Malaysia Flash Floods Overview Tips Aftermath


Previously, a catastrophic flood struck several Malaysian states, forcing many people to evacuate to temporary shelters. A vast number of households and vehicles also have been damaged, as well as the other everyday items. 

Here are some overviews and also at the end, some tips to handle the aftermath. 

Sri Muda (Selangor) 

Malaysia Flash Floods
Cars are submerged by floodwaters in the Taman Sri Muda township of Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, on Monday, Dec. 20, 2021. Floods hit the Southeast Asian nation annually during the monsoon season, but those at the weekend were the worst in years. Photographer: Samsul Said/Bloomberg. Sources: The Star

When the images of Taman Sri Muda being submerged by water as deep as 4m in certain sections were released last week, the entire country was overwhelmed. Those who lived in two-story buildings were lucky in that at least half of their houses survived, but those who lived in single-story structures were not so fortunate. 

The history of flooding in the low-lying Taman Sri Muda township began in December 1995, when a large storm surge flooded the area. After that, the water rose to a height of slightly more than 1 meter high. State authorities implemented significant flood control measures after the tragedy. A retention pond and a network of drainage and irrigation canals were built nearby to redirect rainwater into the Klang River. Due to the area’s low-lying situation, minor flooding occurred only occasionally for almost two decades.

Temerloh (Pahang) 

Malaysia Flash Floods
Image Sources: Malaysian Insider

More than 14,000 flood victims are in temporary evacuation centers (PPS), with Pahang having the most with a total of 5189 and Selangor having the second on 4,596. 116 PPS were open in seven districts of Pahang: Raub, Lipis, Bentong, Jerantut, Maran, Kuantan, and Pekan. After being flooded, the East Coast Expressway Phase 1 (LPT1) segment was also blocked in both directions.

According to Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Government is pursuing comprehensive long-term solutions to the flood situation. Such implementations to lessen the problem of floods are more flood mitigation projects, deepening rivers and other waterways like in Kedah, and creating tunnels like Kuala Lumpur’s Smart Tunnel for flood management in high-risk urban areas like Shah Alam in Selangor.

Abang Viva 

Malaysia Flash Floods
Image Sources:

The unsung hero, Azwan Omar or known as ‘Abang Viva’ has become the nation’s most adored person by the Malaysian Netizens after his compassionate action taken during this flood tragedy. With only RM50 in his pocket and a boat tied to the top of his Perodua Viva, he got Malaysia’s netizens buzzing as he made his journey from Melaka to help the flood victims in Selangor.

Recently, a video postings of the 29-year-old travelling in a black Perodua Viva with a boat strapped on the vehicle’s roof were uploaded by social media users. The users are known as ‘Fazly Os’ recently published videos showing the 29-year-old cruising in a black Perodua Viva with a boat strapped to the vehicle’s top. The Abang Viva, who travelled from Melaka to Selangor and then to Pahang to aid in flood relief efforts, has returned to Melaka to assist in the evacuation of victims stranded in their submerged homes.

Tips What To Do After the Flash Floods

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” Once you’ve gone through a flood in Malaysia, you should be prepared for the next one. As a country that experiences heavy rainfall on a regular basis, we have no way of knowing what kind of global crisis we may face in the future. 

In conjunction with that, The Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) has issued a rain warning for most of the country this upcoming Tuesday (4th Jan 2022). Residents living in coastal areas, particularly on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, have also been warned to be on the lookout for a four-day high tidal phenomenon that is expected to begin on Sunday and last until Wednesday (2nd Jan 2022). 

Correspondingly, the floodwaters have subsided and it has been determined that it is safe for you to return home.  Do not return home unless advised by authorities. This is what you should do after the water recedes:

1. Record The Damages 

Malaysia Flash Floods
Subang MCA division chairman and Selangor MCA Complaints Bureau chief Lawrence Chiew with residents Yap Kwee Hwa, 60 (background) and Wong Kiew Lor, 76 (r) after the floods had subsided. Sources: TheStar

Flood damage should be reported to your insurer or insurance provider as soon as possible after the event takes place. Take photographs of anything that has been damaged as a result of the flood with your mobile phone.

If necessary, you can even record a video of the event. After returning home, it is critical that you complete this task promptly before beginning any cleaning tasks. So that you can give proof when filing claims with your insurance company, you should do so. 

Having enough home and contents insurance can significantly reduce your financial burden in the event of unanticipated events and disasters. If you are unable to make your monthly home loan payments due to the disaster, ask your loan officer or bank if a mortgage forbearance is possible.

2. Clean Up Process

Volunteers helping to pack up cubicles at the Taman Malihah flood relief centre, which also became flooded — ZULAZHAR SHEBLEE/The Star

The first step is to get rid of any standing water in your home. To ‘push’ the water out of your house, use an outdoor sweeper. If required, dispose of the water in a pail. Use a vacuum to remove the remaining water from the concealed corners when the water has receded. Remove any remaining moisture from all damp surfaces using a mop.

Clear the mud and other debris, and inspect your gas and electricity lines for damage. Bad fixtures, fittings, and furniture should be removed. Never come into contact with a downed electrical wire. Make a call to the electric company right away. Check out this previous article on cleaning services

Always wear boots and rubber gloves. There is a chance that you will be sifting and splashing through filthy water, which can be quite harmful to your health in the long run. Wearing gloves and boots will prevent you from coming into direct touch with the floodwater. Most essential, keep young children away from floodwaters since they are at greater risk of being ill as a result of coming into contact with contaminated water than older children and adults.

Also to take note;

  • Inspection of the property prior to entry: inspect for broken parts, cracks in the building, and any missing goods before entering the premises.
  • Move tiny items around your property with a stick, and keep an eye out for any potentially deadly insects or animals.
  • Before turning it on, check your electric circuits, gas lines, and water supplies.
  • Take the concerned electrical equipment to the electrical equipment store so that a technician may clean it, inspect it, and repair it if necessary.
  • Conduct an inspection of your septic tank.
  • Remove all flood-damaged foods and beverages from your home.
  • Be of assistance to your neighbors, as well as those who are disabled or in need of further assistance.

3. Drying & Deep Cleaning 

Malaysia Flash Floods
pix sources: Google

Even if you tried everything you could to get the water out of your house, it would still be damp. If you still have any portable fans, scatter them throughout the room and turn them up to maximum volume. Alternatively, you can use the big electric fan to help dry up the space. Before using any electrical appliances, make sure the power supply has been examined and cleaned.

It is time to clean the place thoroughly once it is dry and mould-free. Flood-damaged or polluted items should be removed. Everything should be washed. Using a powerful detergent, scrub every surface. To be extra careful, it is also a good idea to wash all of your clothes twice. 

What if The house is totally destroyed and can’t be salvaged anymore?

In the sad event that the water has entirely damaged your home, you will be temporarily housed in a relief centre. Homeowners will be able to file insurance claims for their homes, but what about their cars? Unfortunately, in Malaysia, cars do not have a separate flood insurance policy. Instead, you may be granted compassionate flood coverage for up to RM1,500 as part of a package. 

Hopefully, the coverage provided by your insurance company will be sufficient to allow you to re-establish your roots and begin a new life somewhere else. Following the flood, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will continue to aid flood victims in rebuilding their lives and homes.

Here are the list of Malaysian governmental agencies involved in flood and disaster management:

  • National Security Council (NSC)
  • Fire and Rescue Department
  • Civil Defence Department
  • Welfare Department
  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage
  • Meteorology Department

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