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Top 5 Places To Get The Best Pizza In Malaysia (Updated)

Pizza. That one word makes all our mouths water. It’s a divine dish. Though the dish was made in Italy, it became popular after the Italians migrated to the States. Americans did have cheese on...



How To Start Instagram Blog

Even though it costs a lot of hard work, blogging still is fun for people that love to create content and share it with others.

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Big shiny eyes, little stubby paws and a furry coat. Yep, we’re talking about pets. Those cute little cuddly creatures that we love so much...

Malaysia’s Misconceptions Towards English Literature Students

For me, misconceptions are like a contagious disease. It spreads fast and vast, releasing its wrath upon innocents, leaving behind a trail of destruction...

Top 3 Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur You Should Check Out

Early last year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard across the globe, and a lot of people have had a rough time struggling between their...