Kuala Lumpur

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Best Bubble Tea Stores in KL & Selangor

It makes you happy when you're sad and happy when you're already happy. The key to a long, happy, and prosperous life is bubble milk tea!

Top 7 Recommend Korean Food In KL

Korean dramas and music first came to our attention in the early 2000s and have stayed with us ever since. Malaysian youths are similarly affected by the Korean Wave.

Top Putrajaya Attractions To Visit

When I ask you about Putrajaya Attractions, how much do you know about Putrajaya? The only instant image that pops up from our mind will be

Top Getaway Spots After Pandemic: Affordable Staycation in KL 2022

After spending so much time at home, are you starting to get cabin fever? Check out our selection of the top and most economical city hotel staycation destinations in...

Nasi Kandar Kuala Lumpur: Top 5 Places That You Can Get The Best Of Them

Complete your Nasi Kandar with their flavorful and rich curries that complement the rice perfectly. They also provide wonderful squid and okra with your Nasi Kandar which makes it one of the best Nasi Kandar in Kuala Lumpur.

Top 10 Best Places for Staycation in KL

Kuala Lumpur is an amazing place to explore because of the many hidden getaway spots it offers. Some destinations even offer facilities with complete amenities for exciting activities. From...

REXKL (Exclusive Interview): Old is Gold – Why You Need To Visit REXKL Now

Old is Gold: Why You Need To Visit REXKL Now Ah, Petaling Street. It’s the place you bring your overseas friends to gawk at the chaotic mess that is rows...

No Plans? 4 Lesser-Known Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur When pulling up a Google search for things to do in KL, the same activities will keep appearing almost resulting in a never-ending Inception...

Workshops in KL: Learn A New Skill With These Workshops!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own things, like your own wallet or master the art of wood-crafting? Well these 5 workshops in KL and...