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Animal welfare Malaysia is one goodwill I find the most resonance with. By way of context, I am a dedicated cynophile myself with little to no hesitation in providing for every canine and feline in which fate allows me to cross paths with. Even an act as simple as giving a comforting pat brightens up my day just like that. However, take my advice to not go around patting all dogs and cats you find adorable because chances are they may perceive it as a threat. Imagine having strangers patting your head unexpectedly, you might already label that as harassment. Bear in mind that animals value their personal space as much as we do. 

Talking about canines is one topic I find closest to my heart, for I have three beautiful angels at home I am willing to sacrifice solely for the betterment of their livelihood. People find necessity in questioning my fondness for animals because it has prominently exceeded the level of attachment I hold for human beings. They may not be the ones affording a roof over my head or education that grants me the chance to stand on the spot I am on today; they marched me through the darkest of times in which monetary support can never provide. 

Despite speech capabilities not bestowed upon them by birth, I apprehend well that they do not judge and discriminate, or even take any form of kindness for granted. While a human’s intention can be somewhat corrupted, pets only seek your affection and that is the end of it. As bizarre as it sounds, they might still love you just the same despite living off minimal provision throughout the day. Suppose you find this statement absurd to accept, study has disclosed that as many as 23% of American homeless youth owned a pet (Rhoades et al., 2016) , proving pets maintain their loyalty notwithstanding poverty.

animal welfare malaysia
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“I Want A Pet Because They Are Adorable”

While that is an entirely factual statement I can never deny, be mindful of your implication behind this very ambiguous sentence. Are you looking forward to owning a pet both because they are charming and you are competent enough to do so; or solely because they are adorable and nothing else? There may be concrete evidence proving their loyalty that remains just as sturdy even amidst desperate circumstances, they are still a living being eventually who requires sufficient basic amenities and supervision to maintain wellbeing. Suppose you have little to no knowledge regarding the responsibilities of a pet owner apart from being swamped by their cuteness every other day, I strongly suggest you put your thoughts on hold prior to risking an innocent life. 

Consistent Veterinary Check-Ups

You may only find it necessary sending your furkids to the veterinarian when they are feeling under the weather. That said though, they require frequent check-ups per annum just like all of us who attend medical checkup every fixed interval to detect potential health problems before it further escalates. We speak up when our physique malfunctions and seek medical assistance before it worsens in which pets could never. While they may try to demonstrate their feelings through body language, we might not fully comprehend their intent and only struck upon it when their condition aggravated. 

While pets are domestically-friendly, they are capable of bringing in diseases should they are not well vaccinated and groomed in a timely manner. Fleas and ticks are two of pets owners’ biggest nightmares. These tiny culprits attach themselves within the warm fur of dogs and cats, and feed on their blood which can cause catastrophic health issues overtime including but not limited to allergic reactions, and tick-borne illnesses. Nevertheless, the consequences do not end there. 

animal welfare malaysia
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How Dangerous Are Ticks

Fleas merely survive off a single host throughout their lives whereas ticks engorge themselves on different hosts. Though visible to human eyes, these arachnids are still small enough for you to be unaware of their movements as they slowly attach to you. In addition to minor tick bites causing redness and swelling, some are viscous enough to transmit deadly bacterias causing Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It may sound logical enough to simply remove these ticks with bare hands or any tools possible, complete removal is deemed impossible. Chances are that partial of their body remains even after removal, making you more vulnerable to infections. 

In case of doubts, visit the doctor promptly or take proper precautions for the sake of your pets prior to the adoption, and for as long as they reside under the same roof with you. 

animal welfare malaysia
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Suppose you are ready to avail yourself of your pet-owning competency, you may approach these credible animal welfare associations in Malaysia for a new addition to the family. 

SPCA Selangor 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA Selangor) established back in 1958 is a nation-renowned benevolent animal welfare who pledges to enhance the livelihood of animals both non-domestic and domestic. Apart from shelter and adoption services, they offer a plethora of undertakings for the betterment of animals such as spay or neuter services, education, investigations should there be any cases of animal abuse, assistance for pet caregivers, lobbying the government, together with their most recent mission being promoting farm animal welfare. Suppose you come into encounters with animals in desperate need of aid, lodge a report at animal protection malaysia via 03-42565312. Besides, they are fairly active with volunteer programmes which bring together animal enthusiasts of all races, religions and backgrounds to be the voice of this community. 

Contact Details 


Email : [email protected]

Phone Number : 03-42565312

Operation Hours : Tuesday-Sunday (10am-4pm)

Address : Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Ampang

animal welfare malaysia
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PAWS Malaysia – Paws Animal Welfare Society 

PAWS presents themselves as a nonprofit animal shelter who preoccupies themselves with contributions pertaining to animal welfare malaysia. Ever since their establishment back in 1987, they have significantly provided for 250 over pooch and 250 over feline of whom were unfortunately strays. Most importantly, they assemble individuals ranging from volunteers to experts of the industry such as part-time veterinarians, vet assistants, and kennel workers who hold abundant expertise and knowledge concerning animal wellbeing. Fascinatingly, they allow animal enthusiasts whose circumstances are not yet desirable enough to become a pet-owner themselves to sponsor (SAPP) the living of a particular pet at PAWS’ animal shelter till they eventually manage to find a home. Having said that, they are highly encouraged to pay their sponsored furkid frequent visits at the shelter to cultivate meaningful bonds. 

Contact Details 


Email : [email protected]

Phone Number : 03-78461087

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday (except for Wednesday & public holidays) (9am-4pm)

Address : Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road, 47200 Subang, Selangor

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Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation 

Founded by veterinarian Datuk Dr.S.Sivagurunathan amidst his youth, MNAWF aspires to nurture a community by raising pivotal awareness and emphasizing a fair-minded approach to animal welfare. They hold beneficial linkages with both governmental officials, the Minister of Agriculture and a significant number of private bodies to engage in more holistic undertakings revolving animal welfare. On top of that, they offer a wide variety of engrossing programs one of which being Canine SportzClub also known as the “doggie school”. Equipped with qualified instructors, they offer professional training for canines which is deemed one of the backbones to ameliorating their wellbeing. While you remain skeptical, do not mind me informing that this very programme has birthed 2,000 graduates including the dogs and their owners respectively. 

Contact Details


Email :  [email protected]

Phone Number : 03-40435113/ 03-40432420 

Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday (9am-5pm)

Address : Wisma Medivet, 8, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

animal welfare malaysia
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Bottom Line

Unfortunately in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, most if not, all of the animal welfare associations across Malaysia have since suspended their volunteer programs to prevent further spread of the infectious virus. That said though, we can always donate for benevolence to keep their operation running throughout this very unprecedented period in which may be of wonderful help. There may be countless nonprofit organizations of suchlike on the rescue, we are still the ultimate saviour of all pooch and purr of whom they demand to be granted a safe place they can feel comfortable enough to call home. You may not be necessarily equipped with sufficient resources and competence to own a pet of yours, but helping out strays by simply providing them with basic amenities like food and water is equivalent to saving a life. Have you done a good deed today?

animal welfare malaysia
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