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Viral Malaysia Social Media Stories in August

With the help of social media, we have access to so many viral videos and news channels that fill us in on the latest news from all over the world. Within just this week alone there are some intriguing events that occurred around Malaysia, social media platforms have picked up these stories and are accessible to the general public.

Top 10 Freebies In August: Merdeka Sales & Deals

Merdeka Day is just around the corner! We should not miss out on all these freebies and discounts that are offered to us by many companies in this month of August. 

The Most Preferred Confinement Centres in KL

Confinement centres are located all over Malaysia. These confinement centre kl show the proper care that goes into taking care of pregnant mothers and mothers who have just given birth.



Massages – Physical and Mental Benefits

Massage. Hearing the term makes one think of high end, luxury spa where clients wear clay masks and thick, pristine robes, and cucumbers. It...

Best Bubble Tea Stores in KL & Selangor

It makes you happy when you're sad and happy when you're already happy. The key to a long, happy, and prosperous life is bubble milk tea!

Top 5 Online Casino Malaysia: The Easiest Way To Win Money

Online gambling in Malaysia is immensely popular, despite the fact that the country has significant religious limitations. If you're anxious to try your hand...

Take A Look At This Taco Bell Malaysia Menu 2022

Have you heard of Taco Bell before? If not, then let’s ‘taco’ bout it.  After months of anticipation, the popular American based fast-food chain, Taco...

Why You Need Wedding Videography and Photography On Your Big Day 2022 (Updated)

Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography Malaysia - Why do you need it? On your big day, there will definitely be a tremendous amount of cherishable...