August In Malaysia: What’s Happening on Social Media?

Hello everyone! Have you been so busy lately that you have no time to know what’s happening on social media? We understand that some of you have overload work to be done. But no worries, we are here to keep you updated. 

Here are some stories that we get from Twitter and Tiktok. Let’s read through this article to know more!

MRSM Kuantan Student Has Been Harassed By An Unknown Student

What's Happening on Social Media

For the past few days, this news has been all over social media; a 14-year-old girl studying at MRSM Kuantan has been harassed by an unknown student since June 2022 until now. 

Based on the Facebook posting of the victim’s mother, Nazrah Mohamed, her daughter’s school uniforms were cut off by the unknown person at that MRSM. The uniform had been slashed, and there were some scribbles on her daughter’s uniform. The unknown person also scribbled on the bathroom walls and even wrote threatening notes using a red pen to the victim. Not enough with that; her daughter’s hair was cut while she was sleeping. Other weird actions include the arrangement of slippers in a snake-like pattern outside her daughter’s dorm. 

The mother at first said that there was no serious action taken by school management and wardens at that school and even accused her daughter of being the perpetrator and doing all the pranks. Later she also found out that the other students who stayed in the same block as her daughter also faced similar harassment as her. 

Kuantan District Police Chief ACP Wan Mohd Zahari Wan Budi said that two reports were being lodged regarding this case. The first report was lodged by the school, while the second report was by the victim’s mom. So far, five individuals have been called to give their statements to the police, and more individuals will be called to assist in this investigation. 

Standard-six Student Is Believed To Be Struck By Lightning While Using Her Mobile Phone 

What's Happening on Social Media

A standard-six student who was found dead is believed to have been struck by lightning while using her mobile phone at her house in Kampung Sungai Raya, Kuala Betis, on the evening of 15th august. 

The victim, Nur Asyikin Qistina, 12, was found unconscious by her mother, Siti Noraini Rashid, 41, in her room. According to the father, Mohd Nor Zawawi Awang, 54, before the incident happened, he was at the mosque to perform Asr’s prayer before hearing thunder, and then it started to rain. His wife came to him saying there was a failure in their electric supply, so he quickly went back to the house to check for the failure of the electric supply. After that, he went back to the mosque.

But then his wife returned, telling him that their daughter was found unconscious. When he checked on his daughter, he discovered that there was a burn effect on the right hand of his daughter and the bed, besides finding the mobile phone next to her. Because of that, The father said that she might have been struck by lightning. He did take his daughter to the Kuala Betis clinic but was declared dead by the clinic. The corpse was brought to Hospital Gua Musang for further investigation.

This incident has caught much attention among Twitter users, saying that everyone should be careful with the electric supply if there is thunder outside your house. 

Euro Fun Park Bukit Jalil

Euro Fun Park Bukit Jalil

This Euro Fun Park has been viral over the Tiktok and frequently popped up on the For Your Page (FYP)! Many Tiktok users have shared their experiences going there on their Tiktok’s accounts. Euro Fun Park has found a temporary place in Bukit Jalil, and it will be there for a month up until 18th September 2022, so make sure you won’t miss it! 

You can play many games there, from bumper cars to Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, haunted house, roller coaster and various carnival-style-game booths! If you are a fan of thrills, you can go for the ‘sky rider’. It is recommended to head over on weekdays for a less crowded experience with your family and friends!

@what2eatkl This travelling fun fair is now in Bukit Jalil, KL for a limited time only 🎪🎠🎢 Pause to get their full Waze location and all their ride prices! #eurofunparkbukitjalil #eurofunpark #travellingfunfair #funfairkl #fypkl ♬ gimme gimme gimme – ᥫ᭡

To enter this Euro Fun Park, you will need to purchase admission tickets:

  • Adults: RM6
  • Children: RM4
  • Kids under two years old: free 

To ride or play the games inside the Euro Fun Park, you need to buy tokens in which each token costs RM2 only! Each game needs around 4-6 tokens, so make sure you plan first on what games you want to play!

Dates: now until 18th September 2022

Opening hours: 7PM – 11PM (weekdays), 7PM – 12AM (weekend)

Address: Euro Fun Fair, Meranti Technology Park Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. 







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