Do You Know What Is Male Chauvinism? Here is the explanation

What does male chauvinism mean?

Male Chauvinism is inseparable from the influence of the feudal ideology of “male superiority over female” in China for thousands of years. The common way of life of men farming and women weaving created the first group of macho men: men are the main body of the family and society, and under the level of productivity at that time, the power given by God to men was sufficient for the advancement of society. So wives had no choice but to obey their husbands, the so-called “three obediences and four virtues”.

Usually, the male chauvinist in love or marriage is dominated by the desire to be very strong, once they decide things must be done, it is difficult to listen to the views and ideas of others; and like to impose their will on the lover, like to use their obsessive way to express love, not willing to respect, ask the lover’s views and feelings.

The most essential thing is that you may be assured that you will be able to maximise your life’s potential.

The good and bad side of male chauvinism

Male Chauvinism is a term that has its pros and cons, both positive and negative. The male chauvinism of the new era, while removing the drawbacks of the old days, maintains the inherent fortitude and responsibility of men, and this is what makes male chauvinism commendable.

The positive side is to be macho, and responsible, and believe that men should defend those they love in order to hold up a bit of paradise and should work hard to make their family and loved ones happy and carefree living, all the problems are men to solve. Have the will, have the courage, have the guts. 

The bad side is the objectification of women; no matter who a woman is, in his eyes, she is simply a thing to wash clothes, cook, and give birth in order to support a family of elderly mothers. Can not have their independent thinking and career, once the face of a strong and talented woman will be so-called self-esteem frustrated but never strive to improve to catch up, but with three from the four virtues of these ideas to attack, degrade each other, and intensify the propaganda women can only belong to the family this fallacy. Thinking that all strong women are relying on power and sex deals to get to the top. Virgin episode (excluding their excellent moral character, strict self-discipline on the love life of very discreet men, and generally such men do not have this episode.)

Performance and characteristics of male chauvinism 

The old-fashioned male chauvinism is manifested by the fact that he does not value his wife’s ability and status, whether in the family or society and believes that all power is in the hands of men and that everything is his own decision, not letting his wife know and intervene in matters big or small. No matter what is right or wrong, what he says is right, at any time, he can not lower his head in front of his wife. In the treatment of his wife, there is no emotional and spiritual communication, everything is as he wishes, the slightest disagreement will be reprimanded, the action will be fists and feet meet, and never care about each other’s feelings. This is also true in terms of conjugal life.

1. High self-esteem

In life the macho pride is particularly strong, rigid character, does not allow to be contradicted his opinion, especially his partner. He makes all the decisions on major and minor matters at home, and his partner has no say in decisions, and even the right to be informed depends on his mood. Macho men never take women’s opinions to heart, they think they have absolute autonomy to decide, whether things are right or wrong in their own right. They are extremely self-respecting, even if they are wrong, they will never apologize, nothing can make him lower his noble head in front of his partner.

2. Never do housework

In life macho men are kings at home, they never do housework, never watch the children, will not brush the dishes, will not wash clothes, will not sweep the floor, not to mention accompany their wives shopping, and even think it is a shame to be good to their wives, demeaning their wives so that they can have face in front of their so-called friends. All the housework is not because they will not do, but not willing to do, or they do not have the concept of doing housework in their consciousness. In their eyes housework and partner are tied together, the partner is to do housework to give birth to children, to serve their family.

3. Often lose their temper with their partners

In life, macho men are strong in character, but not necessarily strong outside. They encounter people stronger than them, they immediately become submissive people, put away their self-esteem, wait until they return home, and double their wounded self-esteem released on their partners. Only in front of his partner he is the king of the family, he said one or two, he has displeasure, whether it is angry outside or at home, immediately vented to the partner, and does not allow the partner to have any rebellion. The partner’s patience and obedience, meet his poor self-esteem.

In the battle against male chauvinism, women won’t be the best fighters. Instead, it’s time for males to start taking charge. After all, sexist men are not going to pay attention to women. But they will pay attention to other males. Male chauvinism is a scourge, at the end of the day. Right now, we are at a turning point, and we need males who see the value of feminism to combat these evil notions. Male chauvinism can never be beneficial, therefore if you can, encourage other guys to join you in opposing it. Your descendants will appreciate it.







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