Top 5 Wedding Photographer Malaysia

The most magical memories a couple could ever share are their wedding moment together. From the sprout of love to a lifetime commitment, two hearts tie the knot. Moreover, weddings are a time that couples wish to treasure their beautiful memories. What better way to keep your love memory than hiring a skilful professional photographer? Bingo! You hear it right. The solution to your dilemma is a “Wedding photographer”. Trust us; you would not want to go into the hassle of photographing.

Trying to find the right wedding photographer in Malaysia but you’re too confused to choose? Chillax and sit back as we bring you the best Malaysia wedding photographer that you ever need. Let’s leave it to the professionals to do their job. The list offers you some of the prominent photographers in Malaysia.

1. Dennis Yap Photography

wedding photographer Malaysia

Listed in Britishpedia Biographic Encyclopedia, Successful People In Malaysia, Vol.1 2019 is Dennis Yap Photography. Dennis Yap Photography is our local established wedding photographer in Malaysia based in Subang Jaya. He has worked in the wedding photography industry for more than 10 years. Next, his clients cite his work as naturally captivating emotions, laughter, and love with wonders. Meanwhile, the others compliment his art as characteristic, classic, memorable and elegant.  He is a funny guy with immense creative aesthetic talents for your wedding photos. Dennis Yap Photography is able to capture a living expression of emotion. Furthermore, he can even photograph the unseen heartfelt moments between lovers. Look no further if you want beautiful artistic romantic moments. He can create sweet love memories for lovebirds. Only the best photographer smith the best wedding photo in Malaysia.

For More Information: | FB: dennisyapphoto | IG: @dennisyapphoto   

Location:LE PETIT STUDIO, A-13A-12 USJ 1 Avenue, Persiaran Mewah USJ 1, 47600 SUBANG JAYA SELANGOR, MALAYSIA
Contact no:+6012-9260368
Email:[email protected]

2. Daren Chong Photography

wedding photographer Malaysia

Secondly, the other amazing wedding photographer Malaysia is Daren Chong Photography. Who is this talented wedding photographer? Daren is a true photojournalist with an unwavering dedication to wedding photography. In addition, his unique style and great technical skills allow him to catch those particular moments. Moments that reveal deep feelings between a loving couple in the most beautiful way possible. His creative thinking and aptitude for coming up with different viewpoints and styles to suit the diverse interests of each customer. Hence, this enables Daren to capture the ‘fairytale’ moments of a wedding day. If UNIQUE is what you’re looking for, then he is the man. Besides that, wedding couples can relax in front of the camera because of their laid-back demeanour. Thereby, you can enjoy the photography session. That makes the entire photographic trip a breeze. Before purchasing any wedding photographer service for a wedding, check out the wedding photographer Malaysia price. This is to ensure you can stay within your budget.

For More Information: | FB: DarenChongPhotography | IG: @darenchong

Contact no:+6012-322 5553
Email:[email protected]

3. Edwin Tan Photography

wedding photographer Malaysia

A friendly wedding photographer in Malaysia helping your local wedding in Malaysia is none other than Edwin Tan. Edwin’s wedding photography career began at the end of 2007. It all began when he began photographing his children as a hobby. He has an extraordinary capacity to foresee and adjust to the shifting circumstances of a live shot. Additionally, his easy going and laid back demeanour puts couples at ease. This allows wedding couples like you to freely express yourselves. You don’t need to feel anxious and nervous at all.  Edwin is inconspicuous and lets events unfold naturally. Then, subtly inserting some of his own direction. He sets out to uncover the deeply emotional moments that mirror the day’s events with storylines. If you love storytelling photography, then you’re a match. Edwin believes that every small detail matters. 

For More Information:  | FB: edwintcgfb  |IG: @edwintcg  

Location:47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact no:+6012-304 0558
Email:[email protected]
Operation days & hours:Tuesday-Sunday (11 AM – 8 PM)

4. Kenn Foo Weddings

wedding photographer Malaysia

The fourth on the list of photographers for weddings is Kenn Foo Weddings.  Kenn’s interest in the arts and creativity began as a young child because of the gift of artistic sensibility. The photographer’s wedding sparks his desire to become a wedding photographer in Malaysia.  Next, Kenn’s unique vision and relentless effort had proven in just one year of his photography career. Other than that, nothing inspires him more than photographing. The most precious and memorable moments for his couples of clients. Besides, it’s Kenn’s personal goal to produce unique photographs for each assignment. You can be certain he does everything with PERFECTIONS! Also, he does everything in his power to ensure that his couples have the best possible experience. Couples shouldn’t miss out on his best service. It’s not only the beauty of the photos that matter to him. It’s the whole experience that counts.

For More Information:  | FB: KenfooWeddings  | IG: @kennfooweddings

Location:31-E, Lorong Abu Siti 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Contact no:+6012-471 1020
Email:[email protected]

5. Alex Tan Artworks

wedding photographer Malaysia

Last but not least, Alex Tan is also on our top list. After discovering photography in 2008, Alex Tan bought his first DSLR camera. This is to capture and preserve the most important moments in the lives of those he cares about. After accidentally running into photography, he invests himself in it. Friendly, upbeat, and good with people. He has a knack for telling stories and gaining new acquaintances. So, couples you can watch out for his easy-going personality. Continuously, he perseveres in his pursuit of photography with a never-ending feeling of wonder and inventiveness. Wedding couples! It’s your time to experiment with your own creative wedding photos.

For More Information: | FB: alextanartwork  | IG: alextanartworks_official

Contact no:+6012-208 7172
Email:[email protected]







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