Heading up to North? Visit This Famous Nasi Ganja Ipoh 

Nasi Kandar? The best, yet, it is one of those dishes that is literally amazing, even when made with plain rice and a variety of curry gravies that are mind-blowing in their own right. Whether it’s raining or sunny, the best meal to eat when you’re hungry in the middle of the afternoon has got to be nasi kandar, at the very least.


For those of you who enjoy rice and curry, you don’t have to travel all the way to Penang in order to have a delicious meal of nasi kandar (rice with curry). Instead, bring along this handy pocket reference guide to the best nasi kandar in Ipoh with you on your trip. 

What distinguishes this Ipoh Nasi Ganja Ifrom other is that it can even attract a chopper to land there. According to News Strait Times (NST), one man flew by helicopter to Padang Ipoh in order to pick up 36 packets of nasi ganja from a local eatery in July 2021. That was really mad. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about this really popular inhouse Nasi Ganja Ipoh. Perniagaan Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah has been known for its finger-licking delicious nasi kandar for many years. 

It’s tucked away inside Rumah Tumpangan dan Kedai Kopi Yong Suan, a Chinese coffee shop turned guest home that’s also a local favourite for breakfast or early lunch. Just so you know, nasi kandar is referred to as “Nasi Ganja” in this country. The “ayam merah” is one of the must-try signature dishes to go with your rice here.

Nasi Ganja Yong Suan, known as Nasi Ganja, is one of the most popular in Ipoh and also has become a tourist attraction. Fans of nasi kandar have said that it is extremely addictive, leading to the invention of the term ganja (marijuana) as it is one of the addictive substances of drugs. 


To find the location, you can type nasi ganja kedai kopi Yong Suan. How about the line-up queue? depending on what time you come, the queue may be rather lengthy when you get there. Usually, when there is a long line, it indicates that the majority of the food and meals were unavailable or almost so. Normally, they have more than 18 different dishes on the menu, but the ayam merah (marinated chicken breasts that are fried and served in a thick curry sauce) is the star of the show. 

If you enjoy a spicy nasi kandar, ask for ‘kuah banjir’ to ensure that the rice is thoroughly spiced before eating it. That’s what spicy lovers always do. This kind of nasi kandar differs from the Penang version in that it has more tasty and is spicier. For those of you who are afraid of chilli, have a glass of cold beverage nearby. Recommended to try the ‘kopi ais’ (iced coffe). Surely 10 out of 10 for this perfect combination.

The salted egg wasn’t particularly memorable, but it was a welcome addition to the nasi kandar. Break it up into little pieces and toss it in with your rice and curry for a finger-licking good combo. Average lunch, which included a drink, will probably cost you only RM8. Bear in mind that premium meals such as prawns and fish eggs are often more expensive.

Ever wonder what is the recipe that makes this nasi ganja Yong Suan so good and special? Unfortunately, the family behind this Ipoh’s world-renowned nasi ganja has determined that limiting output is the most effective method to maintain quality according to The Rakyat Post (TRP).

Nasi Ganja Yong Suan is also available in Foodpanda to ease the local Ipoh community. This nasi ganja Ipoh foodpanda usually gets a lot of orders during the peak lunch hour between 12 pm until 2 pm. 

Is Nasi Ganja Yong Suan halal? Yes, it is halal as the owner of the nasi kandar is a Muslim. There is no pork or alcohol being served to the customers there at Yong Suan Ipoh. Last but not least, because it is one of the attraction locations, expect large lines to enter and limited time eating. As a result, it will be jam-packed with people from all around Malaysia. It also accepts cash only so prepared it earlier. 


Nasi Kandar Yong Suan aka Nasi Ganja (halal)

Rumah Tumpangan dan Kedai Kopi Yong Suan

2, Jalan Yang Kalsom,

30250 Ipoh, Perak


9.30 am – 6 pm Daily 


05-254 4314

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