Netflix Plan And Pricing Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

Netflix does not need an introduction to Malaysia. Since the 90s Netflix has been nothing but innovative, spontaneous, and delightful for us Malaysians and the folks all over the world.  

But, let go into a very short introduction of how Netflix took over the world.

What Is Netflix? 

Netflix Plan and Pricing

Once upon a time, Netflix was a small DVD sales and rental company. It was a true testament to their innovativeness when they switched up this business model into a subscription-based one where customers paid a certain fee on a monthly basis to receive their DVDs through the mail. The subscription model was way ahead of its time in the early 2000s. 

This humble company made the transformation to a  large entertainment streaming service that became destruction to the traditional TV cable industry and completely revolutionized how we consume movies and series. Netflix promises efficiency and flexibility to become the best in the entertainment streaming service. With their promise, they truly delivered. It was obvious to the world that Netflix never failed to pay close attention to technology and how to effectively use it to change a user’s life. 

The world witnessed an accelerated transition from cord to the wireless streaming services of entertainment, all because of Netflix. Over 20 million people cut the cable cord and made their switch to a streaming service in the US alone. A similar trend is also going all over the world as Netflix reaches over more than 200 million subscribers worldwide. 

Netflix also made the binge-watching culture what it is today. Based on the mass appeal of humorous sitcoms, family time with movies of different categories, compelling documentaries, chill times with spouses and loved ones, Netflix made its service a wholesome and fun experience for the consumers. It is not a surprise that Malaysians also wanted a taste of this user-friendly streaming service. It was about time we got the slice of compelling content from all over the world, legally and efficiently. (Yes, we were sick of illegally streaming) 

When Did Netflix Launch In Malaysia? 

Plan and Pricing for Netflix

Netflix reached the Malaysian market in 2016 and has a well-deserved fan base of its own. It is no easy feat to launch in Malaysia where there are several experienced Asian competitors in the market. However, Netflix proved to be a success in the Southeast Asian market including Malaysia. 

It is also not easy to cater to the diverse Malaysian market but Netflix successfully managed to embrace all of Malaysia in a welcome bubble. They positioned themselves as an efficient, mobile-friendly streaming service for Malaysians. 

Asians are tech-savvy and we use our smartphones for literally everything. Whether it is for work, school, or entertainment, we love using our phones.  Netflix took a very user-centric approach to understand the demands of Malaysians. In fact, they took the Malaysian demands to their heart when  Malaysia became the first Southeast Asian country to get the Netflix plan and pricing made for only mobile. This launch happened in the year 2019 

How Much Content Does Netflix Offer In Their Plans And Pricing? 

Anybody who heard of Malaysia knows of how diverse it is. Malaysians come from many different racial backgrounds and it is definitely not easy to satisfy the needs of people that come from different cultural understandings. Netflix clearly used this diversity as a source of inspiration for the Netflix Malaysia content. Today Netflix Malaysia has over 23 categories of TV shows and movies, with over more than hundreds of shows available to watch. 

Netflix also took note of the Malaysian lifestyle and how it impacted the entertainment consumptions among users. They rolled out a special category labeled “Ramadan”. This category was made for the short holy month that a majority of Malaysians celebrate and enjoy. Netflix introduced some notable Asian hits such as “it’s okay to be not okay”, “the white tiger”, “hi, bye mama!”, “girl from nowhere”, “the stranded”. They also continued their stride in inclusivity to include more local content such as the munafiq, Pulang, and Jagat. 

Since Netflix pioneered as a Western service, many Malaysians are enticed by their western collection as well. Netflix has a large variety of both western and European series such as Bridgeton, Stranger Things, On my block, and  Money heist, all that became overnight hits among Malaysians. 

Also, let’s not forget the exceptional range of anime available on the platform. Most of us are huge anime fans and they make sure we have endless varieties of anime to watch. It is amazing how much anime content they provide us on affordable Netflix plans and pricing. Currently, the new season of Attack on Titan out on Netflix has got us all in a frenzy. 

How To Watch Netflix In Malaysia

Plan and Pricing Netflix Malaysia

It’s Netflix’s mission to ensure that we all have easy access to all of Netflix’s plans and pricing, no matter where we are. Netflix can be streamed literally on any device connected to the internet. iPhone, Android phones, Apple, Windows, Macbooks, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, and Smart TVs, you name it!

You can access Netflix on your computer or TV using their official Netflix application for Windows, Mac, and Xbox or you can simply use your browser for streaming as well. As for your mobile devices, the mobile application is free for download and you can stream once you have the app. It does not matter what kind of phone you have, as long as you are connected to the internet you have complete access. 

Netflix also recently made their streaming services even more accessible to their followers and users. They have introduced some user-friendly features like mobile previews, smart downloads, and social media sharing. We can also download a selected number of series, movies, documentaries and watch them at a later time. So don’t worry about a long 15-hour bus ride or an abrupt internet cut-off. Netflix has gone (partially) offline too!

Netflix also allows you to stream on multiple devices at the same time (Depending on the type of Netflix plan and pricing you have). Even if you have a plan that allows for one device, you can create up to five accounts for five different users. This is perfect for large families or groups of friends living together. Each user has their own set of Netflix watch lists and recommendations. 

But remember you may not be able to stream content simultaneously from different devices. The issue of devices is dependent on the type of plan you choose and they vary by price!

Netflix Plan And Pricing In Malaysia 2022

When it comes to being cost-effective Malaysia has fared pretty well considering the number of titles and content available on Netflix. Did you know that Malaysia has one of the cheapest subscriptions for Netflix plans and pricing? Netflix offers four different plans and pricing for its customers and users are allowed to switch between these plans anytime. These plans include the mobile plan, basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan. Malaysia belongs to the top ten countries with the most cost-effective Netflix plans, compared to the rest of the world.  Not too shabby for us, now is it?

Netflix mobile plan is the cheapest plan, which goes for RM 17 and you can only stream it at 480p on your tablet and smartphone. However, if you are looking for a plan that can stream on all the devices in your home, check out the basic, standard, and premium plans. These plans are available for our phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. The basic plan is incredibly cost-effective at RM35. You get 480p, access to all devices but can only be streamed on one device at a time. 

With the standard plans, Malaysians can enjoy 1080p on their devices and two people can enjoy it on different devices, at the same time. So if you and your spouse are fighting over what to watch on Netflix tonight, don’t worry! Netflix got you. The standard plan is available for RM45. 

If 1080p is not up to your satisfaction, Netflix offers us 4K HDR on their premium plan for an extra RM10. With this little extra, you can also connect up to four devices at the same time, so really you don’t need to fight over what to watch. You can also enjoy the steamy scenes on Bridgerton at your own discrepancy. 

How Does Netflix Compare? 

Netflix has a lot of competition in terms of plan and pricing. The Malaysian market enjoys many notable alternatives to Netflix such as Dimsum, Viu, Astro Go, and Iflix. 

Name Maximum Video Quality Offline Viewing  Parental Control  Free trial availability Sign up requiredPlans Available  Free content
Netflix 4K+HDYes YesN/ARequired Mobile+ (RM17)
Basic (RM 35)
Standard (RM45)
Premium (RM 55)
Apple TV4KYes Yes7 days free trial Required RM19.90N/A
Dimsum HDYes Yes30 day free trialNot required Free with ads
VIP (RM 8.90) 
 VIP family (RM 14.90)
Available with ads
Viu HDYes Yes 1 month free with Maxis Not required Free with ads 
Viu Premiums (with lesser ads)  RM 12 per month 
RM 48 for six months 
RM 88 for 1 year
Available with ads
Iflix HDYesYes30 day VIP trial Not requiredFree with ads 
RM 10 per month 
RM 96 per year
Available with ads
Amazon Prime 4KYes Yes30-day free trial And 6 month trial for students Required $5.99N/A

The question of Netflix is the best is still up for debate. Netflix has a slightly expensive plan and pricing compared to all the Asian alternatives such as dim sum and Viu that are strong competitors in the Malaysian market. However, there is no slowing down for Netflix among Malaysians since each and every one of these platforms offers a different thing for everyone.

Viu is perfect for K-drama addicts. Dimsum also provides similar content as Viu and is available to anyone residing in Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. They provide users content from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Korea. For those looking for a more budgeted option, take a chance with Viu, iflix, and Dimsum since they have an array of free content to enjoy. But of course, it comes with the expense of advertisements. 

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

Netflix data usage

We really do have an insatiable appetite when it comes to binge-watching on movies, series, and our favorite K-dramas. So it is natural to wonder how much data are we actually using when we stream using Netflix.

Netflix recommends an internet speed connection of at least 25 megabits to stream in HD and 4K resolution. Ofcourse, it is not a problem if you do not have this internet speed. You can always set to watch it at lower resolutions such as 480p and 1080p. 

Coming to the question of data consumption, Netflix estimates that we consume about 7BG per hour when streaming at 4K with or without HDR. However, at lower resolutions such as 4800, you consume about 300MB per hour. At a higher resolution of 1080p, consumers use about 3GB per hour.  

The International Expansion Of Netflix 

Netflix seems unbeatable when it comes to providing a user-friendly, efficient, diverse streaming platform. They have the sleekness, the inclusivity, and original content that can entertain us for days. It is not completely wrong to say Netflix remains a streaming champion to Malaysians and to the rest of southeast Asia. Many local and Asian content is signed to line up in the future as Netflix sees great potential in the Asian market. It also does not hurt to get Netflix if you are an avid traveler. The streaming service is available throughout the entire world except for China, Crimea, North Korea, or Syria.

So have you set your eyes on the new Netflix plan and pricing for you? Here are some delightful recommendations for your first Netflix binge-watch!

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