One Condoms Malaysia: It Got Your Back When Things Get Hard!

ONE Condom was founded back in 2003 in the United States and they are trying to build a global community in and around the whole world, sharing knowledge, passion as well as ideas. They are not just a company that produces just a product but they try their best to achieve high-quality products for your pleasure use. ONE Condom Malaysia is a group of socially responsible people who are committed to helping you have a better, healthier relationship with your partner. They are one of the well-known Malaysia Condom brands and if you are thinking about condom brands in Malaysia, One condom Malaysia should be one of the few you think about.

Why Do We Need Condoms?

But well, a question then pops up and that is why should we want or need to use condoms. There are various reasons why condoms should be used. 

One Condom Malaysia

One of the reasons why there should be the use of condoms is to have pleasure with your partner but you two are yet to be ready to be parents. Yes, reproduction and starting a family are in human nature to do so. It is very normal, but not every couple is ready to start a family so soon as it takes a lot to plan, to be able to afford to have a child, so maybe you are not able to or not in the plans yet to have a child, but there are still pleasures that couples need. How are we to keep and maintain that sexual relationship with our partner, that is where condoms come into the picture. One Condom will be a part of your life planning as you are still able to have pleasures met, and a sexual relationship with your partner without having the fear of breaking your plans. 

Another reason for Condoms usage is to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs for short. Of course, it is better to first get tested but if you have not, using a condom is the next best thing as it is a very effective way in preventing STDs from spreading. This is very important for the sexual health of you and your partner whilst still being able to enjoy time with your partner. 

One Condom Malaysia

There is one more reason and that is hormones. Endorphin is a hormone that regulates your emotions and of the many things you can do to excrete this hormone, a sexual relationship is one. So if you find enjoyment in pleasure with your partner and it makes you happy, Condoms can be there to help you and it is also a type of lubricant as well improving in pleasure with your partner too. These are what One Condom Malaysia can help you with. 

Its Community

One Condom Malaysia

One Condom is not just a product that they come up with, but it is also an effort from the company to unite the community. It has many campaigns and also some fun creative solutions in the unity of One Malaysia, and this is undeniable. Malaysians actually design the Condom package designs that they use. Creative artists who want to join in can just go right on ahead to their website and submit their creativity, and they may have the potential to be used in the wrapper design! It is actually one of their efforts to unite the community, and it works! 

What can you get from One Condom?

If you are curious or interested in what they offer in terms of products then here is a quick rundown of the products that they offer:

One Condom Malaysia


This is their thinnest condom ever, and it is crowned 003 condoms, and it is thinner than the average human hair. It is very thin, and it is made up of softer latex for more comfort, but at the same time, it still provides the security as well as the protection that you seek. It is also fully lubricated so it will give you a better sensation

One Condom Malaysia

Super Sensitive

It is a thin condom that has an extra 50% more lubricant than the average condom, and this is so you can heighten your senses with it whilst having the smoothness and soft pleasure it provides.

One Condom Malaysia

Super Studs

Every Super Studs condom features extra large studs and also a contoured shape for enhanced pleasure and stimulation and it helps to increase pleasure.

One Condom Malaysia

Mixed Pleasures

This is an assorted pack that you can use and you are able to get one of these and enjoy it in different ways. It includes Hyperthin, Super Studs, Glowing Pleasures and FlavorWaves condoms, and these will provide you with different intimacy, feel and texture as well.

One Condom Malaysia

True Fit

Last but not least, a sensual condom that fits like a glove. It will stay in place when you need it and also has a silky smooth latex formulation and true fit lets you enjoy the closeness you want and still have the confidence you need.

Summary of One Condom

One Condom Malaysia

So, with all that being said, when you think about condom Malaysia, you should think about One Condom Malaysia as it is the best condom brand in Malaysia, and it is more than just a product it has a community as well. It does not only provide you with the product but One Condom as a company cares and provides you with the best security and your sexual health.

One Condom Malaysia

If you are interested and want to get it, you can always go on to the One Condom Malaysia website, or you can go to online stores like 18 Plus to get what you want and potentially get more than what you want for your partner. 

For more information on the different products that you can get, you can always check out One Condom Malaysia and consider what suits you and your partner the best to have the security, safety and also pleasure and healthy sexual relationship. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Condoms

Can condoms protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Yes, it does not matter if it is on the male or the female, as long as there is a barrier, it will help. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent HIV and STDs.

What is the correct way to use a condom?

Store it in cool places, Keep it from direct sunlight. Check the expiration date because expired condoms may break. Also, be careful when opening packages as teeth and fingernails can rip the condom.

Are condoms effective at preventing pregnancy?

Yes, it is a very effective way. But be mindful that it is only effective when it is used correctly.

Do condoms often break or slip off during sex?

No, and only about 2% of condoms break or slip off completely during sex because it is used wrongly. If it is used correctly, it will not have any issues like that.

Can 2 or 3 condoms at once provide more protection?

There is little to no evidence that it is 2 or more condoms. It is recommended that you do not do so because it will cause more friction, and the chances of breakage might be higher.







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