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Will write for iced blacks and Panadols. Also if I'm not hunched over my laptop trying to meet deadlines, I'm most definitely sleeping.

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Food Delivery Service Malaysia In these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teh Talk are here to tell you where to get the best homemade food delivered right to your doorstep. Previously, we told you where to...

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Natural Organic Skincare Malaysia Brands: 7 Environment-Friendly Skincare Brands

The world as we know seems to be changing, and not in a good way. Many political distrusts, social issues are popping out but not only that the Earth seems to be getting tired of us human's...

Scented Candle Malaysia: 8 Malaysian Scented Candle Brands You Can Purchase Online

Scented Candle Malaysia Walking into a place, what's the first thing you notice? The decorations? The volume of music playing? People's faces? It's most likely scent will hit your senses first, whether pungent or fragrant. Scent also trigger...

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Do you need some nature in your house? Consider getting these online plants Malaysia- these companies deliver plants right to your doorstep!

Fathers Day Malaysia: 8 Local Malaysian Brands To Buy A Gift For Your Father in 2021

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Porn in Malaysia: Watching Porn, Good or Bad?

Welcome back to another instalment of The Cool Bear's Taboo Series! Today we’re gonna be talking about something dirty, steamy & (now) only found on the internet.

Lingerie Online Malaysia: 8 Malaysian Online Lingerie Brands That Will Steam Up Your Wardrobe

Usually when we think of lingerie, We think of major brands such as La Senza or Victoria's Secret but those lingerie can really burn a hole in your pocket. Did you know though that Malaysia actually has...

Baking Supplies Malaysia Online: 8 Websites To Buy Baking Supplies From

In Malaysia's current MCO lockdown, Many have been laid off from their jobs and have to find new ways to make money. But with a disruptive economy and a dangerous virus in the air, there's not...



Just Breathe: 5 Tips On How To Handle Anxiety & Stress

How To Handle Anxiety It is normal for everyone to feel stressed and anxious every now and then, especially before a big event such...

Everything You Need to Know with WeChat Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

WeChat is an advanced system that allows any user to handle every transaction with their fingertips. How nice it must be to get everything you need by simply using your phone? Welcoming a cashless culture seems very tempting at any given time.

Dermatologist Malaysia: The Best Dermatologists For Your Skin Treatments

One of them is, you need to visit a dermatologist Malaysia for your acne because it is a very common skin problem, especially among young adults and adolescents.

Skincare Websites: For Authentic Skincare Products

To have flawless skin, you must practice a good and complete skincare routine every day, morning and night. Here are some of the skincare...

Piercing Shop In KL: 2 Piercings Shops To Modify Your Body Now!

Picture this: a gold shop (Poh Kong or Wah Chan) in a shopping mall, you at the age of 5 holding your mother’s hand....