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Ubat Kuat Lelaki: Debunking The Myths Of Libido Booster

It is not uncommon for us to come into encounters with unlicensed advertisements that go along the lines of “Ubat Kuat Lelaki” against pillars, tree barks, and walls by the roadside. Their existence is far...

Animal Welfare Malaysia For All Pooch And Purr

People find necessity in questioning my fondness for animals because it has prominently exceeded the level of attachment I hold for human beings. They may not be the ones affording a roof over my head or education that grants me the chance to stand on the spot I am on today; they marched me through the darkest of times in which monetary support can never provide.

Mental Health Services And Benevolent Organizations

Mental health services are deemed one of the most underfunded services across the globe with only a few nations pay attention to. Despite coming off as far from a huge deal to some, victims of...

Malaysia Is Complicit Of Racial Injustice Itself – Racism In Malaysia

Some work hard to raise necessary awareness and some remain one eye closed. As ridiculous as it may sound, there even exists individuals who reciprocate whereby the policies established solely to favour the majority race were not concrete evidence of systemic racism in malaysia as the minority races generally earn an income 11% to 38% more than their majority counterparts.



2022 Top 10 Malaysian Celebrities Most Google-searched (Updated)

Malaysian celebrities most searched in Google

Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Merdeka

Knock-knock! Who’s there? It’s me! Me who? Meer-de-kuh! August is here and it is the Merdeka month. Hari Merdeka, also known as Malaysia’s Independence...

Female Circumcision In Malaysia: Do Women Actually Go Through Circumcision?

Circumcision has been a hot topic of debate throughout the decade. The very definition is off-putting, almost sinister. Imagine a world where cutting off...

Benefits Of Spa Treatment & 10 Best Spa In KL!

Spa in kl is able to create a soothing and peaceful environment where people are able to calm and relax the moment they step their foot on.

Top 3 Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur You Should Check Out

Early last year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard across the globe, and a lot of people have had a rough time struggling between their...