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Ninth Gallery (Exclusive Interview): Your one-stop lifestyle store that crafts your curiosity in every touch!

Ninth Gallery, a lifestyle store where we bet you will walk out with the perfect gift in hand. There is no time for us to regret once we have purchased something. After all, do not...

Autism Cafe Project (Exclusive Interview): A father’s love wins again !

Autism Cafe Project, a project bloomed out of a father’s love not only for his autistic son , but also for youths with autism.  It’s already 2020 and I believe the number of people jumping on...

Grey Chow (Exclusive Interview): The Award-Winning Malaysian Photographer

Grey Chow, a self-taught Malaysian photographer, who has been making headlines all over the world, literally! I was taken aback when I was scrolling through his Instagram page, but why him specifically? As a person who...

Junandus (Exclusive Interview): A One-Stop Bakery With Bliss In Every Bite!

Junandus, a bakery in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, is a paradise for baked goods where you will be spoilt for choices. Let's talk about cakes, shall we? Cakes have always been a part of our...



ChaWanJia Tea Bubble Malaysia (茶丸家): Affordable Colourful Bubble Teas

Need some refreshing teas? Head over to ChaWanJia 茶丸家! ChaWanJia isn't just all about teas - they are certainly affordable for the quality of their...

5 Top Courier Services In Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

We might have known certain courier services in Malaysia that have been delivering our packages safely and effectively on time.

POS System Malaysia: An Essential System For Business

POS System Malaysia helps with your accounting needs and also provides software that will allow you to keep track of your employee's payroll.

Scented Candle Malaysia: 8 Malaysian Scented Candle Brands You Can Purchase Online

Scented Candle Malaysia Walking into a place, what's the first thing you notice? The decorations? The volume of music playing? People's faces? It's most likely scent will...

Sushi Buffet: 6 Restaurants For A Seafood Feast

The beauty of sushi is its deliciousness, its health and its simple yet appealing aesthetic. Sushi is raw fish that is accompanied by rice and rolled up in seaweed, But, while often eaten raw, it can be cooked for consumption. While that takes away certain flavours, it is still a delicious treat. There are several variations to it and different communities have taken the Japanese cuisine and added local elements to it to combine flavours or accommodate dietary needs.