Cafe in Shah Alam You Must Visit

There is always something about cafes that attracts us. Either their warm and great beverage or their sweet and amazing pastry. Or even just its ambience that makes us linger without realising the time. 

When we hear the word cafe, everyone associates it with coffee. To the point that non-coffee-lovers avoid cafes because they think it is not for them. However, in this era, everyone loves to go to cafes! People spend hours getting their work done, studying alone or with their friends or even just having some “me” time. So here is our list of cafe in Shah Alam that might intrigue you.

POLA-DOLA Cafe & Kitchen

Let’s kick off the list with our first cafe in Shah Alam. Located in Eco Ardence, POLA-DOLA has this unique view that makes all visitors feel the tranquility of the surroundings. They did not just serve notable coffee, but they also have top-notch non-caffeinated drinks such as Matcha Latte and non-other Sweet Potato Latte. Within the typical cafe price range, they serve the best Spicy Tomato Cream you would ever taste! Worry not if you are bringing your little ones, they have their own kid’s menu. You may choose between the Chicken Little set or the Little Italy set. This is the sign to visit them!

cafe shah alam

Address: L33-G, Ardence Lab, PT8 Eco Ardence, Persiaran Setia Alam, Setia Alam

40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Website | Instagram 

The Third Letter

This cafe in Shah Alam serves coffee that is to die for! What good Long Black coffee cannot fix in this world? If you are not feeling that bitter taste today, it’s okay. Check out their Cafe Latte or Mocha. They only serve perfection! Adding to that, Big Brunch is their best-selling menu out of everything. Perfect for a lazy day where you can sleep in but still can have a mouth-watering dish when you wake up. If you are looking for a lunch menu, you can try out their one and only Belacan Seafood Pasta. Mixing around with our traditional ingredients could never be so wrong. Go ahead and try now! 

cafe shah alam

Address: No 2, Jalan N U8/N, Seksyen U8, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Website | Instagram

The Komunal Cafe

Aligning with their trademark “Always fresh. Always delicious”, they serve fresh pastry alongside warm coffee of your choosing. Their Salted Egg and Chocolate Lava Croissant taste will make it to your dream. They will haunt you and the only way to chase them away is to visit this cafe in Shah Alam, Selangor again. Their signature brunch menu is their sandwich. It is fabulous when you want to eat something other than rice but still make you full. You can choose from eight kinds of sandwiches which will be very difficult as all of them are really mouth-watering. Here is your calling to go and visit their cafe!

cafe shah alam

Address: SH-G-15, Pangsapuri Perkhidmatan Knox Wawasan, Jalan Sungai Burung 32/68, Seksyen 32, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Website | Instagram

Cake Jalan Tiung

This aesthetic cafe in shah alam has been in the heart of Shah Alam’s people since 2015. Loving their cosiness, the cafe will make you linger around for as long as you want. Their speciality is, of course, their cake. You need to check their Instagram and what cake they bake each week. A very unique system that will make you come again and again to taste every flavour of their cake. Their whole cake is also available for you to order in advance, 3 days prior if you want them for your personal events. Beware, their cake sold out very fast, so plan ahead before you visit them!

cafe in shah alam

Address: No. 9, Jalan Sukun 4/7, Seksyen 4, 40000 Shah Alam.

Website | Instagram 

Brew and Bread

If you are a true coffee drinker who appreciates the art of coffee, this coffee shop in Shah Alam is sure to blow your minds with their wide variety of coffee beans. Their baristas are all SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) certified and have been certified judges for multiple global competitions. You will taste the finest coffee ever here. Aside from that, you also can buy their coffee beans in bulk, their brewing beans and drip bag set as well as their holiday bundles! This variety of products makes them more interesting than others. Their goal is to serve their customers finest. 

cafe in shah alam

Address: 10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M, Kota Kemuning, Selangor

Website | Instagram

Gula Cakery

This Shah Alam cafe is loved by all sweet tooths out there that their cake is worth their journey. Starting from a small shop lot, their cafes are now available in several malls in Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. Each of their cafes fit their warm and cozy aesthetic that made you love them even more. You also could deliver their cake slices by ordering them through a website. When you are in a rush but still want to have your Cakery of the day, you may order for pick-up at their store. People love the variety of premium flavours that they deliver at their finest quality. Check out their nearest outlet to you!


Address: No 11, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG31/BG, Seksyen 31 Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, 40460. 

Website | Instagram

The Brew Crew

Started small at the side road of Miri, The Brew Crew now is one of the cafe hipster in Shah Alam that people love to stop by. Their Arabica Beans are their pride and joy in making the best coffee for their customers. After numerous visits to several countries, the founder decided that he wants to share this particular bean with fellow Malaysians. They choose Shah Alam to expand their business because they know the society here loves good coffee at a great price. So don’t miss out and go try their coffee now!

cafe in shah alam

Address: Lobby Area, Menara Serba Dinamik, Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor. 

Website | Instagram

Why do people love cafes?

People nowadays use cafes as their ‘safe space’ or their ‘escape space’. This is because cafes radiate calm energy and provide a quiet ambience. People who sit in cafes all want to do their own job and they don’t focus on other people. So, people always feel safe from judgement when sitting in a cafe alone or with a partner. 

Plus a shot of espresso for the day, makes people feel alive. Even if you don’t drink caffeine, a bite of the sweet cake could help you go through a tough day. 

What makes a cafe aesthetic?

A cafe is aesthetic when it has its own theme throughout its spaces. If they want to have a pastel theme – their paint, wall deco arts, tables and chairs need to be in one aesthetic pastel colour. They don’t combine colours that look bad with each other. 

A combination of colour palettes is very important to create an aesthetic cafe. The serenity feeling also needs to be created to make the aesthetic more unique and appealing. Some cafes put up a silence zone in a corner of their cafe to create that feeling. 

What is the essential menu in a cafe?

Coffee! What is a cafe without coffee anyway? An additional menu a cafe should include is croissants or waffles to pair with their coffee. A plain croissant is sufficient enough but if you could make a unique menu of your own, that would be more fantastic.

Brunch options like a big breakfast menu or the traditional nasi lemak. This way, people could sleep in longer on the weekend and still can get their coffee fix. Cafes these days also serve Italian dishes such as pasta and lasagna as their lunch or dinner menu.

Why are instagrammable cafes a trend?

Instagrammable cafe shah alam became a trend due to the demand of millennials that love to upload everything on social media. Not just your coffee and dessert, but your cafe interior also would be judged by the netizens. It is also a way of marketing that attracts more people to come to your cafe. 

This trend also helps you to have a nice aesthetic to plan ahead when you are designing your cafe. Instagrammable cafes include a unique display of food and beverages and it helps to make your cafe go viral. 

What are the differences between cafes and restaurants?

Basically, restaurants serve different types of meals and drinks. The cafe serves various kinds of coffee and dessert. So by that logic, all cafes are restaurants but not all restaurants are cafes. Some restaurants do have dessert and coffee on their menu but they are called side dishes. While cafes put them as their main servings. Additionally, menus in restaurants are savoury while menus in cafes are sweet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most famous cafe in Shah Alam?

Brew & Bread Kota Kemuning. People rated their coffee as the best cafe in Shah Alam and they have a great selection if customers are not feeling espresso. Adding to their cafe’s ambience which is really calm and relaxing, people keep coming over. Bringing a group of friends is not a problem as they could accommodate everyone. Streets are saying that their workers are very friendly adding the cherry on top. 

Why are coffee shops in Malaysia called Kopitiam instead of cafes?

In Malaysia, Kopitiam is brought by the Hainanese to migrate into the local scene. Kopi is a Malay word for coffee and Tiam is a Hokkien word for shops. So, Kopitiam is basically a coffee shop. Back then, Kopitiam was largely enjoyed by the Chinese people but now, all Malaysians love to hang out at Kopitiam. Thus, making it a culture of Malaysians as a whole and a speciality for the tourist to visit. 

Why is it called a cafe?

The word “cafe” originates from the French word for coffee. While the cafe has a limited menu to a smaller amount of menu that circles around coffee, Americans use “cafe” to name their establishment. Historically, cafes were used as a place to discuss political and economical stuff while drinking coffee. People back then wanted a place where they can discuss matters soberly hence coming across as opening a cafe. 

What are cafes famous for?

Cafes are famous for their cosy and warm surroundings. It induces positive vibes that make people be so productive. That’s why you can see people with their laptops to do their work or study when you enter a cafe. It also creates a great atmosphere to have your study group here. It is not quite like the library as you can hear relaxing and cool music as white noise. That’s more reason for people to come and linger around in the cafes.

Who started the cafe culture in Malaysia?

Basically, the elderly in Malaysia love to drink warm coffee and tea in the morning and in the evening. However, it is the youngsters who studied or work in the States or the UK who bring these cafe cultures into the country. When they could not find a coffee shop that served the tranquillity that they had experienced overseas, they decided to open their own. 

How to hunt cafes?

People hunt cafes according to suggestions and recommendations on social media. Instagram and TikTok have many videos posted on these cute or cool cafes you should visit. Cafes in Malaysia are also usually located near each other so you can hop around a few cafes in one day. When hunting, try out their bestseller menu only. If you try a lot of menus you could be too full and cannot judge which is the best cafe for you. 

How do cafes attract students?

Most cafes provided the most important thing for students, a Wi-Fi network. By just buying a coffee or any of their menu, you can enjoy their Wi-Fi for free. This is considered cheaper than paying monthly for Wi-Fi on top of renting a house. Students will try to minimise their money flow in a month. Adding to the relaxing and calming surroundings in cafes, making it suitable for students to study there. 

Why are cafes relaxing?

Cafes are relaxing majorly because of their aesthetic interior and decor. They also use soft lighting and low music that wouldn’t trigger that many surrounding sounds. People would just treat the music as background noise. Cafes workers tend to be more friendly than restaurant workers due to their laid-back nature of business. So people feel more at ease being around them.

How to determine the best cafe?

The best cafe would be one that provides the best coffee with the best dessert to pair it with. Cafes love to try different types of desserts and pastries on their menu. However, sometimes it doesn’t fix the craving and tastes weird when paired with coffee. Best cafes also provide the most calming surroundings to induce costumer’s positive vibes.

What is the best feature a cafe should have?

A cafe should be located at a place with good reception and network. People love to spend hours in a cafe and they need to stay online for work or take their online classes there. It is great if your cafe provided a Wi-Fi network but without any phone reception, customers will be irritated easily. 

What is the most important in a cafe?

Specialised menu. The cafe should be relaxing. Providing a set of menu that has too many things could ruin that. Some people take time to choose their liking and will get stressed about it. So, it is better to provide a limited and specialised things on your menu. The limited menu also makes it easier for you to prepare them and increase your customer service.

What does the cafe sell?

Aside from the compulsory coffee, cafes these days provide non-caffeinated drinks as well to attract more customers. They serve a choice of chocolate and green tea drinks as they are increasing in demand. To pair it with the drinks, they sell a selection of mouth-watering pastries. The basics that all cafes have should be a plain croissant and different flavours of cookies. 

What are the trends for cafes in 2023?

This year we can see a lot of customers asking for milk change. Instead of using full cream milk, some people asked for low-fat milk. Or even more in demand these days is oat milk. While oat milk has been popular among vegans, it has been more wanted in the market for all. 

Who is the target market for cafes?

Everyone who loves to drink coffee and good desserts. The subcategory would be based on the market’s demand that your cafe provided. People who look at the cafe’s location, whether it is near public transport or easy access via car. If your cafe targets youngsters, you should provide the most aesthetic interior design. Your cafe could provide a go-thru service if you target working adults that want their coffee fix on their way to work. 

What is the most attractive cafe theme?

There are a lot of cafe themes but rustic theme would be the best theme for cafes. Its interior design includes antique and old furniture with a mix of raw wood and bricks. You can play around with your interior to recreate an old warehouse or farmhouse space using vintage stuff.







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