Genting Skyworlds : Reliving Our Childhood Memories

Theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals – don’t these words remind you of fun and excitement? You can go on rides, eat delicious snacks and take a lot of pictures with the company you go with. Some might say it’s not worth going as you have to line up for the rides and combined together Malaysia’s hot weather, it does not sound enticing.

However, there are a lot of benefits to going to theme parks that you might not know about! First, you get to burn calories the whole you’re there! As theme parks are known for their huge space, you have to walk a lot to go from one ride to the next ride. Also, theme parks give you the sense of escapism that you need from studying or working tirelessly almost every day.

So, that’s why we, Teh Talk team went to the Genting Skyworlds to break away from our stressful life at the office! And here’s how it went…

Genting Skyworlds, Genting Highland

genting skyworlds

Genting Skyworld Theme Park is located at Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Originally, it was supposed to be known as the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia but there were issues with the license so the theme park had to cancel the first plan in 2018 and after a number of delays, it finally opened in February this year with a totally different concept and theme.

So, was it really worth the hype going there? If you ask everyone from our team, the answer is YES!

It was such a fun, thrilling and wonderful experience. There are so many rides to choose from, game booths to play and tasty food to eat! Furthermore, since it’s located at Genting Highlands, you won’t have to worry about being hot and sweaty there as the weather is windy and cold. However, since we went during the rainy season, it was raining for a while but there are a lot of places to take shelter from the rain so we were all dry and comfortable. So, make sure to check the weather forecast before booking your tickets!

Let me share with you some of the Genting Skyworlds rides that we enjoyed the most:

Independence Day: Defiance

genting skyworlds
Photo credit: Kakuchopurei

After we finished checking in our tickets, the first place we went to is the Independence Day: Defiance which located at the Andromeda Base world.

When we were walking through the place, it was decorated with space-themed decorations and furniture that made us feel like we were at a space station in outer space. Then, after gathering a number of people, the staff greeted us and gave us briefings about our character and mission for the ride.

Then, we went to another theatre-like room that had a wide screen but the seats are unlike the common seats at the cinema, they are designed like rollercoaster seats with a built-in seatbelt. So you know it will get serious.

Then, the seats were lifted up and both the walls and floors turn into a digital screen that makes you feel like you’re riding a spaceship and shooting aliens that are attacking our planet. It was definitely thrilling as we were all impressed with the technology by using only screens and videos to give us the experience of being a space fighter.

genting skyworlds
Photo credit:

Acorn Adventure

genting skyworlds
Photo credit: Travel With My Lens

The area was curated with the Ice Age movie theme. So, if you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll love the decorations. They even played an instruction video with Scrat as the character to show how to enjoy the rollercoaster ride safely. At first, we were so confident that it’ll be a mellow ride, nothing too extreme – well, we were wrong. 

At the beginning of the ride, the cart was moving slowly and then we saw the rail going upwards, we instantly started to question our life decision. When we were at the top, the cart jerked forward and we were dropped down and it started to move so fast. We could not even enjoy the view because we were too busy screaming. Then, we thought that was it, but the cart suddenly brought us into a tunnel where everything was pitch black and we couldn’t see anything. It was a really scary experience, especially if you have nyctophobia.

genting skyworlds
Photo credit: Genting Skyworlds

Terraform Tower Challenge

genting skyworlds
Photo credit: Beautiful Nara

The last ride that we went to on that day was Terraform Tower Challenge – a riveting, hair-rising ride that will bring you high up above, even more than the rollercoaster ride, then it will drop you down at a high speed. If you’re someone who loves seeking for adrenaline rush, then you should definitely go on this ride.

It took us about 20 minutes in the waiting line as it is one of the popular rides in Genting Skyworlds. So a tip before you go is to install the Genting Skyworlds mobile app and book the ride that you want to go with their VQ Reservation feature. You can choose your preferred timing for each ride, then you can immediately go to the express lane instead of the general queue. The best part is their express lane cost the same as the normal ticket, unlike other amusement parks.

So, back to Terraform Tower Challenge. To go on the ride, it is advisable to wear shoes like sneakers instead of flats because there is a chance that your shoes can get slipped off during the ride. Also, if you wear glasses, you need to take them off before the ride because of the same reason. 

During the ride, we were brought up slowly to the top of the tower and we can see the whole Genting Skyworlds from a bird’s eye point of view. It gave us ultimate goosebumps and cold sweat because it felt like we could fall anytime – but, don’t worry. The ride was very safe and secure and you won’t fall easily. When it was time for the big drop, we screamed like we never screamed before. It was so spine-chilling and we felt that our body was lifted up from the seat due to being dropped down at a fast speed. Then, we were lifted up again to the top of the tower but this time at a high speed, this went on about three times, so can you imagine how scary the ride was? 

After the ride ended, we were all shaking like newborn giraffes and even our hands were cold because the ride was so extreme. But, it was a really fun experience and we did not regret going on that ride. Now, we can flex to our family and friends that we managed to survive the Terraform Tower Challenge!

Special Mention: Mub & Grub’s BIG Bites

Genting skyworlds theme park
Genting skyworlds theme park

Later in the evening, it started to rain and we had to take shelter at the Epic world. The space was decorated like in the movie Epic, so there were a lot of big leaves, mushrooms and even a huge hummingbird that they rode in the movie! So, while we were waiting for the rain to stop, we took shelter under the giant leaves and ate the famous Mub & Grub’s BIG Bites waffles!

We bought two of the Classic version where you received a waffle served with three toppings of your choice. The toppings that we chose are vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce together, mini-chocolate bites and cubed mangoes. For the other one, we chose chocolate ice cream, M&M’s chocolate, raspberry fruit and jam for the toppings.

You can never go wrong with waffles and ice creams, and when it was served together with other special toppings – it was so scrumptious! Also, it was a wholesome moment as we shared the waffles together while it was raining. 

Genting skyworlds theme park

More Pictures of our Genting Skyworlds Trip!

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

Genting Skyworlds

How much does the ticket cost?

Are you interested to go to Genting Skyworlds after reading this article? Well, here are the Genting Skyworlds ticket price:

  • Standard (height above 110cm) 1-Day Ticket costs RM170 (walk-in) and RM151 (online)
  • Child (90cm – 110cm) /Senior/OKU 1-Day Ticket costs RM145 (walk-in) and RM128 (online)
  • Standard (height above 100cm) 1-Day Ticket + Photo costs RM215 (walk-in) and RM179 (online)
  • Child (90cm – 110cm) /Senior/OKU 1-Day Ticket + Photo costs RM190 (walk-in) and RM153 (online)

You can get the tickets here!

Download the Genting Skyworlds Mobile App!

If you’re a smartphone user, be sure to download the Genting Skyworlds Mobile App on your smartphone! With the app, you can enjoy the express lane without an extra fee, unlike other theme parks. Make sure that you have already purchased your ticket before signing up with the app.

Here are step by step on how to maximise your experience in Genting Skyworlds by using the app:

  1. Download the ‘Skyworlds’ app on Apple Store or Play Store.
  2. Sign up using your phone number.
  3. Check in your ticket(s). The best thing is, you can check in as many tickets as you want under one account if you go in a big group.
  4. Then, you can book your preferred rides using the VQ Reservations in advance. Just select the rides and choose your preferred time slot. You may book up to 3 rides at a time. So, after you finished a ride, you can book the next one.

Getting To Genting Skyworlds

There are a lot of transportation options to visit Genting Skyworlds theme park, but the easiest way is through public transportation.

First, you can book a bus ticket from KL Sentral to Resort World Genting that starts from RM11. Then, it will take you to Awana Bus Terminal within 55 minutes so the journey won’t be too long. When you arrived at the bus terminal, you have to buy a cable car ticket that starts at RM10. It will take you only 10 minutes so you can enjoy the amazing view of a 100-million-year-old rainforest from above. Then, you will stop at the SkyAvenue station and from there you can find directions to the entrance of Genting Skyworlds.

For further information:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Genting SkyWorlds fully open?

Yes! After so many delays since 2018, Genting Skyworlds is finally open to the public in February 2022. Also, there will be more attractions and rides upcoming in the future. So, stay updated with their social media!

Can I enter Genting SkyWorlds without tickets?

If you go this December up till New year, you may enter and experience their special Genting Wonderland experience. However, you still have to buy a ticket if you want to go on their rides and play their booth games. We suggest you get your ticket(s) on their website because the price is cheaper than the price at the counter.

What can I do at Genting Skyworlds?

As Genting Skyworlds is a theme park, you can go on the rides such as Sid’s Rock ‘N Slide, Rio Carnaval Chaos and Alpha Fighter Pilots. You can also watch the performances at certain worlds such as Rio and Ice Age, be sure to know the show timing so you don’t miss out on the performances!

How many rides are there in Genting Skyworlds?

Currently, there are 26 rides in Genting Skyworlds. You may visit the rides according to their worlds – Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic and Rio.

What to play at Genting Skyworlds other than the rides?

There are game booths around the Studio Plaza area where you can play games and win prizes. One of them is a game where you have to throw a bouncy ball in a round container. If you manage to get two balls in one try, you can win a giant owl plushie!

Who owns Genting Skyworlds?

The owner of Genting Skyworlds is the Genting Group which was founded in 1965. They are famous for their slogan, “Above The Clouds, Beyond The Imagination”.

How much did it cost to build Genting Skyworlds?

The cost to build the new Genting Skyworlds is 800 million USD, which is equivalent to RM3.5 billion. It might seem like a lot, but if you go there you would understand. The technology that they use for the 4D Cinema rides is very impressive and they construct each world according to the movies down to the smallest details! Also, building a theme park needs a huge budget in order to ensure everything operates smoothly and safely for everyone.

How big is Genting Skyworlds?

The size of Genting Skyworlds is 26 acres, and they are able to accommodate about 26,000 visitors. You won’t feel like you’re in a crowded place despite the huge crowd because of the huge amount of space.

What do I wear to Genting Skyworlds?

Since Genting Skyworlds is located at Genting Highland, you may feel a bit chilly when you are there. So, wear a long sleeve t-shirt or bring your outerwear to keep you warm and comfortable. Also, wear shoes or sneakers because you have to walk around a lot while you are there. Additionally, you can also bring a raincoat because you might get wet from one of the rides, Epic Voyage to Moonhaven.

What is the difference between Genting Skyworlds and Awana Skyway?

Genting Skyworlds is a theme park where you can spend your day with your loved ones going on fun rides, taking a lot of pictures and eating delicious snacks there. Meanwhile, Awana Skyway is a cable car lift system that you have to ride if you are going to Genting Highlands through public transport.

How many eateries are available at Genting Skyworlds?

There are 23 eateries available at Genting Skyworlds. The all-time favourites are Mub & Grub’s BIG bites, Cosmic Cafe and Popcornlicious.

Are lockers available at Genting Skyworlds?

Yes, there are a lot of lockers available at Genting Skyworlds. They come in two sizes – small and large, so you can store your personal items at their locker and enjoy your time playing the rides. You can rent a small locker for free for the first hour.

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