Top 8 Best Accounting Software Malaysia

History of Accounting Software

With the development of technology, industrialization and diversification of businesses, the traditional way of using pen and paper to keep accounts is no longer enough for business owners. In the 18th century, people began to use mechanical machines to perform basic calculations. These machines did not have memory like modern computers, but they allowed people to calculate accounts and produce precise results.

By the 1960s, giant computers were built. The first sign of accounting software came when companies began to manage their accounts through spreadsheet programs such as Excel. With the rise of popularity of personal computers, the development of accounting software has made a great progress.

The earliest accounting software was invented by Visicalc in the 1970s. This is the beginning of bookkeeping becoming more convenient for people. With the development of technology, enterprises gradually find the value of computers, and more enterprises are equipped with computers for work.

Therefore, in 1981, Peachtree software introduced the first mass-market online bookkeeping software, which included a standard word processor and a spreadsheet. Its convenience greatly helped accountants, and by 1985 accounting software had become an indispensable tool in many corporate offices around the world.

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8 Best Accounting Software Business in Malaysia

Bukku Accounting

accounting software Malaysia
Source: Bukku – Software & Cloud Solutions | BizSmart® Solution (

It is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing software designed for Malaysian SMEs and professional accountants, with a primary focus on giving businesses easy access to all their accounting data for corporate financial management and providing affordable value-added services such as company registration, secretarial, bookkeeping/accounting, tax compliance and audit services according to their needs. If you need free accounting software Malaysia, this software can be a good choice.


  • Online receipt and invoicing: It provide E-Invoicing service, online receipt, email tracking, online payment reminder, etc.
  • Automated operations: Its Digital Shoebox service enables companies to record expenses by directly uploading whatsapp documents. Companies can also set up a recurring instruction to automate recurring transactions with customers.
  • Simplify inventory tracking: Its perpetual inventory system allows businesses to track inventory balances as well as perform inventory tracking and transferring inventory between warehouses in multiple locations.

AutoCount Cloud Accounting

accounting software Malaysia
Source: Malaysia Accounting Software | POS System | Cloud Payroll – Auto Count Sdn Bhd (

AutoCount is a great Malaysia accounting software. The software offers a lot of quality accounting features. Its embedded tools allow accountants to quickly send quotes, invoices and other related accounting documents from the accounting system to the client’s email. In addition, AutoCount is also equipped with an excellent automation system that allows accountants to create templates to quickly complete a large number of repetitive tasks in AutoCount.


  • Accountant Friendly: The software has a simple and clean user interface that allows accountants to easily access and work with all accounts being displayed in real time. In addition, accountants can also use it to quickly access sources of data and transaction details to facilitate the development and classification of accounts.
  • Complete functionality: The software provides accountants with complete functionality to quickly create all the documents needed for sales transactions (quotations, invoices, credit notes, etc.) and purchases (purchase orders, purchase invoices, purchase returns), create and query inventory items and generate reports, as well as cashbook entry, journal entry, punch card entry, bank reconciliations and financial reports.

SQL Account

accounting software Malaysia
Source: Features | SQL Account SG | Apscom Solutions (

As one of the best Malaysia accounting system, SQL Account is famous with its stable and reliable software functions and abundant online resources, greatly improves accounting works, reduces human errors and maximizes corporate profits. The main function of SQL Account includes data collections and analysis, accurate reporting format, inventory maintenance and SST processing.


  • Convenience in sales and purchasing: SQL Account provides a profit estimator that allows companies to obtain product sales prices by entering costs, and expected profit amounts, when conducting projects. Its multiple pricing feature allows companies to set separate sales prices for distributors and consumers.
  • Flexible and diversified financial management: Financial reports obtained through SQL Account can be viewed on a regular time scale and document locks can be set to hide documents with selected keywords, and specific permissions are required to view the documents. In addition, if you have a large organization, you can also use SQL Consolidated Accounts for management.

Zahir Accounting

accounting software Malaysia
Source: The Best Accounting Software in Malaysia | Zahir Accounting

Zahir Accounting is a very handy accounting software. From sales, invoicing, purchasing, finance to accounting, it is a great help to run a business. Even though you don’t have an accounting background, you can quickly get started with this software.


  • Helps monitor business performance: Profit and loss statements for every department and project of your business are presented instantly through the software. You can change your decisions in turn, control your budget and help your business to be profitable. 
  • Streamline business processes: The software can help produce and view financial statements in real time. The access rights of each business user can also be adjusted to prevent the leakage or misuse of financial data. In addition, companies can easily monitor, as well as control warehouse and branch inventory.


accounting software Malaysia
Source: CALTRiX | Cloud Accounting Service with Xero Malaysia

CALTRIX, a Malaysian expert in cloud accounting services and integrated cloud solutions. It is an expert in the implementation of Xero cloud accounting software. The software is known for its innovative solutions and is committed to providing clients with reliable and transparent accounting services.


  • Real-time monitoring services: This is the software’s biggest feature. Enterprises can monitor their business anytime and anywhere through smart phones, which will be a real-time display and dynamic access to financial analysis.
  • Business system integration: Through the integration of cloud accounting software and cloud POS system, the software ensures the tracking of enterprise business performance, while accurately tracking macro revenue, costs and profits.

Netiquette Accounting Management System

accounting software Malaysia
Source: Accounting Software for Hong Kong SMEs | Netiquette Software Hong Kong

Netiquette Accounting Management System mainly targets small and medium-sized enterprises. Its real-time services based on cloud computers. This enables enterprises to obtain financial information, performance, etc., in a flash. It is GST-compliant and seamlessly integrated with the inventory management system, greatly simplifying business processes.


  • Automatic tax calculation: The software complies with all Malaysian GST regulations. It can automatically calculate the amount of tax incurred on the invoice based on the tax selected by the user. In addition, its tax profile allows users to update and reference the GST sales tax.
  • Bank Reconciliation: The software’s bank reconciliation feature allows businesses to always synchronize their bank accounts. Companies can use software to ensure that every transaction can be reconciled with a click.


accounting software Malaysia
Source: Cloud Based Accounting Software in Malaysia | Biztory

Biztory is a cloud accounting software that provides businesses with a one-stop solution to help in handling all billing, accounting, and Goods and Services tax. This software helps Malaysia’s small and medium-sized enterprises become more competitive.


  • Manage your tax: Biztory offers tax estimation tools to help you understand and predict ahead of time how much a business will have to pay during the upcoming tax season.
  • Financial management: Businesses can set recurring bills for long-term customers through Biztory, which can effectively reduce the problem of missing invoices. In addition, Biztory also helps businesses manage your money transfers and bank reconciliation, and see exactly where the money is coming from and where it is going.

WTY Computerise Services

accounting software Malaysia
Source: ABSS/MYOB Accounting Software | Certified Regional Partner Malaysia (

Established in 2005, the company mainly sells ABSS business software solutions and provides accounting services to small and medium enterprises in Klang. Its accounting software helps to process sales and purchases, track receivables, payables and SST. and is easy to use.


Secure accounts: The software can track and create audit trial company files, as well as hierarchical management of access. It allows companies to lock down individual accounts to protect data security.

Easy to manage: The software provides file audit, track reports and work, and has contact log, to-do list list, make accounting work more convenient.

What is Accounting Software?

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Source: Free Image on Unsplash

Accounting software is a great help to accountants in their work. It is a system that uses computer network technology and database technology to help companies perform accounting calculations, operations, and provide accounting information. Accounting software Malaysia provides a solution that allows people to perform more efficient accounting operations as modern companies grow, increase the size of their operations, and expand their businesses. It is easy to use, enables quick and easy data entry, and helps businesses to track their financials and provide appropriate reports efficiently.

Generally, accounting software has a simple user interface. Accountants can quickly get started with accounting software and perform a number of tasks including preparing accounting reports, summarizing accounting information, issuing vouchers, preparing accounting reports, and producing reports. In addition, an account system software provides a series of automated functions to help improve the efficiency of business management. 

Types of Accounting Software

accounting software Malaysia

In present days, accounting software in the market is mainly divided into three types:

Database accounting software: This type of accounting software is usually used by large enterprises, which requires a large database for installation, the cost is very high, but it can protect the security of financial data better. Most database accounting software can usually help enterprises deal with more complex, huge networks, tasks, financial management, and has comprehensive and complex accounting functions, can meet all the accounting needs of large enterprises.\

Installed accounting software: This type of accounting software is more traditional accounting software, through the form of CD,DVD or software, can be installed on the computer for use. It is easy to install and can be used by anyone. However, its disadvantage is that this type of accounting software can not be used on a variety of devices, and the data can not be shared with others, for the enterprise work is very inconvenient.

Cloud accounting software: This is the most common type of accounting software used in modern enterprises. This type of accounting software is built on a cloud server and can be used by any device with an Internet connection. Accounting data can be accessed via the Internet and can be accessed and manipulated by multiple people. For modern enterprises, the emergence of cloud accounting software has greatly helped the efficiency of operation.

Common Features of Accounting Software

The majority of accounting software on the market typically includes the functions listed below:

  • Offer automated billing and accounts receivable procedures.
  • Purchase order procedures for automated payment processing and accounts payable.
  • Maintains the company’s chart of accounts and general ledger.
  • Assist users during the financial close of each accounting period.
  • Provides common reports like financial statements and dashboards to monitor financial KPIs.

Why Should I Use Accounting Software in My Business?

account system software
Source: Free Image on Unsplash

The use of system accounting software provides strong financial and operational support and numerous benefits for companies. Below is a list of some of the advantages that companies can gain from using accounting software in their daily operations.

Helps to organize the finances of a business: accounting software helps a business to provide a series of automated functions, such as querying accounting vouchers, preparing internal fund transaction reports, preparing financial costing reports, preparing voucher element tables, preparing general ledger accounting tables, preparing bank deposit month-end account tables, preparing cash on hand journal tables, preparing closing cost and profit and loss statements, preparing post-period account income statement, etc. These automated functions help track expenses and revenues, and help companies keep track of their financial position to ensure that they are not overspending and to determine if they are making more profit margin.

account system software
Source: Free Image on Unsplash

Helps to grow your business: The use of account system Malaysia can help to grow your business better. The use of the software can help track the sales of the business, check the cash flow, perform analysis of accounting reports and etc. These functions help companies to classify, allocate and reconcile various fixed assets, intangible assets and inventories.

This satisfies the needs of enterprises to integrate and manage all kinds of accounting information and data, providing an efficient accounting data management solution. With all the data integrated, management can make business decisions that are more suitable for the company and help it grow by having the data at their fingertips.

If you have decided to buy an accounting software for your business but are still not sure which accounting software business supplier in Malaysia, the following article will introduce you to some of the best accounting software in Malaysia.

Benefits of Accounting Software

Save time and money: With accounting software, businesses can automate many tasks that would otherwise be done manually. This can free up time for businesses to focus on other tasks, such as growing their businesses. Accounting software can automate all kinds of simple tasks for businesses, while larger businesses can use accounting software with more complex features to perform tasks such as processing inventory, invoicing and more.

Keeping track of your finances: Having accurate financial records is vital to the success of your business. Accounting software can help you manage your finances, track your income and expenses, and generate financial reports. With accurate financial information, businesses can make more informed decisions on how to allocate resources.

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Business

accounting software Malaysia

Consider your budget and the features you need: Different accounting software offers different features. Generally speaking, accounting software with more and more comprehensive functions will charge higher fees.

Therefore, before buying an accounting software for an enterprise, carefully check whether it provides the functions required by the company and its price. This can go a long way in preventing you from buying an expensive accounting software with lots of features you don’t need.

Consider ease of use and usability: When looking for accounting software, you should look for something that makes it easier for people to use. In this way, even if people have no accounting training, they can easily use accounting software to do relevant work.

In addition, usability is also an important factor. A good accounting software should be compatible with a variety of aspects including sales, bookkeeping, inventory and other complete systems, and allow multiple users to access. Such accounting software for enterprises, is very suitable for their needs.

Which Companies Should Buy Accounting Software

Normally, any company with accounting needs will need to use accounting software. There are a few guidelines to help with this judgement.

  • Accounting software may be necessary for quickly expanding businesses to assist in managing their finances.
  • Large-inventory businesses may require software that can track inventory levels and cost of goods sold.
  • Businesses with a significant global footprint may require software to monitor exchange rates and foreign currency transactions.
  • Software may be necessary for businesses with complicated financial structures to track various forms of income and expenditure.


There are a number of developing trends in accounting software currently on the market, some of which are listed below:

Cloud-based software: The transition to cloud-based solutions is among the largest developments in accounting software. This indicates that the software is accessed online rather than being installed on your machine. Software that is hosted in the cloud has various benefits, such as better security, automatic updates, and accessibility from anywhere.

Artificial intelligence: Chatbots and natural language processing are beginning to find their way into accounting software (NLP). Chatbots can assist customers and respond to simple enquiries, whereas NLP can assist with more difficult jobs like finding errors in financial accounts. Accounting processes can be improved by artificial intelligence, which is projected to become more widespread in the upcoming years.

Blockchain: Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is beginning to be used in a variety of industries, including accounting. Blockchain provides a secure and decentralised way to store data, which is particularly useful for businesses that deal with sensitive financial information. Although blockchain is still in its early stages, it has the potential to revolutionise the accounting industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is a system that aids businesses in carrying out accounting operations, calculations, and providing accounting information by utilising database and computer network technology. With the growth, expansion, and scalability of contemporary businesses, accounting software Malaysia offers a solution that enables people to carry out accounting tasks more effectively.

What accounting software does?

Accountants typically have no trouble getting up to speed with accounting software and carrying out a variety of activities, such as making reports, summarizing accounting data, providing vouchers, and producing accounting reports. An account system software also offers a number of automatic features that can help increase the effectiveness of business management.

How accounting software helps business with finance?

A business can do a number of automated tasks with the use of accounting software, including querying accounting vouchers, creating internal fund transaction reports, financial costing reports, creating voucher element tables, etc. These automated processes assist in tracking costs and income, as well as helping businesses monitor their financial situation to make sure they are not overspending.

How accounting software help business grows?

Accounting software can be used to analyse accounting data, track sales for the company, monitor cash flow, and more. These processes assist businesses in categorising, allocating, and balancing a variety of fixed assets, intangible assets, and inventories. This meets the demands of businesses to handle and integrate various types of accounting data and information.

What is cloud accounting software?

Accounting software that is hosted in the cloud and used for numerous tasks is called cloud accounting software. There is no need for storage space on your device because this programme runs on the cloud. The accounting work is maintained in an online setting and is always available from anywhere.

Why choose cloud accounting software instead of traditional accounting software?

Cloud accounting software operates by using the internet. You only need to go to a website, create a username and password, and sign in to access this software. This suggests that any device can be used to access cloud accounting software as long as you have internet connection.

What can cloud accounting software do?

Accountants may swiftly construct sales transactions, purchase all necessary paperwork, create and query inventory items, and generate reports in addition to punch card entry, cash book entry, journal entry, bank statements, and financial reports using cloud accounting software. Additionally, inventory management and any other related facts can be prepared using cloud accounting software.

Do people need training to use accounting software?

The majority of accounting software is made to be user-friendly so that anyone can access to it and carry out a variety of accounting tasks on it. No particular training is necessary. Furthermore, majority of accounting software provide lessons and tools to aid users in getting up and running quickly.

Can accounting software help with tax administration?

Yes, accounting software can help with tax administration. Accounting software can assist firms in preparing business reports and the accounting records necessary to file taxes by automatically calculating taxes based on income and spending.

What should you notice before purchasing accounting software?

Before selecting accounting software, do extensive study. You must take into account your company’s requirements and identify the important duties that you must complete with the aid of accounting software. Additionally, you must consider whether the other business-related software you employ is simple to integrate with the accounting software you have selected.

Is it safe to store accounting data in cloud?

Accounting data can be safely kept on a cloud server. Currently, the majority of accounting software uses data encryption (SSL or TLS) encryption. But do your research and make sure the accounting software you select has a good reputation before making your decision.

Can you use accounting software through mobile phone?

Yes, people can use accounting software through their mobile phones and observe it statistically to determine the business performance of a company. There are also makers of xero accounting software that can be used on mobile phones.

What might happen if you choose the wrong accounting software?

Before you choose accounting software, you need to make sure that the software you choose will be suitable for your long-term business plan. Accounting data is important, if you start to develop a long-term business after the accounting software is not suitable, it will be a loss to your business.

How to use cloud accounting software in case of disconnection?

Usually, if you lose your internet connection, you will no longer be able to use accounting software. But don’t worry, because cloud accounting software has automatic saving function, your data will not be lost or only a small part of the loss. In addition, some accounting software also provides offline mode.

Do you need to install anything to use accounting software online?

No, you don’t need to install any software to use accounting software on the web. You just need to have a computer with an open browser and an internet connection to be able to process any accounting data quickly.

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