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Top 5 Places To Get The Best Pizza In Malaysia

Pizza. That one word makes all our mouths water. It’s a divine dish. Though the dish was made in Italy, it became popular after the Italians migrated to the States. Americans did have cheese on...



5 Best Fantasy Books For Avid Readers

Ever heard of people saying that reading is the bridge to knowledge? Reading as a hobby has been a norm amongst people all around...

Minimalist Jewellery: The Minimum Speaks Volumes

The most precious minimalist earrings and necklaces have bejewelled the faces of some of the world’s favourite celebrities

Top 7 Places To Find The Best Korean Restaurant In Malaysia

K-pop, Kdrama, BTS, Twice, and so on. If you are someone that loves K-Pop or K-Drama all of these must be a familiar word...

Best Places To Have Picnics In Malaysia

There's a good reason why picnics in Malaysia have endured throughout history. Picnicking shows the human desire to take a break and have fun, even if we tend to overbook ourselves or glamorize "being busy." Relaxation is a great pleasure that picnics enable you to experience when you settle down with your loved ones and savor bites of delicious, freshly-prepared meals together.

Flower Boutiques In Malaysia: 5 Flower Boutiques To Help Brighten Someone’s Day

When you think of flower-giving, you probably tend to think of it as a purely romantic kind of gesture - a man coming home, a flower bouquet tucked under one arm, and presenting the gift to a delighted and utterly besotted wife. But flowers can have many different meanings and may be used to convey all sorts of feelings, romance being just one of them. So if you’re stumped on the perfect birthday gift to give your friends, family, or significant other, why not surprise them with a lovely bouquet from a local flower boutique?