure the most authentic touch of nature. However, Yen also takes advantage of the house-farmed bird nest to make space for nature recovery and to meet the demand of the market. Their drinks come in a variety of flavours such as snow fungus, American ginseng, pandan and chia seeds, red dates, and longan. One disadvantage but also the biggest advantage would be that since they don’t use any preservation within their products, once people open their bottle of bird nests drink, they would have to finish it within 12 hours. 


  1. Nano Japan Birds’ Nest
bird nest drink

Founded in 2003, Nano’s bird nest products have their origins in Genkai island in Fukuoka, Japan. With 100% of the product ingredients coming from Japan, Nano uses honey as a natural sweetener instead of rock sugar to make sure the customers could gain the best skin enhancement and well-being as honey and bird nests are all famous for their immune system boost and skin regeneration. Promising to uphold excellence and dedication in maintaining product standards through cutting-edge research and development, product evaluation and packaging. This bird nest Malaysia brand is aiming to let ordinary people find their beauty through their products. 


  1. Sarangyan Bird’s Nest
bird nest brand

Is said to be all-natural and free of preservatives or colouring. Sarangyan Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink consists of water-soluble proteins, this kind of protein is friendly for people of all ages and genders, including pregnant women since it could be easily broken down and consumed by the human body. If you are looking for skin freshening and general health boosting. Then this bird nest Malaysia brand is the ideal item to add to your cart for its increasing cell rebirth power, strengthening the immune system, and enhancing heart functions. Resulting in its nourishing nature, Sarangyan Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink can also support stamina recovery and provide the cardiovascular system with a healthy kick.


  1. Happy Health Bird’s Nest
bird nest product in Malaysia

Since 1985,  this Malaysia-based bird nest has been running on the ambition of spreading knowledge in processing bird nests and farming. They are one of the rare facilities that have their nesting area where they have the swiftlet raised and generating bird nests. Hence, consumers could be secure about the integrity of the product, that original taste of goodness. Recently, some of their most famous items are bird’s nest with white fungus, American ginseng, and rock sugar. Their value is to strive in maintaining the quality of their health products through technological advancements.


What are the 2 main benefits from bird nests?

Most customers come to bird nest product in Malaysia or birdnest drink because of these two main bird nest drink benefits: beauty and body health. 

Saliva nests are famous for their cosmetic values by stimulating collagen production in humans with their anti-ageing agents reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Anti-ageing elements of bird nests also protected the skin-cell barriers and enhanced the skin surface texture. Moreover, bird nests with their nourishing power have proved to be a good source of hyaluronic acid, the molecules that allow the skin to be hydrated. Additionally, bird nest Malaysia people are demanding is also paramount as an antioxidant source in fighting against free radicals, which are kind of molecules that cause damage to the cells and lead to premature ageing.

Nonetheless, birdnest drink or product is also highly effective in boosting the body’s antibodies system which helps fight off risks of catching common diseases. Resulting from a certain kind of protein in a bird’s nest that accelerates the generating of B cells, a kind of white blood cell that is responsible for producing antibodies. The bird nests Malaysian people are using also enhance the body’s capability in fighting against fatigue. 

Do bird nests have side effects? 

Everything has two sides, and every food has its side effects if consumed wrongly. Despite being the most famous food in Southeast Asian countries for its nutrient richness and body enhancement. Bird nests could contain some disturbing side effects like:

  1. High in sugar consumption since most commercial ready-to-eat bird nests are treated with a high amount of sugar for preservatives for the integrity and quality of the product that intervened with the bird nest nutrient factors. Make sure to check the nutrient content before using any bird’s nest “instant” products. 
  1. Allergies, most people will become allergic to some kind of food and the effects could appear randomly for each individual, so bird nest allergy is not rare to see. Make sure to have this tested out first before consuming any bird’s nest product. 
  1. Since bird nests are natural products collected from swiftlets which built their nests within caves in the wild or farming houses in dark and moist locations. The nests consist of saliva, feathers, twigs, dirt, and tree branches before they were collected and processed for humans to use. Any failure in the cleaning process would result in the nests still containing some of the foreign elements that lead to infections and food poisoning. 

What kind of food should not be eaten together with bird nests?

Coffee and Tea: the acidity of the drinks will profoundly compromise the protein and nutrient structure of the bird nests with the tea’s tannin will clump together the protein and iron molecules which interfere with the body absorbing functions. 

Oily food: as a rich source of glycoprotein, bird nests should not be combined with oily foods as this will increase the burden on your body’s digestive system. which will cause indigestion and affect the absorption of the nutrients

Acidic food: aforementioned, the acidity in tea and coffee will interfere with the protein and nutrient structure that lead to absorption issues like indigestion. So do not waste your precious bird nest with acidic foods. 

Medication: since bird nests could be considered as an Eastern medicine or supplement, it is better to have birdnest consumed 1 to 2 hours after or before taking your medications to avoid any unwanted adverse effects. However, it is still optimal to have this sorted out with your doctor first. 

Protease foods: protease food possesses enzymes that catalyse proteolysis that will break down any protein and most of bird nests’ nutrient values are coming from its glycoprotein nature. It is best to separate these two types of food.

What do I need to know about Swiftlet?

Globally, there are about 96 recorded species of swiftlet with approximately 30 of them residing in the Southeast Asian and Northeastern Australian regions. Belonging to the  Apodiformes order of the Apodidae family, swiftlets are found to be distributed in many different habitats. However, they all share the same key identities such as living by the water and there should be a sufficient food source located nearby as swiftlets are foraging insectivores. 

A swarm of flying insects would be the best hearty meal for a swiftlet flock to feed on as they always catch the prey mid-air or pick off the foliage. As a consequence, this insectivore species is considered an effective indicator of the ecosystem’s health where they live as they also take responsibility for hosting a wide range of parasitic species. 

Breeding seasons for Swiftlets are often accompanied by an abundance of insect sources for feeding, usually occurring during wet seasons in tropical countries. Despite that most Swiftlets in Asia and countries sound the globe can breed all year round, Still, the peak breeding season often happens among the wetter seasons. Mating pairs can stay together for life and should lay about 2 eggs per brood. 

Bird nests soup nutrient facts  

Depending on a 2000 calorie-a-day diet daily intake values are recommended to be provided for a 180 lbs person of essential amino acids. The actual daily nutrient intake might vary based on age, gender, level of physical activity, medical background and other additional factors.

An ordinary bird nest soup may possess about 112 calories in every 244g serving. Approximately 3.1 g of fat, 13 g of protein and 7.4 g of carbohydrate is contained within this portion. Followed by 0.7 g of sugar and 0 g of dietary fibre with the rest consisting of complex carbohydrates. Bird nests soup of the questioned serving will likely contain about  0.8 g of saturated fat and 41 mg of cholesterol per serving. Ideally, within 244 g of bird’s nest soup, there will be around 2.44 mcg of vitamin A, 0.0 mg of vitamin C, about 0.24 mcg of vitamin D, and 0.66 mg of iron. Additionally, there also found an amount of 14.64 mg of calcium, and 168 mg of potassium.

Are bird nests halal?

Yes, bird nests are halal. Any Muslim could enjoy the delicacy without any worry as bird nests that are collected and cooked in Malaysia only require simple cooking condiments. As most of the bird nests are cooked together with chicken and herbs, they are also turned into dessert with bird nests infused with sugar water. Malaysia bird nests brands nowadays are aware of the halal certification and the Muslim market so they will make sure the manufacturing chain follows the exact rules for any bird nest brand products. However, as a safety precaution, make sure to check for the halal certification mark on any bird nest product before consumption.

Should bird nests be consumed cold or hot?

It is advisable to have bird nests consumed chilled or at room temperature which people should let their bird nests soups cool before eating. Moreover, it is better to cook your own bird nest as you would have almost full control over the ingredients and taste.

When is the best time to consume bird nests?

As its tonic nature, bird nests would be most suitable for consumption before dinner or lunch. The bird nest will be more beneficial as the empty stomach will allow a more thorough digestion of the nutrients.

How long should I soak bird nests before cooking?

The bird nests should only be soaked with cold water and be submerged at least 6 hours or overnight before any further processing could take place. Soaking the bird nests will produce a more slightly tough gelatinous texture, and will help the bird nests expand in sizes. Do not use hot or warm water to soak the bird nests as it will destroy the delicate texture of the nests.

Do bird nests have expiration dates?

Bird nests when dried are suggested to be stored in a cool and dry place and avoid contact with moisture. A well-preserved bird nest could be kept for up to 3 years and people are not recommended to store their nests in the fridge as the moistures from other foods could get into the nests.

Is it okay for me to drink coffee after eating bird nests?

Neither coffee or tea should be drunk after you have consumed bird nests as these two drinks will stop or disrupt the body in fully absorbing the nutrients. This is a result from the main components of bird nests which is glycoprotein such as sialic acid which could be affected by the substances in coffee or tea.

Should I drink expired bird nest drinks?

Just like other drinks, people under any circumstances should never drink outdated bird nest drinks as the quality of tastes, nutrients, and safety are not guaranteed. People should treat canned or bottled bird nests similar to how they treat other canned food or drinks.

How should I preserve bird nests?

Bird nests when not used should be placed in dried, and cleaned airtight containers to isolate the nests from moisture and external elements like insects, and impacts. People could store these containers at room temperature and should never put it in the fridge.

Is it alright for me to consume bird nests everyday?

Famous for its nourishing nature, especially toward lung and kidney eridian functions. It was believed that a consistent consumption of bird nests could support the body’s antibodies, improve human resistance against disturbing environmental factors, thus, avoid risks of catching flu or colds. However, people should only consume bird nests once a day as you will overload your body consumption when it cannot consume that much nutrients in such a short period of time.

Can diabetes patients consume bird nests?

Bird nests are highly recommended for patients with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, or COPD which could all benefit from the raw ingredients contained in the bird nests – an abundant source of protein and carbohydrates that are friendly with the human body.

Are bird nests suitable for vegetarians and vegan?

Bird nests are suitable to consume for people who are vegetarians. However, it was excluded from a vegan diet, resulting from the fact that vegans do not consume animal-originated products such as milk, eggs, dairy products, and even honey. Thus, making bird nests suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans.

Which country produces the most bird nests?

Holding the world first position in bird nests productions, Indonesia is responsible for a huge chunk of market share, about 80 percent of the world’s production. Other countries that also produce bird nests are Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and India.

Are bird nests good for milk boosting?

Known for its nourishing natures and a rich source of nutrients, bird nests are paramount when it comes to producing breast milk. The components in the bird nests are said to enhance lactation and improve breast milk production. Thus, it is suitable for pregnant women and post pregnancy women to consume.

How do I drink bottled bird nests?

Normally, people could just consume a bottle of bird nest straight from the bottle just like any ordinary bottled drink. However, they could also enjoy it chill or warm, and even at room temperature, some people even enjoy adding warm water into a bottle of bird nest drink beforehand.

Do bird nests have hormones in them?

The bird nests that we are consuming are created from swiftlet solidified saliva and feathers which possess a lot of nutrients. It also contains hormones, but the hormones are considered to contribute to these nutrient values and cosmetic values.







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