E-commerce Website and The Must Have Elements


Shopping online has become a common habit for most people. This is why an e-commerce website would be a good way for you to build up your business. Besides, you could even use social media in order to help your website gain more traffic. 

An e-commerce website is a good way for you to introduce your new products and gain sales as well. With the help of SEO, your website would be able to target lots of people, depending on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Listed in this article are elements that you should include in your website to help you engage with more people as well as to stay relevant. 

Uncluttered User Experience On E-commerce Website


Simplicity and accessibility are important when it comes to an e-commerce website. To ensure your users have an easy time browsing your website, look for a way to make it less complicated for them to view products, make payments and search for things they need.

Besides, it’s good to create a website where buyers can find products fast without getting lost and stuck in complicated situations. 

It’s human nature to be impatient, users may leave your website if it’s too complicated or get’s lagged easily. To ensure they stay longer, you should focus on user experience. Provide tools for your buyers. 

These tools could make it easier for product comparison, product filtering and browsing of various shopping categories. 

High Resolution Photos and Videos


Next, to make your website look professional, pay attention to the photos and videos you include. These days visuals are a huge deal in ensuring you attract buyers. 

Also, people love viewing products in various angles and they might even zoom in and out. This is why all visulas used on your e-commerce website should be of high resolution. 

The clarity of your images and videos are really important. Besides, ensure that your images load fast, as this could cause your buyers to grow tired of waiting. 

Also, include a few quality images of the same product and the different colours and styles they come in. Your buyers need to have a proper look at their options.

E-Commerce Website On Mobile Devices


Moving on, websites that are mobile friendly can impact your business in a very positive way. Most people would rather shop from their phones than going to their computers or laptops. This is because shopping from a mobile phone lets them do it from anywhere and at any time according to their own convenience. 

So when you design your website, ensure that it’s easy to use even on a mobile device. Be sure to test this element before you launch it. 

User Generated Reviews


Shoppers prefer to read what others have to say before they make a decision. This is completely normal. Let there be a space where people can comment on products and their shopping experience. 

Besides, don’t delete all the negative comments as it would make it look like the other reviews are sponsored or fake. Let there be a balance for both positive and negative comments. 

Offers and Promotions


When you are running an e-commerce website special discounts and promotions tend to keep existing buyers and attract new buyers. You could send your buyers emails or even offer them a special voucher after they have made a purchase on your website. 

This will keep them coming back to you. You could also have special prices for first time shoppers. Offers and promotions are a good way for your website to gain traffic. 

Wish Lists

Having this feature on your website not only benefits your buyers but it benefits you as well. It allows your buyers to bookmark the products that they like or products that they wish to purchase later.

 Also, it serves as a way for your products to be noticed. When your buyers share their wish list, those products will get more attraction.

Ever noticed e-commerce websites including the option of “things you might also like”? This is a really good way of selling more products. It allows your buyers to find items that are related to other products that they may have bought or viewed before. Besides, some of these items may even be inclusive of things that would go with the items you are buying. 

For example, you’re on a website that sells accessories and you may have purchased a necklace. A tab might pop out before you exit showing earrings or bracelets that match your necklace. This is another technique e-commerce websites use to sell more.

FAQs In E-commerce Websites


Next, buyers need answers for their enquiries that are related to your products. FAQs stand for frequently asked questions. This feature will ensure your buyers have the confidence and trust to purchase from you. 

You could have a section that includes questions your customers would normally ask. Pick those questions you would usually get or questions which you think need answers too and include them along with their answers on your website.

Advance Security Features On E-commerce Websites


Next. is a feature that has high importance. As you know, shopping online would make people feel worried about their online identity and transaction details. By you missing a minor detail it could lead to an identity theft issue or even a financial breach. 

You should know that when running an e-commerce website, certain steps should be taken care of to protect your buyers. 

Consider these security features for your website:

  • SSL certificate
  • Two-factor authentication: adds an extra layer of security by requiring
  • Use a firewall
  • Privacy policy link in footer

Multiple Payment Options


Your e-commerce website should adopt a fast and secure way for payments to be done. When there are more payment options, it means you provide your consumers with more reasons to trust you. 

Add as many options possible as currently, people have various ways they prefer to make their payments. When there is transparency in your payment options it will increase your brand value and infuse trust among your buyers

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