5 Best Omakase Restaurant in KL & Selangor (2022)

Do you understand the meaning of the Japanese word Omakase, which is commonly heard in Sushi restaurants? 

The term Omakase [ 任せる ] literally translates as “I leave it to your care,” and it refers to a mutual gesture of trust between the client and the chef, who is in charge of deciding all of the prepared foods.

The expression “Omakase” has the same meaning as “surprise me!”

Consider the following scenario: you dine at a local restaurant on a regular basis, and the chef knows you and your preferences. You walk in one day and say, “surprise-me!” because you already trust the chef.

Another possibility is as follows: We used to go to mamak or our normal local eatery in Malaysia and say to the waiter, “As usual,” or “Macam biasa.” It’s as if they already know who you are and what you like to eat because you regularly order the same thing at their restaurant. In order to do so, you must have a mutual connection with the waiter or the owners, but this is different with the Japanese traditional Omakase style, which has a deeper meaning and places complete decisions on behalf of the restaurant’s chef. 

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Omakase is thought to have originated in Kaiseki, which is a Japanese dining style in which meals are cooked and presented one at a time, with high-end foods included. It is essentially a tasting menu. 

To put it another way: Osusume  [お勧め], which literally is a suggestion from the house, is another highly common and similar phrase. By stating the drink, you might inquire as to what the waiter advice from the menu. Omakase, on the other hand, is a more complex term that places complete responsibility in the hands of the restaurant’s executive chef.

Top 5 Best Omakase Restaurant in KL & Selangor

It is possible to find a few Japanese restaurants that specialize in an omakase-style dining experience, and if you happen to be looking for some recommendations, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Omakase Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to help you narrow down your options. Who knows Anneluxuryeats have been to one of the lists below

1. UROKO Japanese Cuisine (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) 

One of the best Omakase Malaysia. A broad variety of Japanese cuisines are available at this pork-free restaurant, including anything from salads (their famous Uroko Salad is highly praised) to sashimi, sushi, and donburi. Beyond Uroko’s standard menu, their sushi Omakase option allows you to be more daring. Pick your full-course dinner budget (RM150 or RM250 per person) omakase kl price, relax, and let the chefs create some of their seasonal specialities for you. 

FB: urokojapPJ  

IG: @urokojapcuisine

Website: uroko.com.my 

Contact: 017-673-9223

2. Sushi Ryu (Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur) 

Sushi RYU is the result of a labor of love amongst a group of gourmets who wanted to raise the standard on the omakase experience in Kuala Lumpur without raising the bar on the price point in the process. RYU, which translates into the fabled “dragon” in Japanese, is a new restaurant in KLCC’s prestigious Platinum Park sector that attempts to fill the need in the market by providing gourmet Japanese food in a stylish setting without charging a large price tag. Sushi Ryu is also known as the best Omakase in KL.

FB: sushiryumy

IG: @sushiryu.kl 

Website: ryu-sushi.com 

Contact: 03-2181-1533

3. Sushi Oribe (KLCC, Kuala Lumpur) 

Handcrafted Culinary Experiences to Savor, Sushi Oribe also one of the restaurants that served sushi Omakase. Sushi Oribe takes great pleasure in both the quality of the food and the level of service provided. You will savor the chef’s 7-course omakase selections, which will include everything from the appetizer to sashimi, a selected dish-of-the-day, and specialty sushi, all prepared with only the best seasonal ingredients. Dessert is served with each omakase course, ensuring that your meal ends on a sweet note. Henceforth, depending on the months in which you choose to dine, their omakase course changes from season to season, ranging from spring to summer to autumn to winter to spring.

FB: oribe.sushi

IG: @oribesushi 

Website: oribe-sushi.com.my

Contact: 018-2041-781

4. Umi Omakase (Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur) 

Takahiro Shiga, the head chef, is no stranger to cooking Japanese cuisine, having done so for more than 30 years in various locations across the globe. In addition, his knowledge and expertise are visible in the expertly prepared dishes he creates utilizing only the finest ingredients available.

Besides sourcing the ingredients directly from Toyosu Market in Tokyo, Umi Omakase also ensures that you receive not only from the best but also the freshest materials available. Extra sides can be added to your omakase meal at lunch and dinner, allowing you to customize your dining experience. Seasonal truffle, caviar, uni, and foie gras are among the options for the sides, which are available upon request. Takahiro Persistence in the pursuit of perfection in order to provide you with the best possible omakase experience.

Come visit him in person and then you will learn more about it, some of which may be surprising to you. 

FB: umiomakase

IG: umi.omakase

Website: umi-omakse.com 

Contact: 012-598-3859

5. TAKA by Sushi Saito (The St Regis, Kuala Lumpur) 

One of the most affordable omakase KL. Enjoy TAKA’s traditional Edomae-style sushi, which uses only the highest-quality ingredients imported directly from Japan. Depending on your preferences and budget, the restaurant provides seasonal appetizers as well as others such as grilled fish and sushi platters. So you don’t have to be worried about thinking about the omakase price. You’ll also be seated at a cozy 16-seater counter constructed of Hinoki wood that’s 300 years old. 

FB: Taka.kl

IG: Taka.kl

Website: taka-ushi.com

Contact: 012-330-3600

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