The Best Beach Wear Malaysia For A Hot Girl Summer

It’s time for a pina colada (or a virgin pina colada for some of us) with the best beach wear Malaysia! 

Summer is here, tops are off and bikinis and burkinis are on. We are ready to drive into the sunset hues on the coastal side of the country and taking in every in nature. From the white sandy beach in our hair to the flaunting tan from the sun, we are taking it all. After spending almost a year and a half working from home, wearing nothing but our pajamas, and walking from the fridge to the bed, we are all desperate for a good time on the beach.

 As a girl from the isles of The Maldives, the beach is my home. A life without a beach is a life I could not imagine not having my wardrobe stocked with the best beachwear accessories. Our lifestyle does not call for dressing up for the beach but having beachwear on hand is an absolute must. The unlimited sunscreens, personalized beach hats, beach mats, cute beachy dresses, cover-ups, kaftans, sunglasses, and cute swimwear. 

Before diving to shop in the pool of choices for beach wear Malaysia, you should consider a few things to what makes the perfect hot girl summer outfits. Every girl needs the basics of a good summer outfit. A vibrant bikini, or a burkini. An oversized sunglass that’s straight out of a harry styles song. A cover-up for lazy time on the beach. And your most comfortable beach dress with a statement beach bag.  Even though we narrowed down the basics, you and I both know it is an absolute hassle to actually shop for these. 

Choosing The Best Beach Wear Malaysia

When choosing your beachwear essentials in Malaysia, make sure you got the rules covered. Look at the products with a very strategic outlook. How is the color going to fit with your beach theme? Is it vibrant enough for a happy look? Also are you willing to ditch the monotone colors and go for different types of prints? We know we love our crochet and lace cover-up with a boho theme print bikini to brighten up the day. As beach go-ers, we should also think about the material and its sustainability. Will you be able to use this for a very long time? What is the composition? Is it a harmful product for the environment?

There are so many international as well as local labels offering high-end, stylish beach accessories in Malaysia. If you are struggling to pick among all of these brands offering a variety of beachwear Malaysia, I have chosen the absolute must-haves from the best brands catering to us! No more packing every possible item you have in your wardrobe for a beach getaway. Simply back these essentials and we promise you are going to have the ultimate hot girl summer. 

Petite Beach Collections: Malibu Beach Wear

Born in Malaysia, the Malibu beachwear celebrates wholesome vibes with its empowering collection curated for Asian physiques. From flowery patterns to minimalistic designs, they have nailed the most exclusive and prettiest beach wear Malaysia. Malibu beachwear does not only have pretty bikinis. They also have a resort wear collection to die for. From their tassel kaftans in white to the beautifully designed sun wraps, Malibu beachwear will be the perfect partner to make your beach visit and hot spring resort staycations look luxurious. Who said we need to go to a resort to look like we are dripping in luxury? Spruce your laidback weekend beach getup with the petite collections for Malibu Beachwear.

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Eco-friendlyAnd Size Inclusive Bikinis: OZERO Swimwear

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Sustainability should be the first thing in our minds when choosing the perfect beach get-ups. Ur beaches greatly suffer because of our unsustainable consumption habits. To make a conscious effort to protect the environment, take a step with OZERO swimwear. They put our minds at ease with high-quality, body-positive bikinis and swimwear that feels like a lovely hug in the summer. Ozero swimwear is not only on a mission to get the best for their customers. They also care about swimwear as a form of art. Through the lens of fashion design and illustrations, they have worked hard to empower women from different corners of the world. They often collaborate with designers, illustrators and give back to the community as well. If you are looking for a brand that is stylish, minimalistic, sustainable, and gives off the kindest vibes, then look no further than OZERO beach wear Malaysia collections. 

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Best Beach Accessories: Pink & Proper

A trip to the beach is not complete without all the accessories that make up for the experience. It is the cute little sunglasses, hats, and turbans that make beach trips and poolside visits even more memorable. If you are struggling to find good statement pieces for the travel bag, check out the very versatile Pink & Proper. Versatility and stylish is their aim. Don’t worry if you are only browsing around for one beach accessory and but end up buying it all. Their items and swimwear collections are irresistible and the accessories even more. Light, breezy, airy, and comfortable are the words we can use to describe their range of collections. If you are looking for beach totes bags and nude-colored sandals for the beach, pink & proper got it all. They even have a wide range of beachwear collections in Malaysia from bikinis, monokinis, and even modest beachwear. 

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Ultimate Modest Beachwear: Matsellah Design 

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The list of beachwear Malaysia has not reached perfection without the mention of the modest beachwear brand Matsellah Design. The brand is curated for Hijabis and others who are looking for a modest option for beach fun. Matsellah Design did a wonderful job at making us hijabis feel loved and accepted with their vibrant scheme of collections. They have collections of beachwear inspired by waves, tropics, origami, pastel hues, and the ocean. to compliment the beach wear beauties they even introduced a line of hijabs and turbans that matches with absolute perfection! Saying that the designs are absolutely good is a bit of an understatement. They look like a joy to wear and the quality is unbeatable. 

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While we wait for the world to heal, stock up your wardrobe with these beautiful essentials for the beach. Many countries are opening up their borders so that we could enjoy blue skies, sunshine, and oceanside breeze. The key to enjoying it all is to look just as good as the beach! 

Aishath Shaba Adam
Aishath Shaba Adam
and with cinnamon rolls, I am a happy girl







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