Top 6 Places to Get Your Avocado Drink in Malaysia

Food and drinks here in Malaysia have become diversified in the past decade. We have restaurants and shops that cater to specific cuisines and a type of fruit. This includes the vast variety of shops that sell avocado drinks in Malaysia. Avocado drinks range from avocado juices to smoothies and avocado milk. You could go to a cafe and order something on the menu that has avocado in it. However, the main and fun part has yet to come. Since avocados are healthy and tasty, there are restaurants and cafes that sell almost everything avocado! Here are the 6 popular places for you to get your exquisite avocado drink, here in Malaysia.

1) Avocadian @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Avocadian @ SS15 Subang Jaya
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Avocadian uptown located in SS15 Subang Jaya, Bangsar Telawi and Damansara Uptown offers nourishing milkshakes and purees. Their main aim is to provide healthy and beautiful avocado food and beverages. A must-try is their AvoShake.  Their AvoShake 100% natural avocado milkshake is everyone’s all-time favourite. The plus point is that it is a wonderful health booster that is vegan and keto-friendly. Other than drinks, the avocadian menu offers Avo Puree, Avo Tarts, Oh My Guac!, and handpicked AvoFruits.  Get the milkshake and have a balanced meal. Read more about the avocadian uptown on their official website, Facebook and Instagram. 

For more information : Avocadian | FB :  | IG :

2) Pickle & Fig @ TTDI

Pickle & Fig @ TTDI
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Pickle & Fig was established in 2012, in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Pickle & Fig offers a wide variety of gourmet food/beverages that are just irresistible. However, the main key to avocado lovers and those with adventurous tastebuds, you need to try their good avocado drink, Avocado Dates smoothie and Chicken & Avocado Mashed sandwich from their forever good menu. Their Avocado Dates smoothie, made with avocado, milk, dates and yogurt will certainly be filling and satisfactory. 

For more information: Pickle & Fig | IG: @pickleandfig

3) Avosome

Photo: @theavosome

Avosome is a smoothie and juice bar in Kuala Lumpur that sells everything avocado. They have avocado smoothies of six flavours and eight Avocuddle Packs. The flavours of their smoothies include Avo Milk, Avo Gula Melaka, Avo Coffee, Avo Honey, Avo Banaberry and Avo Coffee with Gula Melaka. All smoothies have no preservatives and no added sugar, which is healthy. The Avocuddle Packs consist of three bottles of different flavoured avocado smoothies which comprise the Pure Bliss pack, Nuts about Avo pack, The Avosome One pack, The Goodness pack, Local Delights pack, Get Caffeinated pack, Bee-autiful pack and Berry Much pack. 

For more information: IG: @theavosome | FB: @theavosome

4) Bo the Avocado @ Jaya One, TTDI, Midvalley

Bo the Avocado @ Jaya One, TTDI, Midvalley
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Bo the avocado provides unique and delightful avocado smoothies, mixed with other fruits like banana and cranberry, nuts like almond and macadamia, and not to forget, chocolate! Some examples of their smoothies are the classic Avo Milk, Avo Almond Milk, Avo Oat Milk, Avo Banana, Avo Cranberry and Avo Mint Dark Choc. To Matcha lovers, here is where you can get your perfect crossover of matcha and avocado, the Avo Yuri matcha. Bo the Avocado has three branches, one in Jaya One, one in TTDI and one in Midvalley Megamall. Go get your favourite mid-valley avocado drink. 

For more information: IG: @bo.the.avocado | FB: @botheavocado1 

5) City Milk @ 1UTAMA

City Milk @ 1UTAMA

CITY MILK Malaysia is a professional in the fruit-milk beverage industry. All of their drinks are based upon papaya milk, combined with various fresh fruits and their special formula. Their drinks include fruit milk, juices, milkshakes and yogurts. Their super signature milk drink flavours are papaya, mango, banana, watermelon, honey melon, dragon fruit, super berry and avocado milk. City Milk currently has three branches which are in 1Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Velocity. 

For more information: City Milk Malaysia | IG: @citymilkmalaysia | FB: @citymilkmalaysia   

6) Urban Juicer @ My Town

Urban Juicer @ My Town
Photo: @Urban Juicer

The drinks at Urban Juicer are fresh, cold-pressed juices and smoothies. The values and principles of Urban Juicer are, “We Urban Juicer serves cold-pressed juices and avocado smoothies. The cold-pressed juices are freshly squeezed upon orders and they are made with 100% natural fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or preservative. It also serves a wide variety of avocado smoothies. The avocado juices have a thick texture and are very “kaw”. The popular choices are Avocado Lotus Biscoff, Avocado Cashew Nuts and Avocado Cempedak. Urban Juicer is located at MyTown Shopping Center and it is also available on Grab Food.

For more information: Urban Juicer | IG: @myurbanjuicer | FB: @myurbanjuicer







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