The Reason Behind Premium Outlets Popularity Explained!

Premium Outlets
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Have you ever tried to saving your money by stopping yourself from getting luxury bags, clothes or even shoes? Well, we all might have experienced all of those at some point in our lives. Yet all of those desires are so hard to be ignored due to the constant flashing images that keep on popping out in our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. With that not being enough, the worst part is when our favorite influencer or public figure indulges on the brand that we are dying to get our hands on by leaving good reviews and urging people to go and buy those products. This causes the animal that is sleeping in ourselves to be woken up.  

But due to the money factor, most of our wish to attain a luxurious product always gets compromised. The note over here is that all luxurious brands cost about hundreds to thousands of dollars. Most of this value is due to the market price which then influences the name of the brand like Prada, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga and more. For sure the mentioned name above is something that the whole planet is familiar with. This is where popularity stands. 

Popularity is able to create a market for a brand. This is why popular influencers or well known public figures are getting paid to promote their brands, at some point there are being inaugurate to be a brand representative or ambassador to boost the market or the sales of such product. However, if the brands have a way in making itself into the market by attracting customers to buy their products at any price, then we too do have another way of getting all those high end luxurious brands, products in a less inexpensive method. Premium outlets are the way that people like me still get in touch with the latest trends out there.

What  Does Premium Outlets Mean?

Premium outlets are a portfolio of a shopping center where the goods or the products are sold at a lower price. Premium outlets are able to provide consumers or customers the brands or the design that they want for a lower price. Therefore, the outlet mall that’s been created in several parts of the world, is a combination of an excellent brand in an outdoor setting where the pleasure of shopping under sales, offer and discounts are provided. You know what’s that called, right? IT’S TIME FOR SHOPPING SPREE!

Premium Outlets
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Why Are Outlet Mall Considered Cheap? 

As far as people might be wondering about the price drop of their favorite products, there are also some people who just doesn’t seem to mind about all those factors, because the one thing that they seek for is the designer’s brand, therefore, drop of price? Duhh… no problem at all. 

But to further elaborate the reason as to why outlet mall are considered cheap, first we have to look at the products or items that are being sold in these premium outlets. 

So, here’s the reason behind to why products at the premium outlets are so cheap:

Products Are Not Through Middleman Or Retailer.

For sure you might question, what makes a product so popular and expensive to be afforded? Well the answer is simple, it is all due to the place where the brands arrive from. For example, goods that are being produced by a factory needs a supplier or middleman to distribute the items.

Suppliers aka Middleman

In a business it is really normal that the person who delivers or carries the freshly made items is considered to be well paid. Supply chains are known for carrying original and authentic products before it goes to the customers or customer’s hand. Thus, the interference of the middleman around, the price of a product or brand will be definitely high and expensive. This is due to the high demand from shopping malls, stores that requests high quality merchandise nonetheless, who doesn’t want an original and authentic product?  This is why products that are in the premium outlet is considered low in price compared to shopping malls.

Premium Outlets
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Most Of The Products Are Directly From The Factory

So, by now I guess, people might been able to figure out the authenticity of the merchandise that comes out straight from a manufacturing factory. But here’s the twist, the products that are being sell at the premium outlets as the brand outlet Malaysia is indeed original. Yet, why is it sold at a lower price compared to price that we usually find in the market? Here’s why, let’s get into the details.

Statement: The products that have been produced in the factory might be classified as rejected.

Explanation: For example, it is common that during the process of making any type of goods, there would be some mistakes happening, but most of the time, these mistakes would be identified by the qc known as the quality checker. The rejected goods would then be separated by the qc.

Statement: Factories are able to earn from the reject products or materials.

Explanation: So , if you think that factories get rid of their reject materials, well, that’s where you guys got it all wrong, because most of the rejects would be kept to be sold to outlet stores or factory outlet to gain more profit. Remember, no matter how much the manufacturing company gets paid by the brands that owns the whole production, it is important to know that the material that was rejected is able to give profit back to the factory itself.

Premium Outlets
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Where To Find Outlet Mall In Malaysia?

Furthermore, with slight discoloration to uneven pattern design is not going to harm you in any way, whatever it is, the products that being bought from the premium outlet is still considered to be branded as it was made by the factory which is owned by popular brands of yours, therefore, if you are looking for an outlet store or outlet mall around Malaysia, here’s the list of premium outlets that you can visit:

  • Johor Premium Outlet Shop List
  • Design Village Shop List
  • Horizon Village Outlet
  • Michael Kors JPO Malaysia
  • Batu Kawan Premium Outlet
  • Genting Premium Outlet Shops
  • Freeport A’ Famosa Outlet
  • Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang
Premium Outlets
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