Mr Dakgalbi Menu

Korea, caught between China and Japan, two ancient civilizations, has managed to preserve its distinct culture. Korea has left its mark in the worlds of music, film, and cuisine over the decades. In fact, it’s incredible how far Korean cuisine has spread over the world. This may be seen in the way Korean foods have evolved over time. Korean eateries have recently sprung up all over the world. It is no longer essential to go all the way to Korea to sample their real Korean cuisine.

Do you have a strong craving for Korean cuisine right now? Let’s first check out the top Korean restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

1.   Mr Dakgalbi

Mr Dakgalbi Menu

If you like dakgalbi, this is the one for you! This restaurant delivers delicious, delicate chicken that is prepared “live” in front of your eyes. Isn’t it true that just knowing the essentials isn’t enough? Make it cheesy-licious by adding their cheese ring! You can also top it up with ramen, fried rice, or topokki to make it even better!

2.       Sae Ma Eul BBQ

Sae Ma Eul is a recommended Korean barbeque restaurant for you. The spicy rice balls are the restaurant’s best seller. It is recommended that the rice balls be grilled beforehand to improve the scent. Don’t forget to serve your grilled steak with delectable melted cheese if you’re a cheese enthusiast!

3.       Palsaik Korean BBQ

‘Palsaik’ means “eight flavours” in Korean, and it applies to their eight-color pork combo! Ginseng, curry, wine, miso paste, ‘hot,’ pine leaves, garlic, and herb are among them. Whatever flavour of marinated pork you prefer, there’s bound to be one that you’ll enjoy!

4.       Don Dwae Ji Sam Gyeob Sal

At a reasonable price, this Korean eatery offers limitless refillable Korean BBQ! Grilling high-quality beef with layers of exquisite marbled fat over a charcoal barbecue became so delicious that marinades and sauces faded into the background. It’s great when served with pickled vegetables, where the acidity enhances the meat’s richness.

5.       Nanda Chicken

This Korean restaurant serves good fried chicken, as suggested by the shop’s name. In addition, there are three main flavour categories: cheese, crunchy, and unique. On a circular pan, everything is elegantly arranged with melted cheese. It tastes just as amazing as it looks.

6.       KyoChon 1991

Other than Nanda Chicken, KyoChon 1991 also serves super delicious fried chicken. Korean fried chicken is getting a ton of buzz, especially among K-pop culture lovers. You’ll notice that KyoChon only employs the best ingredients to create its fried chicken masterpieces. Since the establishment of the first ever store in Malaysia, Kyochon has acquired a dedicated following, and it’s simple to see why. Bite on scrumptious wingettes and drumettes in your favourite flavour – the Honey and Red Pepper series are the most popular! You can acquire a combination set or a sampler if you want to test a variety of flavours; you’ll definitely wind up licking your fingers when you’re done.

In this article, we will take a deeper insight into Mr Dakgalbi. The popular Korean restaurant has approximately 20 branches around Malaysia for now and more are coming soon! For now, check out the Mr Dakgalbi menu with price in Malaysia 2022 below.

Pan Grilled Chicken

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Mr. Dakgalbi Classic /pax24.00
Seafood Dakgalbi (2-3pax)64.00
Seafood Dakgalbi (3-4pax)90.00
Cheese Ring Dakgalbi (2-3pax)65.00
Cheese Ring Dakgalbi (3-4pax)84.00
Bean Sprouts Dakgalbi /pax26.00
Bulgogi Dakgalbi /pax24.00
Octopus Dakgalbi /pax30.00

Pan Fried Rice

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Mr.Dak Fried Rice18.00
Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice18.00
Seafood Fried Rice16.00
Beef Fried Rice16.00
Special Fried Rice18.00

Main Course Set

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Dakgalbi 2 Pax Set69.00
Dakgalbi 3 Pax Set99.00
Dakgalbi 4 Pax Set129.00

Fried Rice Set

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Fried Rice 2 Pax Set50.00
Fried Rice 3 Pax Set71.00
Fried Rice 4 Pax Set98.00

Add On

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Fried Rice8.00
Mushroom Combination8.00
Sweet Potato8.00
Rice Cake8.00
Cheese Rice Cake8.00
Dakgalbi 200g18.00
Steamed Rice4.00
Seafood Pancake18.00
Cheese Ring18.00


Dakgalbi means spicy stir-fried chicken in Korean. It is a famous Korean dish that involves stir-frying seasoned diced chicken alongside cabbage, sweet potatoes, scallions, perilla leaves, tteok (rice cake), and other things in a gochujang-based sauce. Galbi is a Korean word that means rib. Dak-galbi, on the other hand, is not exactly chicken ribs. Round hot plates placed into the tables are common in dak-galbi eateries. As a ssam (wrap) vegetable, perilla leaves and lettuce are provided.

This cuisine began as grilled chicken pieces in small bars on the borders of Chuncheon in the 1960s as an affordable anju complement to alcoholic drinks. It took the place of the more expensive gui meals roasted over charcoal. Dak-galbi quickly spread across Chuncheon’s major areas, where the livestock sector thrived and provided fresh ingredients that didn’t require refrigeration. As a relatively inexpensive dish served in large servings, it became popular among troops and students on a budget in the 1970s, earning the moniker “commoners’ galbi” or “university student’s galbi.”

Chuncheon-dak-galbi is the name given to the dish, which is a local cuisine of Chuncheon. In Chuncheon, there is an annual event dedicated to dakgalbi, as well as a dak-galbi street with a significant number of dakgalbi eateries.

Mr Dakgalbi Delivery in Malaysia

Are you interested to learn how to prepare dakgalbi at home? We’ve got your back! Mr Dakgalbi is available for delivery on a variety of platforms. Mr Dakgalbi’s food delivery partners are Grab Food and Foodpanda. Check out the latest promos and discounts from Grab Food and Foodpanda! Both the Grabfood and Foodpanda smartphone apps allow you to place orders.

However, if the delivery service is not accessible in your location, you can use a same-day courier service like MrSpeedy or Lalamove. These courier services specialise in same-day as well as on-demand delivery and provide quick, low-cost delivery. You can take a look at Mr Dakgalbi menu above and order through these sites and rest assured that you will not be overcharged!







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