Amazeam: the Best Mattress for Your Comfort and Health

Did you know that every night our body experiences at least 4 cycles of sleep and 6 cycles at optimum? Despite that our body only requires 4 cycles to fully function, achieving all 6 cycles per night is essential if you want to keep your body healthy. Therefore, a comfortable bed with a suitable mattress would be paramount in keeping you asleep. Since we want no disturbance during the night to maintain that deep sleep for a refreshing morning. Additionally, most of the dreams begin at the last stage of each cycle: rapid eye movement.

Allowing them to stabilize emotions, supporting logical thinking, and social interaction. However, it is not always the case since people if diving to sleep on a poor quality or unsuitable bed will cause pain and following that the gateway to other unwanted health conditions. Such as back pain when you wake up will make you start your day off uncomfortable, this disturbance will follow you to work, and decrease your productivity which causes stress. If the circle keeps repeating, then you are not so far from looking for your doctor in the near future. Thus, looking for the right mattress that meets your resting demands and is compatible with your body is important.

There are just so many mattress in Malaysia to choose from, but only a few bring the best to your comfort and health and Amazeam mattresses is one of the best mattress in Malaysia.

But before we jump into why you should get yourself an Amazeam mattress, let us start with some of the basic information about mattresses in general!

best mattress in Malaysia

How many levels of softness are there?

There are 3 different levels of softness in mattresses which are soft, medium, and firm. 


Typically accompanied with cushioning materials such as quilted pillow tops or thick layers of memory foam on top which are also known as the “comfort layers”. Strict side sleepers or people who are fond of that extra comfort would be the ideal buyers for softer mattresses. As it provides the most comfortable for areas like shoulders, hips, and lower back. 


This kind of medium softness consists of soft foam tops with a more solid foundation of high-density poly foam or pocketed coils to produce a mediation between pressure relief and posture support. This kind of firmness is favored by the majority of users and is best suitable for a wide range of sleeping habits. 


Typically, a thin layer of plush foam is visible atop the high-density polyfoam or springs in a mattress. This design provides additional support to the sleeper’s body, resulting in a surplus of counterforce. As a result, those sleeping on a firm mattress should feel most of their body lifted evenly on top of the bed.

best mattress in malaysia

What are the common materials used in making mattresses? 


Foam’s main purpose is to add in that softness to the mattress, this material is a soft, movement-absorbing material that allows for temperature regulations and pressure relief. Such common types of foam within this category are: memory foam, gel air memory foam, polyurethane foam, and viscoelastic foam which is also called “rebonded foam”. 

Mattresses using memory foam are famous for their lush players of memory foam and polyurethane material facilitating the comfortness toward the body. These layers of foam will work in conjunction, absorbing any movement and pressure from your joints to give you an undisturbed sleep while balancing your body temperature.  

Polyester Batting

This kind of material will normally be used as the filling in for the pillow top mattresses as well as for mattress covers. 


Wool is found in some mattresses to provide that extra padding and temperature regulation. 


As a breathable material cotton is used for both inside and outside of the mattress. 

Flame Retardants

These substances usually appear in most mattresses in the United States due their flammability laws for fire resistance. 

Steel Coils

Whether in the form of open coils or individually wrapped coils (also known as pocketed coils), these elements are a crucial structural feature that provide a sturdy foundation for the mattress, ensuring firm support.

So Why Use Amazeam?

best mattress in Malaysia

Security and Peace In Mind

With the integrity in the quality of their items and the dedication in offering their customers the most amazing sleep. At the same time, still being able to manage the customer’s overall conveniences. Amazeam offers 7 mattress sizes to deal with any needs, from usual to extra special kick for the most relaxing experience. Integrating into a mattress are layers of supportive materials with extra relaxation added in with Gel Air Memory Foam. With the Queen XL Size Mattress being one of the most favorable.

Amazeam introduced their special 3 sizes: 

Single XL size mattress, Queen XL size mattress and King XL size mattress, which are highly suitable with IKEA bed frame compatibility (150x200cm). Whereas other standard sizes of their mattress which are single, super single, queen and king fits all Malaysia standard size bed frames. 

With every mattress being the combination of sleep enhancing layers, and each layer is CertiPUR-US certified. Meaning your mattress is brought to you without any harmful chemicals and is durable enough to accompany you for the next 10 years. If you are still worried, then Amazeam, understanding the customer’s concerns, has introduced a 10-year warranty with the initial “100 Night Trial” service. 

This will allow you the chance to have a trial “live together” experience for 100 days before making your final decision. If it does not work out, Amazeam will pick it up & refund you, all returned mattresses will be donated to charity ensuring your mattress is 100% brand new.

Additionally, they also support interest-free installments, making the mattress more accessible to customers.

Moreover, Amazeam’s unique “pack in a box” will have all of their products neatly and carefully packed in a box when it arrives into the customer’s hands. Allowing for a more at ease delivery in terms of cost-effectiveness and safety during transportation with Amazeam free delivery across Malaysia. Amazeam transports direct factory model to the client, meaning people could gain access to these one-of-a-kind mattresses with an affordable price. 

Integrating into a mattress are layers of supportive materials with extra relaxation added in with Gel Air Memory Foam. Amazeam’s new innovation of cool gel air memory foam allows people the sensations of exceptional comfort, body pressure points relief, weight distribution, relief and prevent pain.

Chill fabric cover is also part of what leverages the customer’s overall experience with the brand as it could be removed for washing and empower their sleep by regulating the temperature during shut eyes. 

These reasons above are why people are so in love with the bedding brand with all of the 5 star reviews from the customers who have experienced Amazeam mattresses.

TehTalk Review

Working in the office and sitting at the desk from 9AM – 6PM has definitely taken a toll on my body posture and back pain. Believe me when I say that I was super skeptical about the Amazeam mattress because to me, all mattresses do the same job – give you some fluff when heading to sleep. But after 2 weeks of using their mattress, I can conclude that I was definitely 100% wrong about this!

Amazeam’s soft mattress formulation not only provided me comfort but it definitely made me feel much better when I wake up, less back pain or strains in the early morning. Not only that, I believe many of us have those moments where if we use the duvet or blanket, it’s too hot, but when we take it off, it’s too cold. With Amazeam’s amazeam formula (pun intended), I felt just the perfect temperature for me to fall asleep. I also recently got myself a new pair of bed sheets that I found online and paired it with my Amazeam mattress and it was the best decision I ever made.

Being someone who has trouble falling asleep, I do realise my sleep cycle being very consistent from the day I used the Amazeam mattress. I fall asleep faster, but I also wake up feeling fresh and not groggy due to body aches.







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