Top 3 Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur You Should Check Out

Early last year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard across the globe, and a lot of people have had a rough time struggling between their businesses and daily jobs. There are big corporations that had plummeted down financially, thus they had to retrench many of their employees from their team. This unexpected situation has caused owners to look for virtual office Kuala Lumpur. The fact that they are unable to get the same total profits from before the wave of the pandemic takes place has sent them spiraling down into more loss than gain. Moreover, business owners have to put their offices on sale due to the inability to commit monthly for their sky-high monthly rentals.

As the day goes by, we can witness countless people have to give up their companies due to financial shortage. With this arising problem, there is finally a solution to this unexpected dilemma. Virtual office businesses have been springing up like a miracle. This particular service is hailed as a savior to many people who strive to obtain a place in their workplace. Virtual office is a flexible workspace industry where they provide technological and communication services, as well as physical spaces for working purposes. There are many other offers with more services that customers can choose from depending on memberships. Many startup companies use this service so that they do not have to pay excessively for a traditional workspace, thus giving more freedom to the employees to work anywhere they are most comfortable at. 

Here are some suggestions of virtual office Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that you might be interested on:


virtual office kuala lumpur

Situated in the middle of developing, opportunity-concentrated area, Whitespace takes the wheel to set up a serviced office at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Jason Chow, who is both the executive director and co-founder of this virtual office provider wishes to expand their outlets outside of Klang Valley as there are spiking demands for it by small business owners who dream of cutting costs in this topsy-turvy economy. Wishing to provide the easiest and best solutions for businesses but still remains in a huge city, Whitespace has all the services you need for your new business. 

Services Provided

The first eye-catching package Whitespace offers to the public is their virtual office where you can easily get a prestigious address for your business while working virtually. Compacted with dedicated phone and fax number, receptionist, documents and courier services as well as business administrators at the price of only RM169 per month, you can get all these services with just a swipe of your card.

Other packages include professional and premium coworking space with additional perks along serviced offices with all the needed services such as rooms and access card to all outlets. 

From RM18 for a day pass to more membership offers, Whitespace is a cheap virtual office Kuala Lumpur that provides the best of the best for that price. 

Business Details

Website: Whitespace

Location: 3.02D (East Wing), Level 3, Menara BRDB, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: 03-2297 3788

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


virtual office kuala lumpur

Located among other sought-after places, WORQ wishes to take the administrative fuss and workplace management for you to focus solely on one priority: your business. This rent shared office is situated at one of the most convenient places, where there are public transportation, cafes and shopping malls which are internally connected, making it super accessible for those who need to take a breather after a long day of working for straight hours.

virtual office kuala lumpur

Services Provided

The day pass price starts with RM30 with access to any open desk, which are suitable for nomads. You can connect with people from different companies in the open space without being restricted to a designated traditional office seat. 

Designed with simplicity, WORQ offers free flow of coffee and snacks, ample parking space, game room, nap pods and many more that you can discover onwards when you register for its subscription.

If you are looking for an affordable 24 hour coworking space which is only within your area, make sure to check WORQ out as it is the cheapest virtual office in Kuala Lumpur

Business Details

Website: WORQ

Locations: Glo Damansara, TTDI | UOA Business Park, Subang | KL Gateway, Bangsar South

Contacts: 010-900 6704, 010-966 6704, 010-2346 704

Socials: Facebook, Instagram 


virtual office kuala lumpur

Colony is one of the largest virtual offices that is situated in the middle of metropolitan KLCC.

They also have other branches extended around other parts of Kuala Lumpur. The design of its coworking space is deliberately imitating the New York Tribeca to showcase the modernity, exclusivity and luxurious. They believe that a concept shift from the usual mundane and dull office space will help to motivate and improve productivity. Each Colony division has a specific yet different theme from each other to give the customers the freedom to pick out the best design according to their preferences. When you are considering getting a virtual office Kuala Lumpur or in Selangor, you should check work space for rent near me for more options to choose from. 

Services Provided

Colony provides many services with RM60 for a day pass to a hot desk which you will be able to work in your desired colony workspace which can improve your creativity level. For startup companies that are interested in getting a work space to rent, Colony offers monthly rental for RM198 only. It covers many amenities such as all coworking spaces and services for employees such as Wi-Fi, 5 prestigious addresses that you favor the most, mail and parcel handling services. 

To bring the only excellency out of your employees’ creativity, you first have to start providing a comfortable space for them and Colony is just the way to go. 

Business Details

Website: Colony

Locations: Levels 16-20, Boutique Office (B-01-D), Menara 2 (Pillar 11), KL Eco City, No. 3, Jalan Bangsar, 59200 Kuala Lumpur 

Contact: 018-213 8086

Socials: Facebook, Instagram 

Here is the list for cheap and comfy workspaces for millennials who believe traditional workspaces are in the past and the future is more convenient and get the work done better. Despite having to work virtually, a rejuvenating session for your soul and mind is highly needed to stay focused on the tasks at hand. If you have a sweet tooth and love café hunting, you would love to read more on the best coffee shops in Malaysia. 

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