10 Aesthetic Cafes In Petaling Jaya You Must Check Out

The term ‘aesthetic’ refers to something that pleases the eye. Human beings are simple creatures, we see something we like and we are bound to gravitate towards it. So, when we spot cafes that are aesthetically pleasing, we can’t help but be enamoured by them. These aesthetic cafes are all the rage nowadays. People, especially those between the ages of 15 to 35, tend to visit these cafes during their free periods. I, myself, should admit to being a part of this craze. I love to feast on the modern and minimalistic vibes these cafes present.

If you are feeling left out, and want to join the aesthetic cafe craze, read on. Here are 10 aesthetic cafes located around Petaling Jaya for you to go cafe hopping around. 


‘sistem buttermilk’, ‘i am percik’ ‘keep kaew and curry on’ – – These are just a few of the names of the dishes served at Therefore. The cafe menu is full of bizarre and fascinating dish names that will amuse you before you order. The dish names represent a Malaysian take on cuisines from other cultures. The names are not the only thing interesting about the place. The interior design boasts two main colour palettes, red and gold. These colours don’t usually work well together, but Therefore has made it work stupendously. 

Website: therefore.my

Instagram: @therefore.cafe

Facebook:  @therefore.cafe

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Open from 9 am to 5 pm, this cafe is nothing but aesthetically pleasing. The two-story cafe has a white and black palette that is simple but modern in many ways. They serve healthy foods that employ eco-friendly methods of creation and use eco-friendly products as well. KLÉSIS café offers healthy versions of Japanese, Western and Taiwanese dishes that will knock your socks off. This is the perfect cafe for those who are leading a healthy life for themselves. Other than that, you can also visit the cafe for their deliciously brewed coffee and coffee-infused drinks. 

Website: klesiscafe.storebud.me

Instagram: @klesiscafe

The H. Temptation

If you like a cafe that has a clean look to it, the cafe you head over to The H. Temptation. It is a nice cafe, filled with wooden furnishings and an exposed ceiling. The cafe also has this unique look, where it has exposed bricks that are painted white. The menu consists of Japanese, Western and local cuisines. They even have a separate menu ‘The Healthy Bowls Series’, where they give you several healthy meal options. The chill environment will allow you to relax and recharge with your friends or family.

Instagram: @thehtemptation.cafe


aesthetic cafes

Terrasse Cafe & Bistro

Terrasse Cafe & Bistro are open until 12 am in the morning. This will be the ideal cafe to hangout at the end of the weekday, or during the weekend. They are awardees of IBF TOP GOURMET AWARD 2019 and IBF HERITAGE FOOD CHEF AWARD 2019 BY IBF World Heritage Food & Gourmet Awards Associate. The building is a combination of a cocktail bar, coffee shop and restaurant. The cafe is set under a beautiful sun-roof from which natural sunlight enters and fills the room. They offer elegant and sophisticated meals that give your taste buds an experience like never before. 

Instagram: @terrassecafebistro

Facebook: @TerrasseCocktailBar

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Hideaway Cafe

Hideaway Cafe is a quiet cafe where you can enjoy baked goods and drinks that can melt your soul. The cafe is small and cosy, fitting for individuals who prefer a home-style cafe. It is filled with late 18th-century furniture and tiled kitchen walls. The pastries, cakes and meals are served on plates with intricate designs. The environment of the cafe feels personalised and warm. It is a great place to have your late afternoon tea and a short chat with the people you care about. They are only open for four days a week, Thursdays to Sundays and their hours may vary depending on the day of the week. 

Facebook: @hideaway17

bröom Artisan Bakery & Kitchen

This cafe presents you with a rustic interior theme. They have plants in every corner, rattan and wooden chairs, and exposed walls. If you are a fan of earthy tones, head over to bröom Artisan Bakery & Kitchen. This place offers you freshly-baked goods every day. They also have fusion and original dishes on their menu. They have dishes like ‘Asian Loaded Fries’ and ‘Karaage Tofu Salad’ that are vegan options that will make your month quench. Some of their drinks and baked goods come with names that you have not even heard of. 

Website: broomartisanbakery.com

Instagram: @broomartisanbakery

Facebook: @broomartisanbakery

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Flakes (The Hub SS2)

Flakes is another cafe with rustic interior design, especially with their wooden and rattan chairs. However, they do have some modern aspects to it, with their dim lighting and clean designs. This two-story cafe serves Western, Local and Japanese dishes. These cuisines are often fused to form entirely new dishes from which you can eat. They also specialise in their many types of croissants that come in many different flavours. Head over to Flakes (The Hub SS2) to experience the quaint atmosphere.

Instagram: @flakes.my

Facebook: Flakes

spacegrey at floralreef

This cafe has an industrial interior design to it that makes it look modern. The colour palette of this cafe includes black, grey, white and hints of brown. It is filled with sleek furniture that makes you feel like you are in the future. This aesthetic cafe also has a separate room dedicated to neon lights and decorations. It is the perfect spot to take an Instagram picture for your feed. Similar to other cafes, they have bizarre names for their dishes and drinks. ‘Nothing Special Ramen’, ‘Black Soda’ and ‘Dirty Matcha’ are a few of the amusing and creative names on the menu. 

Instagram: @spacegrey.my

aesthetic cafes

Slow Coffee

If you are looking for a minimalistic themed cafe, slow coffee is the spot for you. The cafe’s interior is a mixture of rustic and industrial themes. It is more modern-looking in a sense where the lighting is perfectly adequate to look at. It is not too bright, but not too dim as well. The cafe’s menu consists of coffee drinks, breakfast & brunch dishes, and dessert options. The cafe is also located near greenery. You can enjoy the sights as you drink that warm cup of coffee you have been craving for. 

Instagram: @coffee.slow

Facebook: Slow Coffee

Kooky Cream

Kooky Cream is a cafe found in two locations in Malaysia, The HUB SS2 and Damansara. The cafe located in Petaling Jaya has a very rustic theme to it. They have wooden chairs along with their wooden chairs, and plants that fill up the room. The cafe produces freshly baked goods daily. Their cakes come in variety and flavours such as ‘Salted Caramel Pecan’ and ‘Hojicha Double Fromage’. They also serve other delicacies that can satisfy your sweet palette. 

Website: kookycreambakery.com

Instagram: @kookycream

Facebook: Kooky Cream

What are you waiting for? Start your aesthetic cafe-hopping adventure and enjoy every aspect of it! Don’t forget to take some insta-worthy shots! Check out these spots to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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