Discover These 5 Best Malaysian Ice Cream Brands Right Here!

There’s no better option to overcome the sweltering heat, unwind after a long day at work, or honor a significant success than with a delicious scoop of ice cream brand Malaysia!

Cold delicacies are most commonly seen in the form of ice cream, which has a variety of flavor combinations to choose from over the years. Ice cream comes in various flavors, ranging from classics like vanilla and chocolate to fruity combinations like gelato. It is constantly evolving, but it is always delightful. Also significant is the fact that our local ice cream brands are doing exceptionally well, delivering superior ice cream that is sometimes even mixed with local tastes.

Hence, Ice cream is seen as a sign of joy and happiness. One that you can enjoy at any time of day or night. We are fortunate to have a bunch of ice cream brands to choose from, with some of them being proudly crafted in Malaysia. Take a look at these top 10 Malaysian ice cream brands that are authentically made in this country! 

Best Ice Cream Brand Malaysia 


This ice cream brand is well-known in the industry. Who hasn’t heard about this brand right? With kiosks in major shopping malls in Malaysia, Inside Scoop also provides a variety of ice cream products through its website. Choose from a range of homemade ice cream Malaysia flavors available in scoops, pints, tubs, and cakes for any occasion. 

This ice cream haven is recognized for traditional flavors such as Mint Brownies, Rocky Road, and Raspberry Ripple, which are all made from natural ingredients without the use of artificial preservatives or flavorings. 

And for ice cream connoisseurs in Malaysia, there are unique Malaysian tastes such as Durian and Cempedak to choose from. The durians are collected at Raub, and the tea is harvested in the Cameron Highlands. The couverture chocolate, on the other hand, comes from France and Belgium.

Facebook: MYinsidescoop Instagram: @MYinsidescoop

Website: Contact: 012-623 2971 


Ice Cream Brand Malaysia

One of the best ice creams in Malaysia. The name of the company says it all, with Debie and Tommy bringing out the best in handcrafting their soft-serve ice creams from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Varieties of flavors such as Vanilla Cereal Milk, Deep Chocolate, Honey Matcha, and Oolong Cha are on the menu.

Softsrve began operations in Damansara Uptown and has subsequently expanded to other sites, including Sri Petaling and Pavilion Elite. Alternatively, visit their website for food delivery or self-pickup at Plaza Arkadia in Desa Park City. This ice cream brand uses only Halal-certified ingredients.

In contrast to ice cream, the restaurant also offers waffles, premium tea, specialty coffee, iced shaken tea, and iced soda. Softsrve is the place to go for unique textures and delicious nibbles.

Facebook: softsrve Instagram: @softsrve

Menu: Contact: 03-7877 9634


Sangkaya could be nominated for the top Malaysia ice cream brand. Their outlets can be found in almost all regions throughout the country. This kind of Coconut-flavor ice cream once became a signature in Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok. Luckily, Malaysia already has Sangkaya.

For their best-selling coconut ice cream, they employ solely natural ingredients with no additional preservatives or flavorings. To maintain its originality and flavor, they use genuine coconut milk as the main base for their ice cream instead of ordinary cow’s milk. Not only that, Sangkaya also introduced other flavors such as Chocolate, Gula Melaka, and Durian, in addition to coconut ice creams.

Facebook:  sangkaya Instagram: @sangkayamy

Website: Contact: 03-8938 9889


The judgment on Fatbaby Ice Cream is divided: some say the ice cream is the headliner, while others favor their superb waffles, which are crunchy on the ends but fluffy all the way around! Fatbaby’s top tastes are sure to make your heart skip a beat with their perfect blend of crunch and luscious creaminess. 

Their Belgian Chocolate could be your Achilles heel. Other than that, the crispy salted caramel ice cream is another appealing flavor. Drizzles of honey over this delicious tower of temptation for an explosion of amazing tastes! We’re confident you’ll leave Fatbaby Ice Cream feeling completely satisfied. It’s possible that they’ll be the next contender for the best ice cream brand in Malaysia. 

Facebook:  FatbabyIceCream Instagram: @fatbaby_icecream

Website: Contact: 03-5877 6700


Jersey Jack is a hidden treasure buried away in the back of Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, with peaceful feelings and pleasant ambient music to accompany them. Premium ice cream alcoholic gelatos are available on the menu, including Baileys, Guinness, Margarita, Pink Champagne, and Rum & Raisin flavors, among others. If you’re trying to maintain your sobriety, consider their quenching sorbets, which come in a variety of flavors.

In fact, You may choose more than 70 different flavors, including unique flavors such as Amarena Cherry (white gelato base with Amarena Cherry Variegato), Bubblegum, and Banoffee. You can even reserve a gelato tricycle for special occasions. Additionally, they are interested in expanding their firm through franchising.

Facebook: JerseyJackGelatoKL Instagram: @jerseyjackgelato

Website: Contact: 03-2110 3346



Piccoli Lotti, which translates as “small batches” in Italian, is a gelato shop in Damansara Kim that specialises in handcrafted gelato made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available. If that wasn’t enough, founder and owner Chong Nge Seng even flew to Italy to learn the skill of gelato-making, which he then brought back to the ice cream company in Singapore. 

So, go and try some of their best-selling flavors, such as Pulut Tai Tai which happens to be the owner’s personal favorite and also a crowd puller! Then, they also have Hazelnut Stracciatella, Peruvian Dark Choc, and Cempedak, which all suit the local preferences and are worth tasting. You can eat your ice cream(s) in scoops, cups, or takeout tubs, or you can have them delivered.

Facebook: Instagram:

Menu: Contact: [email protected] 


When it comes to cafés that specialize in desserts, Fluffed Café & Dessert Bar should be at the top of your ice cream list. A large number of different sorts of cakes, quality ice creams made by hand, and waffles are among the reasons that Fluffed has developed a devoted following over the years.

Hence, this comes in a variety of flavors, including original, pandan, charcoal, and chocolate, as well as a variety of add-ons. Sauces such salted caramel, kaya, and blueberry syrup, as well as toppings like chocolate soil, praline, and almond crumble, to name a few, fall within this category.

Facebook: Fluffedmy Instagram: @fluffedcafe

Menu: Fluffed/ Contact: 012-730 1310

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Cream

Is eating ice cream every day unhealthy?

Actually, humans like ice cream because, in ancient times, humans had the instinct to eat fatty foods so they had food reserves when there was hunger. Well until now , humans still have these instincts . but because we don’t often go hungry anymore, ice cream becomes a great luxury for our bodies.

What’s the difference between Gelato, Frozen Yogurt and Ice cream?

Ice Cream and Gelato. Gelato is ice cream in Italian. But legally the difference is, ice cream is at least 10% milk fat, while gelato is usually less, which is around 5% or 7%.
Gelato is stirred more slowly than ice cream, so the gelato is thicker, because it doesn’t contain wind like ice cream which contains 50% air. Gelato only contains 25% to 30%
Ice cream is usually served frozen, while gelato is warmer, so the gelato is not completely frozen.

Is it okay to eat expired freezer-burned ice cream?

What is certain , you will not get sick or even die , if you really want to answer questions . Freezer burn is a condition in which a food does not contain water because it has been frozen in the freezer for too long. Therefore, food that is exposed to “freezer burn” will change color, shape, texture, and taste. But this does not cause the food to be dangerous, it’s just that your ice cream tastes bad.

How to make ice cream at home?

The most important thing in making ice cream is the basic ingredients of the ice cream, whether it is made of milk/cream mixture or freshly cooked custard and then cooling it while removing the ice crystals that form in the ice cream freezing process. Based on that simple description… there’s an excellent ice cream recipe book from Ben & Jerry’s for the classics, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream for the more adventurous.

Will ice cream, chocolate and coffee be used as therapeutic drugs in the future?

All three are attitude regulators, and much safer than addictive prescription anti-depressants, such as Zoloft and Cymbalta. The risk of gaining weight from ice cream or chocolate is much safer than suffering from withdrawal symptoms, which mimic a heart attack and lead to suicidal tendencies. Coffee is a better (safer) treatment for ADHD tendencies than Ritalin, if the amount of caffeine is right, and slightly more available if the effects wear off. Science seems to lose out when pleasure is an occupational influence, or even a primary therapeutic effect. Drugs still oppose marijuana use, apparently for the same reason, and the result is the legalization of medical marijuana only if marijuana does not induce euphoria in the user.

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