The Best Menu Marrybrown That You Should Try in 2022

Marrybrown History

Once in a while, you will come across someone who will be completely taken aback when they discover that Marrybrown is a Malaysian fast food franchise. However, this is to be expected, given the fact that Marrybrown Malaysia has become a cultural icon in the international fast food market over time. 

At the time Marrybrown first opened its doors in 1981, American fast food franchises were at the top of the list in this industry. But that didn’t seem to bother the company’s founders, an entrepreneur couple Dato Lawrence Liew and Datin Nancy Liew, from paving their own path to success, as well as to resurrect Malaysia’s first fast-food business, especially with the Muslim majority population that is always looking for halal-Western foods.

‘Good Taste Around The World’–Today in 2022, With over 500 outlets in 16 countries, including Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Maldives, Africa, and also the Middle East, the Malaysian brand Marrybrown has evolved to become one of the world’s largest Halal fast-food chains, serving millions of customers every day. 

Menu Marrybrown
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Why Should You Try Marrybrown?

Marrybrown menu Malaysia offers a broad selection of flavorsome meals on their menu featuring the distinctive crispy juicy chicken, exquisite burgers, specialty wraps, excellent seafood, rice delicates, an assortment of finger food, fun fries, and a variety of hot/cold beverages and desserts. 

To get you started, here are a few of the finest menu Marrybrown 2022 meals to explore with your loved ones.

Bear in mind that all harga Marrybrown menu price malaysia 2022 are subject to a 6% Sales and Services Tax (SST) and that prices vary depending on region and delivery charges. 

1. Nasi Lemak Marrybrown 

Menu Marrybrown
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Nasi Lemak Marrybrown, the eternally popular Nasi Lemak! Rice that has been boiled in coconut milk and pandan leaves is served with real sambal from Marrybrown, MB Crispy Chicken, crispy peanuts, anchovies, pappadam chips, and cucumber cut on the side. Served with drinks if you order the combo set. 

Price: Single RM 9.90 

          Combo RM 12.99

2. Cheesy-O- Burger *The All Time Favorite*

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This all-time favorite cheesy burger, loaded with creamy cheese sauce and served on a classic chicken patty, topped with fresh chopped lettuce and mayonnaise, and served on a soft, delicious bun. Also comes with beverages on the combo choices.

Price: Single RM 6.90

          Combo RM 11.20

3. Fish Fillet Burger 

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Calling all the fish burger lovers! This is the Marrybrown menu that you should try at least once. Crispy, golden breaded 100 percent ocean-fresh Alaska Pollock served between soft, savory toasted sesame seed buns, topped with dill tartar sauce and dill pickles. 

Prices: Single RM 8.10

            Combo RM 12.70

4. Chick-A-Licious with Black Pepper Sauce

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A thick, powerful black pepper sauce is drizzled over two hand-breaded pieces of MB Crispy Chicken that are served with a side of vegetable salad and fries. Might be the best thing to try on Marrybrown Menu 2022!

Prices: Single RM 14.90

            Combo RM 17.45

5. Mi Kari Marrybrown 

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Wait, is there even mi on the Marry brown menu 2022? Of Course, they have! It’s one of the local delights that is loved by every Malaysian. This Mi Kari MB is full of taste, this mildly creamy curry soup is loaded with the heat of the chilli and the scent of spices. It never fails to fulfil your hunger. Includes chicken filets, long beans, and a half-cut egg on the side. 

Prices: Single RM 8.50

            Combo RM 11.00

6. Happy Sharing (Family Meals)

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Nothing feels great other than treating your whole family or friends with delectable food. Try these wholesome dinners that are ideal for sharing with friends and family. Served with 12 pieces of MB Crispy ChickenTM, a large vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, and one bottle of Coca-Cola (1.5L).  Price quite reasonable too for 12 pieces of chicken! 

Prices: Combo Only RM 72.00


1. Nasi Lemak Day

Keep in mind that Marrybrown just announced a promo called Nasi Lemak Day, where you can enjoy 2 Nasi Lemak Marrybrown for only RM 20! Only available on the 1st of every month. 

2. Students Discount 

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Listen out students, present your student ID at the time of purchase to receive the MB Student Card. Then, for only RM 6.50, you may enjoy the special Student’s Meal! Each set meal consists of a main entrée as well as a complimentary beverage. Do not miss out on this opportunity and order yours right away!

3. Marrybrown Boba Milk Tea 

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A cup of aromatic and refreshing MB Boba Tea with delicious chewy pearls is available at an add-on charge of only RM 2.70. Get your hands on this delicious treat at any Marrybrown location right now (except MB Johor Premium Outlets). 

4. Marrybrown Nasi Kandar 

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Malaysia’s Nasi Kandar is one of the country’s most traditional dishes, and locals can enjoy it at any time of day or night. Right now, you can even have it on Marrybrown where it serves with heaven and earth ice lemon tea. One of the top menu baru Marrybrown right now!

5. Marrybrown Egg-Stra Ong Burger

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According to Datuk Joshua Liew, “Given that Chinese New Year this year falls close to Valentine’s Day, we want to open the doors to a prosperous new year with a sweet yet playful theme.” The last time that they launched this festive menu was in 2021, hopefully, this year it will come back with varieties of flavours.

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of these promotions, visit the Marrybrown Promotion page


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Instead of going to your local branch, you can order delivery through a variety of platforms. MB Delivery is a service provided by Marrybrown that delivers meals to customers. However, it is possible that MB delivery will not be offered in all Marrybrown locations throughout the country.

As a result, when ordering Marrybrown delivery, food delivery comes in handy. Foodpanda, Grabfood, ShopeeFood, Hungry, Bitereider, and DeliverEat are some of the food delivery services that Marrybrown works with on a regular basis. 

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